Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Gunilla Elam


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Latest Update: Final Render: The trespasser


Good luck with your 3D scene…:bounce:


:bounce: …

And now section buddies … …


Thanks Claire!

Steph - yup, I think I’ll be more comfortable in this section :wink:

Since I haven’t got started yet I will probably stick with the idea of a wildlife preserve in the fourth chamber - lots of fun things can happen there I think.

Previs should be up in a couple of days.


Looking forward to your concept man! I love your bacteria image in your portfolio. Good luck!


Hey gunilla wish you all the best for 3d scene:thumbsup:


å här var hon oxå… :eek:

Good luck on this one Gunilla…


Morning Gunie!

Just discovered your 2nd thread:eek: !
I guess it’s not a kind of working-fever, but a switch to 3d-section!?
Aaah, now I’m even more unsure about my own entry:scream: …anyways, of course also good luck for this one:) !



Good morning,

Crin - thank you and glad you like my bacteria :twisted: :smiley:

Roshan - thanks again :slight_smile:

Mona - yep, I’m cloning myself to all places :scream:

Sabrina - yes, it will be a switch after all. I feel like for this I prefer to have a more open workflow with no fixed comp to start with. Mind you I still haven’t got my book but can’t help myself from getting all kinds of ideas anyway. And as ususal my ambition is to practice modeling as much as I can.
thanks for cheering :slight_smile:


So, basicly two versions for the general layout of the fourth chambers zoo… Don’t know which to go with yet… any opinions?


Heya Gunie , mind twisting as I see :slight_smile:

mmh , the second one is more convincing and readable to me , but maybe I’m just not crazy enough … :curious:

Go Gunie , :bounce: … … is it a shaved Muffen ? :smiley:

cheers ,



i like the tunnel shaped sea Gunilla-has that infinityness to it I think!


I agree with shakes, the tunnel shaped sea has a better feel to it for me and will make for a more intresting image I think.


Hi, Gunilla, Very strong concept! I like it!

Ps.: The cat is very cool :thumbsup:



I really prefer the first picture… the only thing too strong, is the angles of the islands… turned, differently, but not too much… if not, that disturb certainly the perception…


Hi Gunilla,

I agree with the Schtroumpf… err Lemong… the first one is more readable.

Good start :thumbsup:


Agreeing with all above :stuck_out_tongue: The first one is a bit better.


Morning Gunie,

already the first concepts here, you’re busy:) …

I would also prefer the first concept, it’s more confirm with the description in the book…
Figuring out the perspective thing will be one of the challenges here:scream: , not easy to get it in one scene, I guess a lot of faking will be necessary here…

Nice day for you!



The first concept for me to. The second just doesnt read as well. Like the concept so far, juggling the angles. Looks like there are going to be lots of poly’s in this challenge.



Steph - OK, first vote for the second one. And don’t say that thing about shaving and cat out loud please. I will get in tons of trouble for sure :smiley:

John - aha, thanks for placing your vote for the top one, noted!

- tunnel shape, good and thanks!

- hi there and thanks! I’ll tell my cat model you like him :slight_smile:

Lolo - reading my mind here - the latest version will be more like you describe it, thanks :slight_smile:

Nomad, The Soracle - thanks for letting me know :thumbsup:

Sabie - great, a vote for the tunnel shape from one that have actually read the book :smiley:

Abaddon - thank you, and you’re probably right. Oh dear - another excuse for getting that new computer! :scream:

I think I will continue in that direction - it will be fun to see if I can make a convinsible or stylish sea like that.
While waiting for my book I have started to play with the possibillities for what kind of mutation could be for the animals in that place. The lighting conditions must be very poor and the humidity very strong… so slimey and halfblind?
May have something up in that direction later today.