Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


Out of the five shots total making up the finished animation, these last two are not yet further along than at this previs stage. Stuff I need to build is Patricia, the desk she’ll be sitting behind, and the evil history book of doom.


Simple bookshelf for the floor of the glass archway whatchamacallit. Baked AO in diffusion channel, books to be displaced in the same way as the others in the silo.


Towards the end of shot 2, the camera looks straight up through the open ceiling of the silo, and it turned out that this shot wanted some birds flying around for added visual niceness.


A bunch of rather simple highrise buildings for the exterior view. These will be seen in shot 3 as the camera pans from the silo into the archway, and given the general appearance of the shot, they needn’t be too detailed.


Just a few random frames in their almost-entirely-finished appearance.


Just documenting the process I decided to go for in terms of skin shading.


The compositing for the other shots is slightly less involved, but this overview should give you a fairly accurate idea of how everything comes together on a shot-by-shot basis with various passes and layers.


And finally, another compositing example - from the end of shot 2 - with the silo ceiling, volumetrics and seagulls and all that.


seagulls…O_o, wouldn’t you like get a lot of bird poo on the books ?


That’s true, and I figured some poo would simply add to the general sense of desolation in a good way…


Really interesting work on the composite process James ! :eek:
you’re doing a really excellent job man !


In the latest render it is somewhat difficult to tell what the ramps or bridges crossing the middle of the silo are. I think they may be a bit too opaque for their own good, as they are kind of getting ‘lost’ in the rest of the image, and I think they add alot to it. Just thought I’d offer some CnC. Looking good. Merry Christmas!


Oh! Someone has been busy I see :slight_smile:
It all looks really impressive - and a big plus for showing the steps. Always a lot to learn from your thread.
And god jul and all that even if it’s a bit late.


Hey James, I love the ambience of your silo.
Are the birds part of the story, or did you just felt like it?
Shouldn’t any of those birds be in the low levels of the silo?
Great work my friend… as usual, good luck.


Great work james… what i love about your challenge threads the most are the shots breakdown… pure brilliance and help people understand or even learn a little more…:thumbsup:


Thanks for stopping by, ladies and gentlemen…

SweD & Gunilla - Cheers!

leving - Good point, I’ll see what can be done while recomping those shots

claudio - I don’t think there were any birds mentioned in the book, just added them because I felt like it (or technically because my ex-wife thingy saw a few frames while they were rendering and asked if there was going to be any birds in it :smiley: )

icedeyes - I’m really glad you like those bits.

Another update coming below in a few minutes…


Here’s the initial state of Patricia after I’ve applied the stunning GenderBender™ technology to the original Lanier mesh. Unfortunately, the GenderBender is currently an entirely manual process involving the same old pushing and pulling of vertices as any other modeling…

The render only has a colour map, no special shading yet, as that will be done while compositing just as I did for Lanier.

Still to do: painting a proper hairline, maybe a minor nose job… and so on.

Seventeen days left - this will be a very close call :scream:


You can do it James! If you don’t finish on time, I’m going to have to give you a cyber-beating! :smiley:


Looks excellent James ! I like to see your technique !

Oh, Happy new year too !


Don’t even consider on dropping out now! This is going far to well.

And I finally remembered the name of that actor your Lanier looks like - Emil Forselius

Good luck for your final steps.