Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


1st bird: hey, wait up for me guys…
2nd bird: come on the adventure is right behind the corner…
3rd bird: yeah… let´s go… to the end of the light…

sorry Gunilla, can´t help myself, I can hear them talking… :rolleyes:
and find them lovable in their featherfur… and the comp draw at least my eyes to it…
maybe the comment with the knees is to think about… otherwise :thumbsup:
good start … go Gunilla go… :bounce:


Nice birds! Love the feathers/fur


Cute birds! I actually like the fact that their legs are bending the way they do!
Funny thing is the way the first bird (closest to viewer is looking at the farthest
one, and almost being ignored, I guess he has a crush on her! She knows he’s
looking though!
The whole scene is getting a contemporary style which I really like!
Would be a treat to see it all animated!


Mark - thanks for the heads up. I’m aware of the bending in wrong direction - thought it would be a detail to make them look disturbing and slightly mutated. Hopefully that will be clearer when I’ve added more species. It wouldn’t be good it looks like a mistake from my side. I’m glad for the warning, thanks!

Try - Don’t you have Lunnefåglar in Norway? They are the strangest ones I’ve seen :slight_smile:

Mona - oh dear, already chatting along - how will it become with the whole island filled with critters? :eek: thanks and glad you like the furry ones :slight_smile:

Jonesisme - thanks!

varma - glad you like them, bent as they are :slight_smile: And if they can make you build up dramas like that I’m definitely on the right way!

Thanks guys, for coming by and giving me as always a good energy boost to continue!


lol, Well if you look on the poststamp it says svalbard… and as far as i know (i should know) svalbard is like… not norway :P. But correct me if i´m wrong, after all i´m just from Bergen :P, but yeah, they look strange.

But, anyway, cool concept, and love your birds… can´t wait for an update. This is my second contest, but the first I know i will be able to finish… so, good luck to you, and good luck with the birds :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:



wow, love the birds, gunilla, they look like undersized emus! great stuff


Hey Gunilla,

Your image is coming along nicely and unique as ever . :thumbsup: One thing I thought of when looking at your image, would making the tunnel or chamber a little larger in diameter. It feels a little cramped , just a thought . Keep up the good work.



I should have guessed that someone with your excellent mind for scientific stuff knew exactly what you were doing! Keep up the fun work. I’m clearly not the only one around here who enjoys what you’re doing


lol, heard that gunnieee! yay! gotta love dem birdies ^^ weeeeee i get one!!! dances wildly in front of screen


Morning Gunie,

just stopped here for some spamming and to see if the next update is right on the way:) …

and of course to have another look at your birdies, hmm, like them more with each visit…

Nice day for you!



yep… and again no furry slaves here ? :shrug:

:smiley: hihi



thondal - eek! Must study geography better as it seems :scream: Well, it was the right bird anyway… glad you like it so far!

John - yeah, emus is what I’ve had in mind… although slightly twisted ones. When will we so some action from you? :deal: Ah well, you can blame it on Bubba fever :slight_smile:

Mike - thanks, and you’re pointing to a problem I’ve been trying to find a good way to solve… to give the sense of scale and at the same time a good overview of the scene. I’ll look into it again.

Mark - ahaha, well I assure you - it often happens I’ve no idea whatsoever what I’m doing :smiley:
This is part of the fun here for me - to be able to take some scientific shortcuts :wink:

Sacha - I’m so glad to find a new secure home for one of the birdies:) - hope you like the doggy too, coming up next!

Sabie - thank you… and nothing as good as little pressure to move on :slight_smile:

Well… You are here, right? :scream:
Can’t wipe that image of your furry toes from my head :smiley:

So, have a great day and I hope to be able to present Doggie later today.


Nice furry birds, Now waiting to see more, some scene preview:)


oooh, nice birds! they’re cute in a way, with their pinky fur… you should make soft toys with this design… I would buy one for Christmas:love:.

Good evening Gunie!:bounce:


Another critter for the abandoned zoo… can’t wait to have him rigged so I can figure out how he will look like sitting down.

C&C always welcome


Hey Gunilla thats a nice doggy, but looks little sad:)


Now that’s what i call a pooch, great thread Gunilla, i’m enjoying your progress.


Hey Gunilla, give that dog some more hair! He might freeze to death. :smiley:


Hahah, what an adorable little dogggy.


Cute 6-legged dog! It’s also kind of fun to see that while the bird was sort of hairy, the dog seems sort of feathery. That’s my kind of zoo. Is it possible for you to ‘comb’ the hairs back a bit? That way you can increase the hair count slightly without it bulking up the animal too much. Although I must admit, I do also like the way you can see through to its skin.