Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


Your animation is really outstanding. Respect!
Well composed scenes, excellent timing, camera movement - you are a visual storyteller :slight_smile:


Attans! I knew you are good at stills but that animation is … ööhh… mmm… for once I’m speechless. I bow before thee and wishes you the best for the judging with this, oh you master of many things.
Sound and music is great too - lucky you to have a sound brother.

Still think it would have been good with that half eaten sandwich though :smiley:


Well, I’m glad y’all like it. As you can probably tell, I spent most of my enthusiasm for this project on the animation rather than the still, so the latter was handled mostly in the spirit of “ok, whatever”.

Anyway, still looking for the headless soup - still no sandwiches found either - and I’m mindlessly moving ahead to start working on a new personal project as soon as possible.

Again, I feel kind of bad about being so hideously antisocial this time around, but that’s just the way things go sometimes. At any rate, I’d like to wish you all good luck and may your software and general computer equipment serve you well these last weeks before the ultimate deadline.


Hey James… just dropping by to congratulate you on wrapping up your entry… great work… Good luck with the challenge…


Congrats James… the animation is really great… I very appreciate the good rythm… and especially the good framing and transition choice… the mood is a bit cold… but very living anyway… so perfect.

Even if I don’t have much time to follow your thread as I like during this challenge… I love much your final…

…great respect for you, your skills and you arts…




hey James ! your image is great, and the animation is really cooolll. you did a verry good job on this, you could post it in the trailer forum as well :smiley: . it has a really cool fealing in the undergruond of the Alexandria library.

cheers ! and good luck ! :thumbsup:


no surprises there :slight_smile:


Hi James,
just wanted to step by and thank for advices You gave me about postproduction issues :slight_smile:
I think those tips might save may project from being delayed :smiley:
Ps. i am using C4d ver 9. So’ill try your tips soon !!!

Suur Tänu! (big thnx!)


Hello James, I just saw your final scene and animation… and both are very well done.
Congratulations and the best of luck.


Yeah , congrats u Swedish wabbit. Cool finish…:bounce:. …i 'll wait 'till u pop up in msn for the rest…:twisted::scream:.


Very cool animation indeed James! It’s interesting to see how the library works.
Good luck!


Congratulations, I enjoyed your final work.

Great skills and a lot of hard work.

I hope to get at this level someday.



just a cool scene ! The animation is great !
Nice work James !



nice video and sound

altho ending part with michale jackson n stuff was bit hasty.

very well portrayds how the popster is grown stiff on limbs n facial expresion after
all those operations, lookin thru all em books for yet more possible adjustments to
his physical self.

i like the elvators , shhingg shwoosh and the mystery city outside, wowz

birds looked a bit stiffly too :frowning: maybe it was hallucinations, or theyr like pantomime
birds, like parrots , but instead of sound, they mimic moves, in this case, the stiffly



Umm… yes :thumbsup:


WOW! great image! I like it a lot! fantastic mood!:buttrock:


I lke elevators too :blush: 'cept the ones in a certain parking building…although it could be that those are just actually moving toilets :curious:


Whaaaaa haha I missed that!

heh (Ill see Dimitris on monday want me to tell him anything??)



Of all the key locations in the book, the libraries are the ones that I’ve always had the hardest time visualising.

I LOVE your take on them however.


Hey James, just wanted to say “thanx again” for Your post in my thread. I managed to establish some kind of workflow that works. Every tower has to be rendered separately but at least my computer doesnt freeze anymore :slight_smile: And good luck with final composite&animation! How far are You?