Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


Scene updated with the latest additions. This frame is somewhere in the middle of the sequence.


Tony - thanks! … no more weapon jokes? :smiley:

Ha! What a cool idea!.. but unfortunately for him, it’s out of his control - the veins flash when he is excited, scaring the birds off. I never said he was a good hunter, did I? :smiley:
thanks for cheering!

- thank you so much for the splendid support, very appreciated. :slight_smile:

This last render is a frame from the sequence, I think I have to raise the camera a bit since his feet doesn’t show very well. The render times are beginning to get painful - mostly due to the water texture. I will have to figure something out that works better.

have a nice evening.


it is really dark in there it looks unclear maybe make some light in there :rolleyes:

hehehe no not yet hehehe :twisted:


looks good. I´m just a bit confused of what is up and down… looks like the roof is watery… not sure… but cool scene :wink:



wow gunie :eek:
thats a great work you done here !!
i like it a much :slight_smile:

keep it up gunie :wink:

see you around !


Tony - hmm, to dark as ususal, eh? OK. I’m doing some tests for the light now - using GI and FG (the render time is looong). Hope to shed some more light on the whole thing.
thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

thondal - You’re right! The water is suurounding the scene… I was thinking of some gravity phaenomena where nothing is up or down - like a reversed planet. That was the impression I got when reading the inspiration page so I stuck with it.
Since the fourth chamber also is described as the “lung” of the system I found it possible that it should be covered with water.
Or covered is probably not the right word here :wise:

flaeticia - thank you! I’m having fun with this and I’m glad if it shows. :slight_smile:

So, as mentioned the day will be spent with render and light tests - I’ll try to make it moody and bright/colorful at the same time. Wish me luck!


Maybe you can render the water once - without anything in the foreground - and then use the render as a background image each time after that.

It’s looking excellent, Gunilla.


Morning Gunie…

hey, I’ve missed some updates here, the alien turns to be the real eyecatcher now, don’t know what he’s more proud of…the new jewelery or his glowing skin:D …anyways, he’s coming out great in the scene:thumbsup: …I’ve now looked at the scene on different monitors and I don’t think the overall impression is to dark…perhaps just a few light accents to bring out some elements more, playing with the contrast:shrug: …Hope you can solve the rendertime problem, I think Mark’s suggestion can be a good solution!

Nice day for you!



hi Gunilla, sorry, missed the last few updates- your alien looks tops! love the translucent texture on him, and the scene is shaping up great! good to see you powering on-I got bubba due any day, so I’ll have to skip this challenge. I’ll keep an eye on you though!


Morning Gunie… exactly that, now the guy really make part of his environment, and keep really visible… the way seem good… go then :bounce: :thumbsup:



Mark - thanks! And yes, I’ve used a simpler material for the tests. My original idea was to have the water animated … but now I may have to think of something else. Maybe I can find a way to do it in post. This whole new thing about animating the scene sure brings in some new levels of planning… maybe you could spare some of your engineers to help? :smiley:

Sabie - Oh, I’m glad to hear you don’t find it to dark. I’m really trying to get away from this whole dark scene thing here. I’ve added some new lights in the latest tests, hope you like it.

John - hey there! I can fully understand if your bubba will take most of your focus now… talk about challenge, huh? :slight_smile:
Of course this thing isn’t the same without you… to many absent friends in this one I think.
Good luck with your bubba and don’t forget to post some pictures :deal:

OK - by now I was hoping to have a sequence of medium renders, from the first frame to the last… turns out the last frames wont render at all. I have to render in stripes. This isn’t doable for the clip, so perhaps I find an alternate approach.
I’m off for the day, trying to land a new client. Wish me luck!

have a great day :slight_smile:

Lolo - oh, just missed you - crossposting :smiley:
thank you, I’m so glad you like this new improved version. And what about the jewellry? Is it as you imagined?


HI Gunilla;

Your project has become very interesting and that alien is a really nice addition to
it! It looks like he was meant to be there right from the start, and the way you
have textured him is very unique and radiating! I like the idea of glowing veins,
semi_transparent skin and especially his accessories! Great idea!

I read that you are being bothered by the water tunnel and rendertime and I think
there are some solutions which might help! Well, you have helped me out a couple of
times, both in this challenge and the last one. So I really hope this can be of any

I’m not a max user, but I know that the concept is the same with most 3d apps, so
you can start animating your tunnel like this:
I take it that you use procedural type of texturing on it, something like a fractal
for example. You could key the fractal at frame 1, then play with the settings (just
a little bit) and key it again at frame, say 10. this way you will have a “10 frame”
animation where your fractal is animated. (max will fill in the in_between frmaes
for you and interpolate the changes).
Now in your compositing software, you put this layer under all other layers and add
to that another sequence from frame 9 to frame 2 right after your “10 frame” clip.
This way you will have a loop which goes from 1 to 10 and back to 2. Then you can
copy and paste this string (in the same layer) as many times as your final comp
should last and it will loop underneath your other layers.
Now that you don’t have to render the tunnel again, your final rendertime in max will
be a lot less. You could even break you scene into different renders (using green or
blue color as background, key those colors in your compositing soft and put them on
their own layer.

I really hope it makes sense, and it works out for you!

Go girl!


Morning Gunie

yes dear, really near… just missed for me more, especially for ankles too much naked for the moment :thumbsup: and that will be perfect…
…and a nice day for you :slight_smile:


mathias - thanks a lot for taking the time and try to help, much appreciated. Very wellthought trick too, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: My plan is to make a fly-by so it can be tricky to get the right placement for the chamber in relations with the camera with this technique. I’ve tried to render the background separately but since the reflections in the water is quite nice I need to find a way around it. Still trying out different shaders that can work better, hope to find a solution this week. Agan, thanks a lot for helping :slight_smile:

Lolo - jewellry for the ankles? OK - I’ll see what I can do, making ornnaments for Ali the alien is really much more fun than doing rendertests. I’m glad you like his outfit so far. Hmmm, do you think he should wear any clothes?


Wheee Gunie !!
Great progress on the little fellow … Prefectly fits in the scene
… And I want his jewelry … I don’y know , maybe for my hunting sessions … :smiley:

Can’t wait for more … Go Gunie …

cheers ,



Hey Steph - crossposting again!
And glad you like his jewellry - perhaps we should start a business later? “Funky boots and jewellry for all occasions” :smiley:


Rofl … :scream:

Ouh I like that … like “Zap and Gun Accessories” … it sounds fancy … and we could create pink dresses too … I don’t know … for clubbing …:scream:


Why clothes… :scream:

…like that and with jewelry… that permit to keep veins very visible :thumbsup:


haha, yes - in this case the veins is the most important :slight_smile:

I’ve found a solution for the render problems. I will render the watery chamber in scanline, make some post effects to it and use it as a backdrop for the MR render. I will not get the nice reflections this way but perhaps I can figure out some tricks in AE for this.


This is the start for the short animation. I plan to do a fly by, possibly with some close ups of the alien and birds.
Click on image to play the untextured preview clip. All comments are welcome and needed
I haven’t yet figured out how to submit a clip so this one is stored at my own site.