Eon (3D Scene) Entry: James Kaufeldt


Don’t know any other way to explain my pot belly


Uh Oh …

maybe I should hang on to my son’s baby stuff still as well then :eek:


She wants 20.000 severed heads from elderly horses.


Bwa hahahaha ha!






Congratulation James !


:bounce:great work and impressive rendering animation, jamesMK!
how you make the bridge Cinema4d-3delight?
is a big innovation for cinema4d
(sorry for my english!)



Love that animation!Congratz James!!!


flyingP - Now that just might be a good idea

DenialK - I could hook her up with 20.000 severed heads from recently deceased squirrels. That’s my last offer.

sergio - Thaaaaaaaanks!

scootermaya - Cheers, man

pepper-boris - Thanks, and as previously mentioned, there are some NDA issues involved

OKMER - Glad you like it, and thanks a lot

Now lets all chill out and see what the next challenge will be about :smiley:

Take care, peeps!



nah is ok was just hot air ( … watches yet more paint peel from the wall )


So them-

I hope to see you in the next trailer challenge- And you will be making a trailer- with your box and all- as you have preserved the very fabric of the space time continum. Lets see your 90 seconds of fame! I know I am an addict! Do you say it?


Congratulations James!

I just saw your winning piece!

Very nice work with the impressive library and great cinematography! - Calmare FTW!

Now I want to see the whole movie! :wink:


And all of a sudden - everything has finally arrived!

It’s simply unbelievably cool… XSI 6 Advanced is an absolute beast, Modo is chugging along in all its modeling and painting splendor, and today the piece de la resistance arrived fully loaded with an Athlon X2 5000+ and the evil powerhouse known as the Quadro 4500.

Everything being beyond awesome, you’ll have to invent your own words here… I’m happier than a clown! I’d say it’s around somewhere around the 3 - 4 clowns mark!

Onwards with the photos, in chronological order:


Once again - tons of thanks to CGS, Ballistic, Boxx, Nvidia, Softimage, Luxology, Greg Bear, the challenge judges and everybody else who’ve been hanging around here in this challenge and challenges past!

To summarize: :buttrock:



Congratulations. :bounce:
Cool stufs you’ve got there. :thumbsup:
Enjoy them.



The picture on the rights says it all… :scream:

Have fun …u Swed! …:bounce:


yeahh personally I think he got the text mixed up on those photo’s I’m sure it should be the other way round :stuck_out_tongue:


true dat



…Don’t u just love your buddies times like this james…?..how they are expressing their love and admiration?:bounce:

…Piggy …u aare right …the photots are mixed on the last line…indeed aftr serious consideration (and after serious telephons to James’s shrink :scream: )…u are right …the photos are the other way around…

(…ja ja ja…:bounce:…ja ja ja )


lmfao :smiley:

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to bed now.

The results are in:

Rendering typical nasty test frame on my recently-current PC - 18 minutes
Same frame on the Boxx - 5 minutes

Yo momma :thumbsup:


what? only a 13 min improvement…I’d send it back…or here :lightbulb … OK the t-shirt maybe …


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