Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


Morning Gunie,

I see you’ve had a creative weekend…these " flying eyes" are a great idea and again the texturing is so good:thumbsup: - making them more than some flying machines:scream: !
So you’ve ordered a new computer!? Good news, more power then to render your splendid ideas:wise: !

Have a great start in the week!



Morning dear, well, new computer, new flying machine… much news here…

…I really like the design of these flying things, always totally you… :thumbsup: that will be very adapted in your scene… with the actual mood…


Morning friends :slight_smile:

Aaron - thanks, glad you like them!

Mark - yeah, the texture was very much just a test that happened to work out quite well. The idea was to have them slightly camoflagued - using skin instead of rock just makes them more useful in different locations :smiley: Glad you like them.

Marco - hey there! Glad to see you here and we miss you in this challenge … maybe the next one, huh?

Tony - well thanks Mr. Best Cheerleader :thumbsup: :smiley:

Sabie - The camcopters came to life since I really wanted to have some reason for him turning and looking at the camera. This way I hope the fly by will be seen as through one of the copters lens. Hope it works out. Thanks and a good mondat to you too :slight_smile:

Lolo - You’re right… after making them I realised they are very much related to my spaceships in GSO, so it’s much me I suppose.
Yep - much is new for me this year. I got so annoyed of the constant render problems I get into and since I hardly think I will ever win one of these challenges I’ve ordered one myself… hope to have it hear next week - yippi!

Below is an update of the scene with new camcopters added.

Have a good start for the week and thanks for your interest.


Uppdated scene with the new machines. The blurry one on the left is one approaching real fast and surprising the illegal hunter.


What’s appear on my screen… these two machines are very very dark, almost black… if you want to keep these at this distance, you must give them more visible… some parts must receive a little bit of light…

I hope you will post next week a photo of your work place with the new computer :slight_smile:
(you keep the old one for you cat ? surely cool heat for him :scream: )


Lolo - You’re totally right. They wll approach the island and enter a lightsource. Thanks for pointing it out - this render is from an earlier version and I forgot to update… so now I have to restart the first testrender of the whole sequence with an updated scene.
Glad you spotted it so soon, thanks again :love:


Morning Gunie !!
Those Camcopters are so cute !!
One thing tho , I can’t really figure the distance between them and the hunter but maybe they are bit big , I mean they are just here to “spy” and search the out-of-laws without any weapons and such , so maybe small flying units could be more appropriate … don’t you think ?

Anyway you keep flying with this project and it’s a real pleasure to follow !
Have a great week and keep whipping :slight_smile:

cheers ,



lol nice idea hehe keep going can`t wait to see that hunter when captured :twisted:


Great to see the little camcopters in the scene. The suggestion that the alien is being watched kind of turns things on its head for me and I like that - the hunter/watcher is now the one being watched (and caught). I agree with Lemog’s point about the camcopters being in the dark and I notice you’ve already responded to that. However I do like the idea of one of them being a bit darker than the other, similar to what you’re already doing


Morning Gunie…

hey, I’ve overseen the last update yesterday! It’s all said about the visibility of the camcopters and I can only agree:wise: …but the main idea already works well for me and I’m looking forward to see the alien caught in action:) …

And of course a nice day for you!



Steph - good thinking! I’ve now made them smaller. I did a test with the alien being knocked down by the one passing by close… not to good and it would make his final pose very strange. A smaller one could pass him without being seen as a threat. Thanks for the catch :slight_smile:

Tony - The hunter will be captured in the sequel :D, they will just approach him in this scene.

Mark - thank you and I also think it’s an idea that works fine with the original concept. I plan to have the rightmost copters entering into a small lightsourse so one will be darker and in contrast towards the backgound. Hope that will work out well in the end.

Sabie - thanks and likewise :thumbsup:

So, today I realise I’m not happy with the overall lighting setup - the whole scene is much to messy. I hope to be able to work some alternative lighting setups for comparision.
Thanks for your continued interest in this :slight_smile:


Looking good Gunilla! The wing flapping is a nice start on the animation, you have tons of possiblities here. I love the little eyeball spy ships, very cool. :slight_smile:


Hey there…

just here to see if there is something new…already the new computer perhaps…? :slight_smile:

I’m eager to discover your new lighting, not that I really think the scene is “messy”, but well crowded, so a lighting with more focus on particular scene elements can be a good thing here!
Let’s see a new update soon and nice evening for you!:wavey:



Those camcopters are the coolest! They’re my favorite so far. :bounce:

One thing that I didn’t mention before is that perhaps you can tweak the overall color/lighting of your scene. Seems like there is a bit too much shades of brown. Don’t know how else to say. It makes it difficult to see some of the creatures.

Anyway, keep up the hard work! :wip:


soapy - thanks mate, yeah I was kind of happy about those ships too - it’s amazing what can be made out of simple spheres :slight_smile:

Sabie - unfortunately no computer yet… and no new light tests either. I was looking forward to try some with the mr daylight system so see if that could soften the scene some. No luck with that so far :frowning:

Jesus - glad you like them, thanks! You might be right about the overall colorscheme being to brownish - I will do some tests later. Personally I feel it’s the net thing dominating to much. I’ve made it less dense making it look more as the first verions and I think it works better in the scene.

I will hold the updates for a while. My PC can’t handle this scene anymore - MR runs out of memory even in very small sizes.
So, I can choose between fighting it and make it work or wait to see if my new machine can handle it better… Since I’m a bit tired of this one anyway I will give it a break and see if I can get some new motivation to do it later.

thanks for coming by :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that you’ve hit your hardware limitations. Then again, that might be the perfect incentive to get into some serious compositing excursions, yes? Split things up in a clever way and do separate renders of different easy-to-handle elements, then bring it together later - it’s usually a good idea to get some practice in that kind of workflow anyway you know!

Anyways, hope you’ll figure something out.


Hiya Gunie,

Sorry to hear about the computer woes - hope that all gets sorted out. :slight_smile: With all of your hard work, you have driven your machine into the ground! :smiley:

I wish you the best in trying to finish your project!


There’s nothing like a shiny new fast computer to put the fun back into 3D, and there’s nothing like 3D to test the limits of an old one. Good luck with your hardware issues Gunilla. The work you’ve done so far is imaginative and beautiful and it will be wonderful to see your next move


Morning Gunie…

of course, there’s no magic solutions… maybe it’s time to change of machine… or to prepar many different files of your scene and to composite all the renderings.
A good thing for that, that will offer you more possibilities to work on each layer, to increase the quality and the readability of each zone, following the different depth.

That can be the better way for the moment… you know well my project… and I’m obliged to do like that too… and in fact, that work well, even for animation.

I hope your motivation back soon… the next step is now required :thumbsup:



Morning fellows :slight_smile:

James - yes indeed, this is what I should be doing. But suddenly I got my hands full with work so waiting for the new machine to solve all the troubles seems a comfortable way to go… I probably need some clever setup even with twice the poser I’ve got now. Thanks for pushing though :slight_smile:

Beckie - thanks and sure! in one way or another this will be finished, I hate having unfinished things around and there are so many of them already… a long and calm christmas is what I need :slight_smile:

Mark - thanks for the push! And yes, I’m looking forward to my new machine like a kid on christmas eve :scream:

Lolo - hmmm, yes I’m not sure I have the same kind of patience as you but of course there are ways to solve this. For the journey render I had to render it in small pieces so it would work here too. But since the new computer has already been ordered… I expect it to solve all my problems, well perhaps not all :smiley:
kisses back to you of course :wink:

So, the rumour says my new computer should arrive next week :bounce: Until then, happy renderings!