Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


Such a cool bird. More! :slight_smile:


Fishing net scene looks awesome. Just a quick comment about the newly textured bird. The feathers/fur/hair is looking kinda sparse and dingy. I get this impression because the color is too similar to that of the skin.

That’s all. Keep up the great work Gunilla!


nice updates Gunie! I like the bird design and the fur test. Did you make it with hair and fur option? However, I think that its feathers are too dishevelled, especially on its back. Maybe it needs a brush? :slight_smile:
Keep up the goodwork!


Hmm, just a little bit. :rolleyes:…:smiley:


Morning Gunie!

Much to discover, I see you’ve had a busy weekend!

Ah, the birdie, I like this fur test, very fluffy, feathery look, so cute - this is definitely a good direction!:thumbsup:

And I also like the progress with your scene composition…I share the thoughts of Mark/mdavid about it, your coming nearer to the mood of the book:) . Let’s see more of your good ideas soon!

Have a great start in the week:wavey:!



Morning dear, how you can have ideas like that ? :scream:

…in the same time very original and so special… I really like to discover your brain storm Gunie… continue to astonish me :thumbsup: let’s live the fur power :bounce:



soapy - trying to grasp the concept of golfing here is a real mind exercise
Perhaps a tennis game could be enough for starters? :smiley:

- glad you like him/it so far… I want to give the bird a both sad and cute look at the same time :slight_smile:

Steph - Hi there! :slight_smile: I’m glad you like the way this is heading… it’s an adventure for me too. Glad you like the water tunnel now, it takes ages to render already and I only have preliminary texturing… the thought of animating it scares me!

- thank you! And it pleases me to hear that the mood starts to match the story - I’m aiming for beautiful but strange here.

zem - thanks! More will come…

TheSoracle - glad you too like the net! About the fur for the bird… I want it to look sad and messy so probably it will be even more clumped and sparse later - got some nice skintexture i want to shine through. Hope you like the next update for him/them

Sophie - yep, I used the Hair&Fur in Max for this - the new version in MAX9 seems to be much easier to style. And it needs a brush all right… these critters have been abandonded for generations now :slight_smile:

Jedi-Juice - :scream: :smiley:

Sabie- thanks, glad you’re with me in this direction!

Lolo - is my brain really that strange…? :smiley: So glad to have you with me … :slight_smile:

So, I’m happy to see you all like the addition of the netty thing… it will have to be tweaked of course and much denser to give some scale. The testing continues then, have a nice day!


Hey Gunie! Looking forward to seeing what your indpendent creative vision comes up with again – the bird is already looking cute and interesting, and, your purple bacteriophages even have character. --Very funny also to see that bright green fun chair in your apartment render. Seems like a great place to work – hope it is fun and inspiring for these next few months! Cheers!


great shaders! compositoin and light looking great, and the birdy is very cute :scream: want one of those too ^^: keep up the great work mate!


Hehe! Cool idea! :thumbsup:
A birdie with human-like legs… I love the weirdness even if my brain brain keeps screaming at the anatomy! (Shut up, fool!) :smiley:

I can’t wait to see how the landscape will turn out.
Keep it up!


Hey, how is it going? Your concept will stay in Bear´s brain pretty long time after this challenge is over I guess :applause: Ah, what´s your Rock´n´Roll ?! Keep rolling…


Small test to see if the birds will work in the environment. Still a lot of work remains with the textures.
Hope you like it.


Eric - thanks! And thanks for liking the bacteriophages :slight_smile: I hope we’ll have a fun time with this one too.

Sacha - I can send you one of them when the challenge is over :smiley: thanks for cheering!

Sonia - haha, well I can imagine even stranger critters here - stay tuned! thanks for coming by :slight_smile:

- Do you think Mr. Bear will write a sequel based on this then? :scream: Will do my best to keep on rocking!

… speaking of rock - the rocks really screams for a working texture now. I’m having some difficulties with getting them the way I want. So that might be the next move.
And some more critters perhaps :slight_smile:


Wow, I am loving those crazy looking birds. I like the way you are taking this one. Fun! :slight_smile:


Wow, Gunie! I didn’t realize I hadn’t looked in your thread for a while. Good for you taking on Eon. Love the flightless birds.

Good luck with the challenge…I’ll check in more often.



Morning Gunie,

Hehe:D , the birds are some adorable creatures, they seem to enjoy their islandlife:) …rock texture? good idea, and of course I’m curious to discover the birds’ fellows…

Nice day for you!



Morning Gunie… the poses of the birds are incredible and well done… theu seem to already have much life… sincerly, I love the way… I love that :thumbsup: serious - strange - original - funny… a good blznd for the new recipe :slight_smile: nice day girl…



Soapy - glad you like… I sort of like it too but this morning when I see it - perhaps it looks to much as my Journey entry? I don’t know :shrug:

Cris - Hi! Glad you like them… it sort of turns out as a story within the Story - what can I say? These things happen :slight_smile:

Sabie - Yeah, I’ve had some fun with the birdies… did a very rig and may perhaps have them running around or something later - we’ll see :slight_smile:

- thanks… :love:So far I’m having real fun with this one, glad if it shows…

have a great day!


Those are really cute birds. I notice the ‘knees’ are bending backwards like human knees, instead of forwards. That gives them a nice slightly human touch. In case you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, here’s a photo of a bird.

Whichever way you do it, you’ve managed to get some real character in those critters and it’s great to see this new update. Keep up the cool work!


Those are the strangest looking birds I have ever seen.:slight_smile:

Great job Gunilla!