Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


Pink dresses for clubbing? I must be getting old… :smiley:
But hey - it’s a good idea. Clubbing in cheerleader style could be really fun :thumbsup:


Morning Gunie!

Wow, you’ve already started the animation, really cool:applause: …I can well imagine this with all the textures and a lot of fog, haze and water in the background:thumbsup: ! I think post effects will be very important for the scene, but I know you can do magic things especially with your post work:) …the base looks solid for me, and I like the fact that you’re not only doing a fly-around, but also animated your alien:thumbsup: ! And you’re also planning some animation of the birds?!
So atm no crits from me at all, just very curious now to see more!

Nice day for you!



Gunie, what format are you using as it won’t play in my browser.



Cris - it’s MS-MPEG4 V2. If you use windows mediaplayer it should work or getting the missing codecs automatically

Sabie - thanks! I’m not sure if the time will allow me to animate the birds, they are only posed. not properly rigged for animation…maybe if the time permits.
Postwork will be interesting here, since I have to do much as create actions in PS to batch the whole sequence. DoF for instance will probably be made in PS.
I’m glad I still have so much time left since it will involve a lot of testing :slight_smile:


Morning Gunie !!

Yay , that’s moving ! really cool !
The fly around looks great and slow to translate le scale feeling so as Sabie , not a lot of suggestions from just enjoying the steps …
Can’t wait for more … :slight_smile:

cheers ,



Well started Gunie… really… not much remarks for the moment… just a general council… care when they’re many things in action, with a same direction, as for the “camera” + “the alien”… that can be a bit disturbing… good continuation dear… :thumbsup:


wow cool updates I like the way the alien walks :thumbsup:
keep going Gunie u are doing great job "as always ":scream:


Yay Gunilla! That’s great fun. No crits from me, just cheering. Walking alien looks really cool. Motionless birds don’t worry me - maybe they’re hoping that standing still means the alien won’t see them. If they did move then you might get away with just having one or two of them turning their head around to look at the alien. It’s a treat to see movement this early in the challenge. Wonderful stuff


:applause: Wow! you’re gonna have great fun in post with that animation Gunners… It’s coming together and looking great already… You’re clearly riding this concept pretty hard and it’s loking like it’s starting to really pay off:applause: I’m most interested in watching the evolution here…


I just joined this challenge today and so far made it through 7 whole threads, and yours is by far the longest! and definitely the most enjoyable, I mean there are others with outstanding work, but I feel like I’ve been on a journey through yours :smiley:

Your Birds, Dog, and Alien are all fantastically abandoned, creepy, cute, and eye-catchingly strange! I love the way its all coming together in the scene!

Your animation looks great so far too, I love the progression of the camera angle and the idea of getting a close up of your furfeathered friends!

one suggestion - maybe your alien could look like he is about to do something instead of just wave at the camera and stand there… maybe crouch down and hold his spear back like he might actually use it, hehe, i don’t know, poor little birds, maybe not :slight_smile:

  • As I said, I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully when I pull something together you’ll have a look at my work and let me know what you think. Can’t wait to see your next progression and I hope everything works out with your water tunnel… its an awesome idea!


Good morning!

Steph - thanks dear! And yes, that’s the idea to have such a slow move - to create a sense of scale and an idea that something is about to happen, glad you like it!

Lolo - good points! I was thinking about this - maybe having him approaching instead, I don’t know… it’s tricky cause I want the whole scene to grow up from behind the island as now :shrug: thanks for your cheering!

Tony - thank you - and sure, keep going it is! :scream:

Mark - thanks for cheering and indeed, the addition of animation makes this challenge more difficult but also great fun! So, I had to test just some subtle moves for the birds - maybe something like this:

[left]Very crappy but perhaps enough - we’ll see what the time permits … thanks for the good idea!

Hey Rob! So good to see you here - hope your recovery goes well, we miss having you around. The post will be tricky I think but I hope to find some cool soultions - stay tuned :wink:

Aaron - glad to meet a new face aoround here , hope you will enjoy your challenge. And sure… my threads tends to be quite big, maybe even chatty :slight_smile:
You suggestion is really a good one, to have him perform some kind of action… sneaking up on the birds, perform a hunting dance or something. It’s all about how much time I will have for the rest of the period.
Looking forward to see what you come up with :thumbsup:

Have a great day all and thanks for passing by :slight_smile:



Haha! That’s great. The rules state that the animation is only to demonstrate the 3D nature of the scene and your existing camera movement clearly does exactly that. So additional treats like the walking alien and flapping birds are a bonus. I’m not about to suggest your bird dances the tango - it works fine for me already :slight_smile:

The shimmering water is cool too!


Morning Gunie,

huhu, I haven’t seen this mini-update with the bird:eek: …and the flapping is so cute:D …I totally agree with Mark, additional animation beside of the camera movement can only be a bonus, and this one is already so nice! So just a little cheering here and a “keep going!”…

Have a nice day!:slight_smile:



Of course, that works well… I don’t know if these kind of movments will be visible as this one… just maybe good to flat tha movments cuvres a little at the beggining and end to have something more soft…
…continue dear… you’re the “Feathers and Furs Queen” :scream:


It has come to the Authorities knowledge that someone is illegally hunting the rare birds in the wildlife reserve.
They have sent a team of camcopters to figure out what’s going on.


Mark - thanks. And I am glad the challenge just require some simple anim - this way I can play with whatever parts I like to. The flapping birds will hardly be seen in the final clip, but hey -as long as I know they’re there, right? :smiley:

Sabie - thank you! I decided to hold the optimisation part for a while since I’ve ordered a new computer - perhaps I can keep the texture madness as it is. So, currently I’m trying out some additional stuff while waiting for the new PC.

Lolo - You’re right, these movements will hardly be seen in the final - but just as someone I know I like to build things that aren’t visible in the end :wink:
and “Feathers and Furs Queen” … hardly, and speaking of the real one - where is Mona hiding these days?

So, I added some flying objects since I felt somehow envious of all spaceships around. The flying camera-copters are of course equipped with landing gear for easy take off from water surfaces. Hope you like them :slight_smile:


LOL :scream: thats awesome, I love your camcopter idea and I think they work great in the scene!

Cheers! :applause:


Yes! The camcopters are brilliant. I love their skin texture too - sort of makes them look part organic and part artificial and the propellor blades have a delightful dragonfly-wing feel about them. This new addition is a lot of fun. Cheering from me.


Hey Gunie! Great beginning! Good luck for your challenge!


awsome work gunie keep going