Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


Hey Gunilla,

Congrats on finishing , uhh, I am just starting basically so I envy you. :sad: You have done another very interesting image and good luck . Hope to be more active next challenge.


Sabie - thanks! And thanks for always being such good support and advisor. This time it was really hard to finish I think - the last weeks made me loos interest in this but I’m glad I made that final step and wrapped it up. Good luck for you for the jury :thumbsup:

Lolo - haha, yes - this time definitely more “Gunilla” than EON for sure… ah well, it was fun any way. And as for the birds flying - I don’t think they can, but perhaps they can dance? :scream:
thank you dear for being such good advisor and friend :love:

Mike - thank you and good luck in finishing!

So, for anyone that may still wonder what I’ve been doing here - I decided quite early that if I was going to make this I had to make a story of my own for it. No offence to Mr Bear but I just didn’t feel like being faithful to the concept and book. I finished just because I hate to leave things unfinished but this has clearly have to be seen as an “beside the guidelines” entry.
I had a lot of fun playing with this :wavey:


It´s been a pleaure as always to see your image progress :slight_smile:
gotta love those birds… :bounce: Lycka till Gunilla!


cool animation Gunie and just to say based on eon novel or not I like ur work and you rock :scream:


Mona - hi there and thanks for liking my furry friends (not so surprised) :smiley:

Tony - thanks a lot and you rock too :wink:


Heh Gunnie. Sorry for my nonexisting avatar around here during this challenge.
:eek: OMG, your entry is… is… is… ah, can´t find the right word. I just like it, he he.
Good luck.


Hi Gunie! good luck with your original proposal!!:thumbsup: :bounce:


The most unusual image in this contest. Came out very good, dude! Good luck!:thumbsup:


Very intriguing entry. You went your own way, but sometimes that’s the best way to go. Nice job!


Hi there!
truly different from others, but it’s good. It has it’s style and it follows it. COngratulations that you’ve finished on time!


ahahaha congrats on your great final! remember you owe me a birdy ^^
sorry for not coming back earlier i was just overrun by a horde of nasty clients that stole me almoste every last bit of time and so i ran ^^
great and so gunilaish piece, always priceless to see ya approach any topic, best of luck for now and for any other thig, just keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock:


Thanks you all for your cheering - glad you like it.

Good luck with your own entries!


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