Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


of course… with this kind of news, the motivation is back :scream:


Congrats on the new computer! Believe me, I can understand the feeling. I just wish I was able to afford a new power-horse to replace my aging PC of 5 years! :argh:

I’m sure the motivation will kick up a notch or two once the new computer is in. :smiley:


Lolo, Jesus - thanks for cheering!

And now some good news and some less good ones.

The good one, the new computer finally arrived yesterday. I’m now trying to set it up in the network, do installs and such. Hope to have it fully up and running by the weekend :bounce:

Bad news (or at least bad for the challenge), I’m going to be fully occupied with an animation job for the upcoming months. It’s a fun job so I’m happy about it but it will give me very little time to work on personal stuff.
I will probably have to wrap it up much as it is at the moment… anyway, hope to have an update here later :slight_smile:


Morning Gunie,

oh, I think that all this news are very good, congrats for the animation job:bounce: !
I hope you can tell or show something about it in the upcoming month…Your scene is already so far that you could finish it hopefully without too much work.
Good luck with all the set up and installing things for the new computer and I’m waiting for the good news about the rendertimes then:) …

Have a great weekend!



wow congrats Gunie for the job and never mind for the challenge just make sure u have some
fun in your job :scream:


This news seem good for you… congrats Gunie… and something “fun”… again better… I’m really curious to know more about the subject, and as Sabie, I hope you could show us some parts of this job…

kisses by advance to give you much endeavours… while do not forget to continue to update here of course :thumbsup:


Finally a small update here… I’ve tried some different textures fro the net. I’d love to hear which one you think works the best in the scene - the painted or the procedural.


Sabie - yes, I just noticed there is still 3o days to finish this and as you say, I don’t have to change that much. :slight_smile: New PC renders faster and above all it renders without shutting down! :scream: For the job it will all be revealed later on - first I have to start :smiley:

Tony - thanks! And if I can get me someone to say “keep going” each day it will all work out well :thumbsup:

Lolo - yes, this is the first really fun work project for a long time… and I will show it to you as soon as I can. And I will try to keep some time free for the evenings for the challenge. My own senses project will be put on hold for some time though, but I hope to get back to that later on.

So, I’ve dusted off my scene and made some tests. The daylight system I tried didn’t work out at all… probably because of the seatunnel but I’m not familiar with how it works so I may have to run some more tests before skipping the idea completely.
Next will be an update for the animation I think, maybe tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend, what’s left of it :slight_smile:


IT is good to hear you got a new computer, that always makes life easier for these big files. But don’t forget to optimize your meshes and textures even though you have super power now. Congrats on the animation job, fun at work is always an unbeatable combination. btw the scene is looking good. Cheers. :slight_smile:


Hi Jim, great to see you here… we all miss your crazy stuff here.
Yup, optimizing will be needed, I tend to keep textures big until the final versions and I know MR don’t like .psds that much so that will have to be fixed.
Anyways, just because it’s now possible I’ve made a bigger render of the current scene, hope you like it.


Yay!!! Gunilla’s back, and with extra pixel-crunching power too. Great to see the big new render. As for the different versions of the nets, it’s a tough choice but I reckon the lower one is better. I like the crisp clear definition of it


I like the second version in the second pic :thumbsup:


Tony - thanks! And if I can get me someone to say “keep going” each day it will all work out well :thumbsup:

hehehe you will find someone don`t worry :scream: [/b]


Morning Gunie,

good to see you’re back to the scene with new hardware power:) ! I would also prefer the second version of the net…
Looking at the new big render it’s fun to discover all the details and the great texturing again:thumbsup: …only the birds somehow seem to be still untextured beside of the feathers…

Looking forward to discover the next updates and wish you a great start inthe week!



Morning Gunie…

of course the second for me too… héhé… it’s good to see how that comes easier with a powerfull engine :scream: :thumbsup:… usefull for the challenge… and especially usefull for the job… let’s go girl :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

and a very very nice day for you :slight_smile:


Hey Gunie!

Just dropping in here to see if there’s something new…it seems you’re already deep in your new project:)

I’m not around for a few days so I already wish you a great and relaxed time and of course

Merry Christmas!



Hello Gunilla, I’ve read a few posts in your thread and I wish to congratulate you too for your animation job… maybe you could find some time just to finish this one, but if you dont… we’ll all understand :slight_smile: I wish you the best of luck.


Merry chrsitmas Gunie :scream:


Good morning team and I hope you had some great holidays :slight_smile:

Mark - thanks! And thanks for the net opinion…it goes the same way I’ve been thinking :slight_smile:

Tony - and thanks for your opinion too :slight_smile:

Sabie - So, the second one it is now for sure… and thanks for the heads up for the birds texture. I will give it another go since it seems it got a bit lost in the current lighting.

Lolo - Indeed, the different in rendering power is amazing when the RAM is doubled. I’m going to be so spoiled now…

Sabie - ahh, thanks dudette for the greeting. I hope you have a wonderful time now!

Claudio - thank you so much and the wishes are needed… I have my hands overly full now. That’s a good thing.

- thanks :slight_smile:

It feels good to get back and see you all again. I wish I could say I’ve been busy working but a family emergency turned up and have kept me offline for the last week… anyway I hope to be back at full speed now with this and the other project.

See you in your threads and happy holidays for what’s left of them :slight_smile:


Morning, it’s good to see you another time here… I really hope that this emergency wasn’t too much important and sad…

In any case, that’s good you’re back and I’m sure you’ll show us more very soon… easier to continue with your new machine… I wish you a nice creative day :love:


I hope everything’s okay now, Gunilla. Like Lemog said it’s great to see you back