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Well then!

I’m quite looking forward to get started here. Since I’ve fortunately already read the book several times, I already know what to focus on:

The Thistledown Library - specifically the transition from old style to “futuristic knowledge distribution system”. Now I can’t quite recall if these bits were in separate buildings or physically connected (or, indeed, if they were in fact in Alexandria rather than Thistledown), but since I’m supposed to pretend I’m supervising the visuals, I simply make the call and decide that they are indeed adjacent huge rooms within the same construction.

The short animation will then fit like a glove - a “reveal shot” panning from the old to the new part.

Good luck to ye all :thumbsup:


Hi James !
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hiya JamesMK.
good to see u in this new challenge. hmmm The Thistledown Library sounds cool. as for me i have yet to read the book or some inspirations.
goodluck mate. cheers!:thumbsup:


You are soooo disqualified. :smiley: j/k

Good luck.


Nice to see you James! An exciting challenge and a great measure of inspiration!


Hi James !

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James in here ! UH UH UH UH !


:cry: Your concept is already kikkin my butt… I gotta go get me a copy o this book…

Oh, and yoinks it’s great to see you here again mate;)


Cheers, fellow challengers and challengerettes :thumbsup:

Upon closer examination, it turns out my memory of the libraries had somehow merged two separate buildings (in two different chambers of the stone even) into one. And that might be a bit too far off base, so I’m going to focus on the old library, in Alexandria. Given it’s history, the fact that it’s still somewhat more modern than our contemporary style, and that it has been abandoned for several hundred years when the book’s protagonists visit it, it should be a sufficiently cool setting to design - and there’s certainly nothing to stop me from stretching the canonical subject matter as far as I need anyway. The book does not describe the interior in great detail, so I should be able to do whatever it takes to make it shine (as much as 500 years of hyper-geometric dust allows of course).

Concept sketches will appear in a few days. Have to think this through properly before I start doodling anything.


All the best mate… will be watching :thumbsup:


nice to see you in the new challenge.good luck


Just stopping by to wish you luck and all that… already stunned us with your clever cracking of the clues… this must be right up your alley!

Hepp! :slight_smile:


I’m truly impressed at your detective work. Good guess! Now, with all that knowledge regarding the book under your belt…don’t disappoint. How’s that for pressure? :smiley:


Hahaaaaaaaaa …now this is going to be nutty! YOINKS ! :bounce:


james I wish you all the best for this contest ! nutty ? what’s this means ? :scream:



hej hej James…

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Hey JamesMK nice to see you entering the challenge once again. It’s good to see some vets around!

Good luck


Good luck, James, I’m sure you’ll pull this one off with flying colours!


PS. By the way, you’ve decided to do the location I was thinking of as well! Maybe there’s room for two libraries in this contest :slight_smile: DS


Hey James,

Good to see you entering the challenge. Being the ‘when is the new challenge smartypants’, I am expecting great things from you.

p.s. You didn’t tell us it was a big complex book, I have only read about a tenth and already my head hurts.

Best of luck,