Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


Talk about alien. Very funky wacky and cool. I really like it :smiley:

BTW, what program you using Gunilla?


Hahah, that is one geeky looking alien. Good start, I like it.



Mark - thanks, glad you like the first steps…and it really is just as fun as you said to make him. Mmmm… the shoulder massage assistant sounds good, could need one this morning. :slight_smile:

TheSoracle - hey, glad you like! I’m using MAX and ZBrush. This is a screenshot from ZBrush.

soaps - thanks for cheering :slight_smile:

So, I figured out a workable setting for him so now I got started on details and texturing … so much fun! Maybe I have him finished and up later.


Must say, the alien is looking really cool. Cant wait for more details and updates.
heeeree doggy!


Cool aliens, Gunie. I looked at that profile and “Baby got back” came into my head. :wink:

Glad to see the update…this is gonna be an interesting entry.



Good start with this original alien Gunie… just some parts too square… and take care that aliens also have bones inside… mmmh, I mean… :scream:

Now, is it basical tweaking or Zbrush party ? :bounce:


And a late good morning for you:wavey:

haven’t seen your splendid alien design yesterday, I think he’s the right one to compare with your zoo:) …
can’t wait to discover more details, I hope you’ve solved the displacement problem, this is always so annoying:shrug: …



Some texturing started. I will try him in the scene before making the final texture - so next will be rigging


thondal - thanks! hope you like this little one then :slight_smile:

Cris - haha, “Baby got back” - yeah… and if I get the time I make a small animation with him swinging his booty :smiley: thanks for support.

Lolo - as you can see it’s now ZBparty :slight_smile: I agree about the boxiness… and was thinking that for the chestpart make it some kind of mix body and harnesk…hmmm… you like the idea?
Maybe by just making a different, harder material. He’s still very much in the making. Thanks for lending me your good eye :slight_smile:

Sabie - I think I solved most of the displace issues… some seams show in the closeups but I don’t think they will show in the final scen so I keep it for now. Solving those issues are a pain each time. thanks for cheering!

More tweaking will be done on this little one and for sure lots in the SSSsettings :shrug:
Hope you like where he is right now, I’m pretty fond of him already.


While I’m not entirely sold on the overall shapes and proportions of the alien in question, there’s no doubt he really is quite alien. But seriously, there is some boxy edginess that would be more enjoyable if it was somewhere else, i.e. not on your alien. I do like the green skin, and his lower legs look pretty cool - awaiting his insertion in the scene to see how he fits into the general sort of mish-mash (Firefox 2 suggests that ‘mish’ should be changed to ‘Amish’ but I don’t agree one bit actually)


nice alien u have there I like that green look keep it up waiting for more :thumbsup:


Ouch! It must be hard sitting on that behind! :smiley:
Yet another wonderfully weird creature! I’m trying to picture him walking the six-legged dog, hehe! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow! Excellent update, Gunilla. That texturing is looking really good. I especially like the rough, almost-reptilean skin texture that I can see around the neck and forehead. The ‘boxiness’ that others have mentioned doesn’t bother me. It’s just part of what makes it look alien. Hey, from their perspective we probably don’t look boxy enough! As long as it has a believable physiology, structure etc. And I think that’s working fine. It’s starting to look like a living creature now. The only thing I would recommend is making the wrists a little thicker. They currently seem a bit too compressed when seen from one angle. I can’t wait to see that SSS.


Don´t know why but I like its turned-up butt:scream: :smiley:


Hmm, and now you agree with Lolo on this. I have to take that seriously then… realising the boxiness is not funky … thanks.
And “a mish-mash” could in this case very well be “amish mesh” if that’s another word for patchwork :smiley:

Tony - wee, thank’s and will keep going! :slight_smile:

Sonia - haha, well I can’t picture him doing that either… I think the dog is out. thanks for cheering :slight_smile:

Mark - thanks! And thanks for liking the boxiness… I’m curious to hear what you think of the next update. I’ve reduced the boxiness to make it look more “normal” - maybe that isn’t better?

Zalo - hehe, gravity can do strange things to peoples butts over time :slight_smile:

Below is an updated alien - hopefully less boxy. Let me know what you think.


Some changes on the shape to make him less boxy… any better?


It’s looking fantastic. As for the reduced boxiness, I suppose I liked the boxy look a bit more because it seemed more adventurous and interesting and more, well, alien. With aliens my opinion is we can take a few risks. Like Gonzalo I also thought the upturned butt worked well too. But that’s just my opinion. I still think the new look is wonderful - the bumpy skin is superb and I’m sure it’s very much admired on whatever planet he comes from. I also just noticed the bumps from his vertebrae sticking out down his back. Excellent! He should look brilliant in the scene


looks better u know u can use zbrush


Morning Gunie,

mmmh, I think I like the less boxy version more, just a more organic look…
and nothing to crit with your start of texturing:thumbsup: , the skin is just great and this healthy green color:D …You’ve already planned something special for his head? The head shape already gives a feeling of something like a crown you can see at birds…or perhaps something to underline the reptile look of his skin:shrug: …anyways, he’s coming along really good, curious to discover him on the island…

Have a good start in the week!:slight_smile:



Morning dear… for me, there’s 2 solutions to follow, but of course it need to have much contrast between them…

  • first, if you want to have an alien-human look, you must have something less square… more near as us… we must feel skeleton, muscles, etc…

  • second, you prefer you really be in the difference, really alien… and in this case, you must do something very very different than human proportion… to really mark the difference, in this case, you can do all what your imagination think :scream:
    Between this 2 ways, that could be disturbing for the spectator… and of course, disturbing to understand the pic…

Texturing is well started :thumbsup: