Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


Turned out great man, I like what you did at the end too showing the passes. Congrats!


Congrats on such a nice piece! :thumbsup: One of my favorites. :slight_smile: I really enjoyed what you did with the video. Should be a prize winner.


You could have entered the Trailer challange to :slight_smile: Good luck now!


the lighting is great, i think it really makes the scene… it has some subtle tones, yet it really brings the whole thing togther.


Hey Cyril,

finally you’ve made it!

Congratulations for finishing this challenge and especially for your marvellous scene! :bounce:
It was a pleasure to follow your thread! Good luck now with the judgement!

I hope you can enjoy some rest now, sweet dreams!:smiley:



heheh… and that´s all. Voilá! oh…no bananas…no tortilla… how if you put a banana in her right ear?..the new generation of mobile phones?..

Seriously, you did a very cool job with your “library”:twisted: hehe. I wish you all the good luck with this contest and all the good things that everybody say in this moments :wink:

And please, go for a walk with your girl, take fresh air and…well… have fun!:scream:

A big hug dude!



mmoir thanks and good luck to you too :slight_smile:

thanks Snows, glad if you appreciate. I’ve post on your thread, i like very much what you did in your final piece, it’s a really good still too ! wish you good luck friend !

Jesus, prize winner waou ! could you be a jury member please ? :smiley:
Maybe, maybe not. After so many time spend on this project, i’ve no hindsight on my work.

coolkonrad, in the trailer section, it need more of my technical still. I’ven’t proficiencies to correctly rig a character for animate him, i’vn’t competences to create FX. I’m just a modeler.

Hydrocell, thanks. It’s true that light help a lot. i’s why i’ve take time to optimize scene and make render wiith Vray. With scanline render, global lightning was the same, down the line, but in details, and for the differents pass, Vray is more technical and more fine.

Sabrina, i’ve do it, i’ve do it ! :bounce: :smiley:like churchill do
so, thanks to you miss, it was a pleasure for me to have you in. Now i can jump in my bed and Travel the world and the seven seas… :grind:

Heyhey Gonzalo :slight_smile:
Seriously thanks friend, and don’t worry I’ll go next week with my girl breath the fresh air of London during som days.

And not seriously (rummblle…)



the banana phone…

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shhh… those french neighboursss…

:smiley: :D:D:D:D:D


Dude, the banana phone:


Cause you deserve it,lol


Nice finish Cyril… the result is great… I wish you the best for the Judging Time… you rocks :thumbsup:


Gonzalo, you’re sick lol
let me help you to put on your white straitjacket :wip: :grind:

Laurent, thanks friend :slight_smile:
Hope to see results soon, first to see who really finish, and second for the final result…one day…thanks for your support even if i know you’re very busy at this time. :thumbsup:


I like your animation especially editing - you shown off in great style :wink: good luck now!


Man, that is really awesome. I must ask, can you please tell me which song is this, cuz im 100% ive heard it before but i dont really know from where. So plz?

btw, my name is Ciril


fgdf, thank you guy ! good luck to you too :thumbsup:

Ciril, thanks for stopping by and let a comment :slight_smile:
the song is the main theme of the movie “Requiem for a Dream”, by Clint Mansell.


Congrats Cyril, exelent piece, I just can say anything whit my poor english hehe, just a kick4ss piece, one of my fav. Good luck with the judges!!!


héhé friend of mine who speak a poor english ? :scream:
Thanks Reinaldo for support and congrats to you for you final piece ! :thumbsup:


C`est magnifique :thumbsup:

Great final image and animation :applause: good luck for the vote :bounce:


Its looking really great…good luck


Congrats, mate!

This looks excellent! Very good compositing! Best of luck for the challenge!


Nice idea for the animation. You have a great final picture, and just show the best of it in the animation. Really great! wishing you good luck now