Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


No problem Laurent, don’t worry. But please don’t talk about hair, it’s a sensible subject to me since i’ve opened 3ds :scream: :cool:

Laeticia…girls and her bathroom ! thanks god, mankind have created hairbrush and hair drier :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer your question, modeling will be done with 3dstudio max, maybe Zbrush too, depend on the cam angle and distance from the main characters. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your comment. :thumbsup:


Here the final rush for the cityspace concept.
If I decide to take this option, it’s from street of Alexandrie, as final picture, to an Alexandrie cityscape for the movie sequence, with a simple camera travelling.
Now must to work on the Scientist Camp concept, to make my choice quickly.


Et Julien il fait pas le concours? :slight_smile:


héhé Mathias…
Tu connais assez Julien je pense pour savoir que c’est pas trop son truc, et en plus il est assez occupé en ce moment :slight_smile:
J’ai eu vent de ta migration a Darkworks, je te felicite, tu passeras le bonjour à Nicolas, le game designer, de la part d’un vieux pote de BTS :wink:


Good start. However, I think the tube should be much, much higher off in the distance and not so close to the buildings. At least that is what I perceive from the book’s description.

Keep going. :wip:


Ooo, character sketches. Nice. I like your starting model of the city, as simple as it is, I love the perspective and lighting already :p.


Hey Jedi-Juice, you’re definitly right for the tube’s higher, i’ve saw same things about it, but i think that, good worked, this tube can be a great architectural element to cut the break point of the perspective.
Of course, it’s equivalent of saying i’ll take some liberties with the original script.

TheSoracle thanks mate. Perspective was deformed with an eyefish cam, and for the lightning…it’s just a diffuse light :wink:


Hi all :wink:

Even if i’ve made some testing for the scientists bootcamp, i think and i’m sure that the city of Alexandrie wiil be more impressive than the camp. As i work in architectural viewing, i’m too more clean and ok with a city than a desertic DOF. So, i introduced you the DISCOVERING ALEXANDRIE project !! (trumpets please… :scream: ) which will be my concept on this challenge.
And As i’ve already the composition, i’ve begin the modeling ! :bounce: (my favorite part)

So here the first modeling WIP of this challenge for me, on the library. :wink:


lil’ close up :slight_smile:


hey SweD,

nice updates here.

i was thinking, i remeber in the book patricia noticed - when going to the first library - that at a lot of stores and buildings the name or story was written in different languages. Maybe something interesting to play with?

just an idea, you know.

keep up the good work


oh man, Nico, this is a great info you got here, I’ve missed this detail ! (really don’t remember :curious: ). Thanks for this add, and for support :thumbsup:


Hey Ciryl,

i’m not sure if it was the library, but i remember that it was on the stores in the first city she visited.
It was when she noticed that all the windows was shattered - maybe a nice detail too - and summoned the languages.



Much originality in the design… a bit of Art Déco… good to see… I like much… continue like that Cyril :thumbsup:


Yeah i like it me too :slight_smile:


heyhé ! thanks both friends ! hope this original style can be ok with the retro futuristic style from the rest of the building…and vehicules ! :wink:
Thanks for always support :thumbsup:


really cool! I like your design of the library. I’m having the hardest time on mine. The design of the skyline is also looking good. Keep this up, Swe!



Great details on the pillars. Loving your concept so far, really nice. I like the lighting too lol, even if it still is early.


Heya Cyril …

Full modeling speed as I see … the details are great and the design really pleasant and original …

Just can’t wait for more …

cheers ,



beautiful work! I like all the detail and effort you put into your projects! Research is very important when I do any work and it looks like you do the same.

Cant wait to see more

I wish i could help more but I have not read the book.


Cool job! I wish you all the good luck and I´ll be watching to your progress:thumbsup: