Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


So, the big render is made… and also the animated sequence. I haven’t done much changes from the previous steps due to lack of time.
Now it’s time for next steps- all in photoshop.


Lolo, Mark - thank you so much for your greetings! :love:
I can say as much as the new computer handles this without any problems - I could even do a big render of the scene without render in parts. This is something I really longed for.

Things are turbulent here right now, I’m way behind in my work. Anyway, since I feel this one is almost complete I aim to finish it… i hate unfinished stuff.
So, a new fresh render and the start of postwork can now begin.

Have a great party tonight those of you that celebrate … Happy New Year!


Wonderful! Gunilla’s back. And a happy new year to you.

Looking at your work again I really like how much of a fun and original image it has become. Great to read that your computer is able to handle the big workload too. By the sounds of it, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Good luck getting through your busy times. I’m looking forward to your post work when you get the chance for it.


cool updates Gunie here we go :wise:
First Keep going in 2007 :twisted: KEEP GOING GUNIE


Happy New Year dudette!

It seems you have a very busy start in the year, hope you had some time for partying though:) !

Great to hear that the new computer is ready now for the really big projects!
The last update is looking fine:thumbsup: , no crits from me and I’m curious now to see your postwork and of course the animated scene …

Have a great day!



Héhé Dudette :scream:

yeah… Happy New Year Honey… mine was very good while dreaming to the hugs sent :smiley: hahaha…

The last pic make me greedy to discover the final steps, especially the animation… c’mon baby :bounce:


Hey Gunnie, sorry not to follow your thread, I’m quiet busy.
I’m just there to wish you a happy new year and cool things for 2007 !
See ya !



Mark, Tony, Sabie, Lolo, Gilles - thanks dudes and dudette for the greetings and wellwishings for the new year :slight_smile:

And good to see you Gilles, so sorry you didn’t participate this time… well, maybe another time, right?

Next I will start to check out how to do the animation upload - it will be some days before I have time to finalise it but I expect to have it up soon… not many days left now!


I like to see others trying to create a complex characters-filled scene, and you did quite well. If you allow me, I’ll give though some suggestions. Try playing a little bit with the lights, so you may have a good focus on a certain point of interest. Cause now, lights look almost equal within the scene. And the second sugestion: In such complex scene you shouldn’t make the render viewport oblique, unless it’s an extravagant angle that defides the statics. If you treat it like a scene viewed from the front, I should keep the line of view right, not angled, because now it gives a “falling” effect. In rest it looks good and promising. Good luck, mate!:thumbsup:



Close up on one of the birdies


Close up on the trespasser


Radu - thanks for your really good advice - I’ll try to do some post tweaks for the lights.

So, here are finally some updates - some full render details.
My animated clip is made and uploaded in my gallery here

My time and energy for finishing this one have been really low but I hope I’ll have some sort of final up later today.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

My animated clip for EON Modeling Challenge

Play Video >>


Hmmm - it seems we’re not going to have a big render for this section?
So, it seems I definitely entered the wrong section after all - ah well :shrug:


Hi Gunilla;
I watched your movie and I must say it was really impressive! Camera path is very well
defined and those spychoppers make a cool contribution to the overall feel!
good luck with your new Pc and the new year!


Wow Gunilla! It looks wonderful. I love that animation. So do all the engineers - we’re having a bit of reunion (it’s a bit noisy around here). And I showed them your high res details and they love them too. I’m talking standing ovation. And stamping of feet. And singing. And throwing stuff. Expensive stuff. Got to do something about their levels of enthusiasm.

But seriously, I’ve really enjoyed your thread from start to this delightful finish. I love the scientific subtleties and humour throughout - those birdies rock! Lots of cheering from me for that walking alien too. Superb, and such a realistic animated walk. And those little flying spy cams - so cool.

As for going for high res, that seems to me to be the sign of a fine piece of modeling and texturing if it looks good at that size.

You’d get the idea by now that I love your finished scene. Now for the matter of a couple of dozen drunk and exuberant engineers. They love your scene too. And in the next challenge they want to work for you over there in Stockholm.


It has come to the Authoritys knowledge that someone is illegally hunting the rare birds in the abandoned wildlife reserve in the sixth chamber.
They have sent a team of camcopters to fugure out what’s going on.

Story and scene loosely based on Greg Bears EON


Mathias - thank you and good luck to you too :slight_smile:

Mark - lol! Thanks for giving me constant support and a lot of giggles throughout the challenge :slight_smile:
And as for the engineers … well… could you give them the message that even if I’m really flattered I have a feeling they will not enjoy the climate here and are much better off staying with you :twisted:
I know I would have a hard time controlling them - heck, I know how hard I have to control myself through this :scream:

So folks, I guess this is it then - thank you everyone that have been showing interest and given such good advice on this one. Good luck in finishing for those that haven’t yet - and good luck for the voting of the jury :thumbsup:


Morning Gunie!

Oh, you’ve already made your final steps! Just saw and enjoyed your close-ups, you’ve really made a great job again with the texturing:thumbsup: …don’t know what I love more, the owner of the glowing veins or these cute, furry birdies…
And the animation is well done, very good and much more than showing that this is 3d modeling:applause: …as always you’ve managed to make something very unique and you succeeded in telling your own story…

All in one: Excellent work and much cheering from me! Congratulations!:bounce:



Sabie said that before… but as always… a result very “Gunilla”… each details are very original and very imaginative… that make the difference :thumbsup:

and to have the movie wich give the life to this incredible universe, it’s truly the cherry on the cake… like it much… congrats honey :applause:

I hope to be able to see soon the fantastic birds… maybe flying :scream: (as stones…)