Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


vmulligan - glad you like it

chandro - The cam setup is final, and I can admit I’m not entirely convinced by it either, but I doubt I’ll do any changes at this point. The deadline is indeed extended -> http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=4117614#post4117614. Of course, this was not announced until AFTER I had pulled two all-nighters to get things done… :rolleyes:

yoff - I agree. Have tried to find a reasonable level of desaturation in the cylinder part, but it’s pretty tricky to avoid it looking entirely grayscale since it is already very low on colour. It might be a contrast issue as well. I’ll keep tweaking it around though, so keep an eye out for release candidate 2 this weekend or so…

Leotril - M’yeps, Lanier has a lot on his mind at this point, so he’d have to be somewhat tense and edgy… The comp summaries are in progress btw


Hi James… The image looks great except from the neck tilt of Lanier… he kind of looks more than tense… like having a neck cramp or something… The composition works well for me… gives a sence of space and all… Can’t wait for the breakdown… It’s always nice to see how others work in terms of rendering out elements… I have to optimize my scene too and render out in elements since right now, the scene refuses to render when all elements are put together… Hopefully your breakdown will help…:thumbsup:


Ok you are going to hate me …er…more :smiley:
but the intial tests you were doing had a much nicer moodier feel IMO, this lacks the contrast and the overall sharpness is making it look kinda busy for me, I also can’t say I am a huge fan of the sepia tones in the background…I know I know I am just a pig :smiley:


icedeyes: Maybe he does indeed have some sort of cramps :smiley: Seriously though I can’t see any major problems in particular with his neck, but I promise to look closer for anything that might cause it to be perceived as such… I’ll look into it for sure

flyingP: Well, can’t say I don’t agree… I could probably do something about the sepias, but the other bits might have to remain more or less unchanged unless I render everything again, and I really can’t say that sounds very tempting.


Great idea about your “step by step lessons”. That will be certainly interesting to see.

For your still image IMHO it don`t have dynamic… maybe try a more dramatical camera angle?

Anyway great work so far :thumbsup:


OH come on! sleep is overrated anyway :smiley: take some more Snus and get it right :wise::smiley:


Yeah u nut…don’t sleep…by the way i like it very much so far :slight_smile:

boing ! boing ! boing ! boing ! boing !


see James, now you REALLY should be worried :smiley:


Nomad: A more dramatical camera angle might indeed be… well, more dramatical! So, it’s a good idea and all, but I’m pretty sure I will not change it as I don’t feel like rendering everything again…

Dimitris: You’re scaring me…

flyingP: See above

Release Candidate 2 will appear below in 20 seconds…


Made some changes:

a) The Pig edit - got rid of the sepia depth cue and replaced that with a more traditional cold blueish

b) The Audio Brother edit (off line) - moved Lanier a bit to the left

c) The Wabbit edits - Gradient local changes to the luminosity of various areas, added a subtle oily layer to Laniers skin (simply ran an additional render with very blurry reflections and the skin colour map used in the bump channel to break it up), and generally upped the magenta on the skin layers to get warmer skin tones.

I’m pretty sure that prior to posting the final image, I’ll most likely end up doing an RC3 as well…


bastards…ok …ok…I really love the composition…it’s so great …u will win this one! :twisted: :scream: :scream:

:bounce: …that is what i call …payback…hehehe


Looking great James. I do like it better with the blue tone instead of the sepia.


James, If you aren’t capable of creating believable scene for EOn the movie, then I really
dont know who is.

I mean, there is alot of fine art here, but you just go step further.
looking at your image,I just see the story develop, and I wanna go on,wanna see more of architecture and more of eon world done by your hand.

Im just telling things I feel in this given moment.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Great architecture and luminosity.



This is what I imaginged it too look like , great job.:thumbsup:


Dimitris - lol… no comment… :smiley:

SNoWs - M’yeah, blue is probably what you’d expect as far as depth cues go

AIR - wow, well, thanks a lot for your thoughts :thumbsup:

spire - thanks dude

mmoir - I’m happy to hear that. Guess I was mainly using the fact that the book did not describe the library in much detail, so I could fill in the gaps any way I felt like.

As per usual, I just realized a couple of days ago that I was (yet again) subconsciously inspired by Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’ - just look for the huge interrogation chamber where they put Sam Lowry… yep, it’s a really big silo with some sort of small rectangular-based pattern going on. It seems that the visuals from this movie, which I saw for the first time at age 17, and countless times over again since then, are permanently engraved into my cortex and aren’t planning to go anywhere anytime soon.

That aside, I will upload my final deliverables very soon. I don’t particularly like deadlines being changed, so I’ll stick to the original date, i.e. today.


Software: CINEMA 4D, 3Delight, After Effects

OK, so here are my final deliverables…

…has a couple of semi-dodgy shots, but the overall look and feel is pretty much what I wanted to accomplish with this project. Had circumstances been different I would definitely have done a few revisions, but there you go… For those interested in a higher quality version of the animation, point your browser to http://www.kaufeldt3d.com/media/alexandria_mpeg_hi_q_audio.mov for the 13 MB QuickTime edition.

As far as the still goes, I made the same mistake as a few other participants and worked at print resolution. I presume this is caused by the fact that we’ve all had to do this in the past, and it’s somewhat easy to jump to the conclusion that it was supposed to be done this time too. Anyway, never hurts to have a 4K version… Since the standard submission format is a bit limited in size, I’ve uploaded a half-res version, 2000 px wide, for those interested in having a closer look -> http://www.kaufeldt3d.com/media/alexandria_final_2K.jpg

I don’t particularly feel like trying to go “creative writing” all over the description of the still, since Mr Bear obviously already handled this a long time ago. But to pin down the still to its proper context, I should perhaps mention that it is supposed to depict the moment when Lanier is leaving Patricia with a bunch of books in the Alexandria Library, and she is just about to find the passage describing The Death, which will happen in just a few weeks in their timeline, although it is already ancient history for the historian who wrote the book in question.

As you will notice, the animated clip has an audio track that was not made by me personally. I hope and assume that it doesn’t matter, since it’s all about the visuals anyway, but if this turns out to be “illegal” in any way according to the rules for the 3D Model category, I’d appreciate it if you let me know, and I will promptly upload a new version without audio.

…to CGSociety for once again opening up this can of whoop-ass otherwise known as the CGChallenge. It was a bit slow this time around, but the theme was excellent as always.

…to my brother for composing/performing the score and providing foley for the animation milestone. Even if I end up having to resubmit a silent version, the full audio experience is still available in the clip on my server (see link in first paragraph).

…to those who followed this thread and/or provided valuable input, particularly to the flying piece of pork who yelled at me from time to time (off thread) to fix things, which I in turn subsequently failed to fix… business as usual in other words.

Play Video >>



Unbelivable :slight_smile:
really great animation. But in your final still I feel lack of the outside city,
it’s beautiful in the animation…
good luck


A wonderful job, yes sir! good luck with this challenge!:thumbsup:


you’re a master James ! :scream:
Even if i have some idea about your final still render, the animation let me on my ass… you’ve doing an awesome work on it, and i wish you best of luck for the rest to come !

:thumbsup: thumb up for this one ! and i’ve just one thing to say, to close my paragraph, one of the sentence which was good to remember :

“But simply épuré the noveau petit eclaire and… umm… decapité the general consommé, and you’ll be fine!”

respect James :applause: