Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


Uppdated shader for the alien


This is probably close to his final pose in the scene, still fighting weights here…
The shader have been updated now, following both Sachas and Lolos great advice. It is now a blend/blend material with using a brighter selfilluminated version as veins and as a falloff.
Hope you like him so far.


Heh. The final pose is actually quite funny. He reminds me of an action figure. You should try to make him look kinda relaxed (the shoulders are high) as he looks kinda tight and stressed. As well, something should be done with his other arm. Ex. have him holding something or leaning on something.



Morning Gunie!

Hehe, yes, he looks a little stressed…perhaps he’s camera-shy or just don’t want to bee seen while depredating the bird’s nests:D !
Rigging is also a pain for me and I just saw that you’re using the physique modifier…you should try it with the newer and better skin modifier, with the vertex-weight table the work is much easier now…
But the texture is just great:thumbsup: , your especially good with this and he comes out much better now in front of the background! Let’s see him together with the other critters!



looking great gunie I like the new shader and the pose keep going :thumbsup:


Good morning!

Steven - thanks, and you’re right about the shoulders. They need to come down a bit. He will probably have a spear or a bow in his other hand since he’s out hunting the birds.

JohnnyFreeman - hmm,I’m not sure I understand your point here. Are you saying the pose isn’t very unique? I can agree, having someone standing like this looking up is rather common - but do you suggest something else? :shrug:

Sabie - yeah, I should probably try it with skin instead. I’ve never learned the art of rigging. Probably since I never do characters (why? because I don’t know the art of rigging!) so this is actually one step closer to making that giant leap into character making. I love these challenges, making me pick up new skills each time. :slight_smile:
Glad you like the texture - I really like texturing and now with ZB it’s even more fun.
have a good day with your own rig!

Tony - thank you my friend, your cheering is always a nice energy boost.

So, next step will be finalising the pose and give him some kind of spear … or perhaps a rifle would be cooler?


wow this is going to be interesting , your alien is preaty creepy and with that gloeing veins he’s preaty dangeuros :eek:
whaiting to see more
good luck !


Now fully armed :slight_smile:


Andrei - thanks! And now even more dangerous? :slight_smile:


wow this weapon remind me of :rolleyes:
hehehe don`t hate me :bounce:


Wow! I get busy for a few days and when I return to this thread I realise I’ve missed a bunch of updates. Cool work, Gunilla. That textured skin with the glowing sss is fantastic and the spear is just perfect. No losing him in the undergrowth any more - he should show up in the scene beautifully. I really like your attention to the details like the shape of the spear head and stuff like that. They enhance it a lot and add real value to the image


gunnie: great shaderupdate! love what you made of it! kick ass work mate! rock on! :beerb::buttrock::wip:

tony: hahahaha how mean! rofl!!:scream:


Morning Gunie… nice addition with this weapon… maybe he could have more of ornement ? collar, feathers at ears, bracelet on the foot… some alien-ethnics ornements ?

Nice day for you :slight_smile:


Morning Gunie,

uhhh, obviously he’s not only out for some eggs:scream: , he has a spear now…you’re still sure he’s a nice guy? This way the pose looks more convincing, good addition!:thumbsup: And what’s next now?

Have a great start in the week!




- bouahaha :smiley: … and hate you? no never :slight_smile:

Mark - thanks! First weapon I’ve ever made and I have to say it was real fun. I hope the scene with him hunting for the birds can be really exciting - perhaps I could talk Mr. Bear into putting it into the book? :slight_smile:

Sacha - thanks! And thanks for suggesting the addition :thumbsup:

Lolo - alien etnichs ornament, great idea again! I made him a tatoo that didn’t look so good but perhaps as a bracelet it will work. thanks dear!

Sabie - I still think he’s quite a nice type … he just like to collect the feathers/fur I suppose. Next will be some jewellry and then I need to work more on the environment and the water. After that I will go back and finish the animation with him walking up the cliff and into position.

Have a good monday all!


The alien passing by showing his new jewellry. Also I added a coral reef to the scene as I saw somewhere such is present in this chamber.


wow nice updates keep going gunie :thumbsup:


Hi, Gunilla,

Cool alien!! Nice shading! The bump maps are really great!!

Just some questions: The alien will kill somebody? He can turn off his veins light?
He looks very angry!!



Well this is looking just amazing now. Those glowing veins are wonderful. In fact, the whole skin material is superb. The ornaments fit in really well and add some alien pride to his personality. Go Gunilla!