Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


Morning Gunie,

ah, you’ve been busy during the weekend, a mutated dachshund…looks like something the cats could have their fun with:twisted: …or the birdies…

And I’m curious too:) , not easy to sort out this extra pair of legs…let’s see more soon!

Have a nice day!



Interesting dog, Gunie. You can certainly go a number of ways with how it might sit. Lying could be cute and funny with six legs splayed. :wink:



Morning :slight_smile:

Roshan - sad? Good, that’s my goal! Wouldn’t you be if stranded on that island?

Steven - thanks! Wont you join us this time? I miss your great work here.

Jesus - it’s a poor doggy it is :slight_smile:

soaps - hihi, glad you like him :slight_smile:

Mark - true, His fur have given me some real trouble so far… for some reasons the computer chokes on this one, making it almost impossible to style even with so few hairs like this. I will give it a try with another method and if that fails I will maybe skip the hair except for in some areas… making the skin more like short fur. Glad you like my ideas for the zoo.

Sabie - dachshund, yep that’s it and I’m glad it shows. I was thinking Basset first but then I realised the ears would probably be even trickier to bring into the posing :slight_smile:

Cris - thanks! Lying could be the right choice here - the island is probably to steep for him to move on anyways :slight_smile:

Thanks for excellent feedback as usual … and the playing goes on!


Morning Dear… nice to discover this morning the new version of the dog… of course, he need more hair… but I think to a better way for him… why not feathers… certainly even better with his 6 legs look… and maybe the too front legs shorter… like a remaining of wings… chicken wings ? what do you mean ? :scream:

Nice continuation for you and this story :wavey:


I don’t think he needs more hair at all. A dog like this could play an instrument while sitting down. :slight_smile:


Lolo - haha, chicken wings… to funny! My first thinking was having the ears as extra legs… but I was thinking it could have been a bit to much :rolleyes:.
More hair… I’m not sure, I think he looks more pitiful with less, don’t you?

hobo - thanks for liking the sparse hair… playing an instrument! lol! Well, it couldn’t be a flute since he has no mouth… :smiley:


just depend if it’s uniform or not… with much differences by parts, that can increase the feeling…


hi gunie hope I didn`t miss much sorry for being very late to say hi :bounce:
nice doggy u have there keep up the good work my friend :thumbsup:


Made some updates to the scene. Mostly I’ve tried several solutions for making the net interesting. I’m not quite happy with this but it has to go for now.
Also made the chamber a lot wider - strange thing is the water texture makes it look like tapering inwards. No idea why that happens. Any suggestions appreciated.
Updates also to textures and lighting. The rendertimes are already silly.


just depend if it’s uniform or not… with much differences by parts, that can increase the feeling…

Yes, I need to test this a lot more… it’s very hard for my computer (and me!) :smiley:
Maybe Doggy will not be in the scene - I think he may be to cute to fit, don’t know :shrug:

- Hi there! Glad to see you around Mr. Keep Going :smiley:

So, next will probably be some other living thing…maybe a Frant? Or a Martian? Yes - I got terribly inspired by Mark :slight_smile:
Or perhaps…choking… a human? :eek:


Great to see another update. The nets look fantastic, on the distant islands as well as the foreground one. Well done! I’m delighted to know you’re thinking of maybe putting in an alien too. I had a heap of fun making mine and thoroughly recommend them.


Hiya Gunie,

I am really sorry, I have been a poor spammer of late :smiley: - am desperately trying to finish stuff up for my degree, but I had to check in to see what you are up to - I can’t wait to see what you come up with, I’m sure it will be beautiful as usual - I miss the spam team, and wish I could be more involved in this Challenge. Best of luck dear! :slight_smile:




Looking good Gunilla, you have a really unique looking image going. Bummer to hear about the rendertimes I guess you will just have to find some way to get them down? Bring on the aliens!


cool update gunie I think for the next update u can model some…bugs :scream:


Mark - thanks buddy! Yep - right now I find the thought of making an alien almost irresiteble :slight_smile:

Beckie! :slight_smile: How nice of you to come by, I know you’re really busy … it’s really sad you can’t be in this one, but maybe next time?

soapy - thanks! And yes, as soon as I’m satisfied with the water look I make a still backdrop instead. I’m really bad at organise my work methods in a trimmed way. It’s on the learning list at point 1. Become more efficiant :wise:

Tony - haha, bugs - don’t think so for this time. Thanks for cheering :slight_smile:

I will dive into the possible alien figure now, happy halloween to those of you who celebrate that


That doggy looks so sad and funny Gunilla!!


Morning Gunie,

Of course it must be an alien:wise: …I’m afraid no average human can compete with your mutated zoo, he or she will certainly be completly overseen!

I really see the problem with the perspective…one thing maybe the water texture, try changing the size of the ripples, the amount of reflection:shrug: …and of course the usual things like fog and haze can give more depth. But with your choice of viewpoint and the focus on your little critters you will certainly need a lot of faking to get the perspective right…thinking of your last challenge picture I’m sure you’ll find a good solution:) , the problem there was almost the same and the final picture was great!




Shakes - thanks for liking him. It means a lot coming from you, father of funny critters :slight_smile:

Sabie - You’re right about the water texture being partly to blame here. I was planning to have it animated for the clip but really haven’t done much with it yet. I suppose it’s about time I got it fixed, thanks!

Got started quite well for an alien yesterday - made a base mesh in Max, brought him into ZB for detailing and then got stuck on the usual spot. Can’t make the displacement maps work well in Max :frowning:
I suppose I may have to start him over, this time with the horrible UnWrapping before exporting… hmmm. Sometimes I wish I had an assistant :slight_smile:


Start for my alien - like the rest of the inhabitants of this island he has no mouth. Struggling with solving the tech parts as usual… hope you like him so far!


Cool stuff! The alien makes his first appearance. He’s looking great and quite believable too. I agree with Sabrina. It just HAD to be an alien in that zoo you’re building.

I love your idea for an assistant to handle the boring stuff like unwrapping UVs. I’m thinking it would be fun to have a UV assistant and a rigging assistant and maybe someone else for shoulder massages. Hey, I’m dreaming here, might as well go for the lot!