Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


I love what you did with your alien. I hope to see more of it really soon. About my work… Time is all I need. And time of course. Did I mention I need time :). Good luck 2 u and 10x again for your best wishes


wow yeah I like this opinion :bounce: something like :rolleyes: something like an elephant hehe :twisted:


A late good morning :slight_smile:

Mark - thanks, my thoughts where on the same line about the boxy version, but I think Lemog has some really good points. No good if it just looks like it’s been clumpsy modeled. hmm, perhaps as with the wrongly bent bird legs. Maybe I have to exaggerate it more to make it come through in the right way.
This is the beauty of ZBrush, I can make as many version I want with the same base mesh - the shaping is mostly in the displacement mapping.

- I Do! :smiley:

Sabrina - great idea with the feathers!.. It also gives me the solution on what he’s doing on that island anyway… hunting for some birdfur to put on his head :slight_smile:
And noted you prefer this new more "normal"look, thanks!

black_hand_77 - thanks and nice of you to come by :slight_smile:

Lolo - Yes, very good points here. So the new version is not humanoid enough? I will give it another round to see if I can make him more boney … my idea was to make him human like but not photoreal (if that’s possible for aliens) about the same level of realism as the other creatures. Thanks for always good advice :slight_smile:

I will soon have a detail with him in the scene so you can see how well or not he fits, thanks for your support.


weee then waiting for the rest of the zoo :twisted:


haha, all right, all right … coming soon. :scream:

Below is a small update - the alien placed but not posed in the scene. It’s a blowup showing him blimbing the path up the island. Hope you like it so far. :slight_smile:


Alien placed but not yet posed in the environment. Just a close-up.
I plan to have the camera started from behind the alien, passing him by as he climbs upwards and turn to look at it.
If it works out…


haha, didn’t see this until now, sorry! An elephant, huh? :banghead:


I like that last render very scary and creepy! Those textures are working well.


ROFL … Gunie , you master of both sweet and weird stuff :scream:

The alien makes me grin from ear to ear , he’s just awesome … :applause:

Keep on rocking Gunie :thumbsup:

cheers ,



Yeah, it looks excellent. I agree with the others - it’s fun but also a bit scary. Cool update.


Morning Gunie…

yep, he’s all of this…creepy, scary, weired:scream: …so this is certainly good for your needs, not:) ?
I don’t want to meet him…but his textures seem to work really good on the island and give him some nice contrast!



Morning dear… as Sabie said, that works well in this kind of environment… the texturing like that seem very adapted… the global shape of him is less disturbing with this framing and this pose… he appear less square, it’s a good point.

I think to something… even if the texturing is really “in the mood”… I’m afraid that this guy will be not very visible in the final scene, with all other details, not ?
Maybe you can adapt your texturing blended with a procedural 3d shader wich give him a kind of glowy edge… I don’t know if you understand what I mean… remember my Humano-ID… the librarians… their edges was very visible… even in the complicated scene… maybe that can be a good solution for these guys will be more visibles, even more original, more rich… and especially more glowy alien… just my 2 cents. :scream: bip-bip-bip…


i had an idea for the alienskin to pop out more from the background. ho about ading a few selfiluminat parts or a bit of a fluorescent optic like those deepsea creatures? could of course be a mixshader, so the orinal texture blends with (maybe glowing veins? just play a bit - psyexpirience ahead :scream: ) that would justify a slight glow as well and make him pop more to the eye :slight_smile:


Jim - thanks a bunch :thumbsup:

Steph - haha, “master of sweet and weird” - I have to put that on my business card :smiley:
Glad you like him, thanks!

Mark - thanks, it’s going to be real fun to animate him - stay tuned :slight_smile:

- So, you don’t want to meet him? I can assure you, he is both kind and clever even if not so handsome :slight_smile:

Lolo - as always, you put the right words on my concearns … I will definitely have to give him a more bright and glowy appearance. thanks dear :slight_smile:

Sacha - Oh yes, great idea - selfilluminated veins! I’m so totally for it I have to try it right away, thanks!

I’m glad you all seem to like the way he fits into the scene and I will take another go with the textures and pose him right for the next update.


Great job on the Alien Gunilla!
(He, he really funny, my spell check doesn’t like Gunilla and wants me to write Gorilla in stead.):scream:

  I like the texture and the fold on the elbow ( maybe he should have a fold like that on his knee to

Anyway I can tell you like firm well tuned and perky buttocks, by the look of this guy!

  Yes and when you animate him it could be cool if he does the moon walk! 

I think he would look as good as Michael Jackson (who we know fore sure is an alien) doing it.:thumbsup:

  Sorry I don’t stop by here more often Gunilla!

I will try to do better in the future.:slight_smile:


Hey there Gunie!

Just stopping here to see if the alien is already glowing…And what do I hear about selfilluminated veins:D …? I think the next update will be very interesting, I’m curious now!



Whoah! :eek: Creepy alien.

Looking forward to seeing those glowing veins. :slight_smile:


Agreed ^^^. Creepy alien. Looks great though still Gunilla. Been almost forever since I have been to your post. You have made awesome progress :thumbsup: You are quite the artist. :applause:

Keep up the great work!!!




Just to give you a little “coucou”… and to see if the alien is back… :):wavey:



Per - Ha, would you believe it I once got a mail addressed to Gorilla Elam? Appearantly they used the same spellchecker :smiley:
thanks - and I’d love to have him dance moonwalk … but it doesn’t go to well right now.

Sabrina - yup, the texture have been changed and I’m pretty pleased. It will be in the next update (unknown when)

Jesus - thanks and they will be here soon I hope :slight_smile:

TheSoracle - thank you for your nice words and the energy boost - much appreciated!

Lolo - thanks for pushing… I may need it.

So, this rigging thing :twisted: It’s been years since I tried to rig a character and right now I’ve managed to mess everything up quite well. I’m using physic and at a first glance it was so easy just linking him to the biped and make him dance…ha!
The butt is gving me some real pain right now I can tell you. As soon as I got a decent result I have him up.
thanks all for cheering :slight_smile: