Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


Hey Cyril,

:eek: …:drool: …:thumbsup: :applause: !!

as you can see I’m a little speechless about the last updates…the scene is amazing, not much to add…I’m looking forward now to see your final steps!



Gonzalo, my friend who has always good advice.
(except the banana… :rolleyes: ) I’ve move the left road, and down the second one, with DOF it could be cool for sens of depth, thanks.
I’ve down the highlight of spot on foreground too.
Some change still to do on modeling and colors.

hey hey Sabrina ! :wavey::cry::arteest::love:
some little updates, only for suspens, (lol) and final step comes.
This week end i make the animation too…even if challenge’s end is the 31th, i’m forced to finish 28th evening, caus’ professionnal stuff, mayber can i take some hour monday…but not too much.
i take a rest when i’ll be dead… :scream:


looking real good! 2 things that bug me right now because that’s immediately where my eye is drawn and there’s nothing there: the big empty deck space in the middle plan - way too empty, shiny and pink :slight_smile: and what’s that white empty space on the right - I’m guessing you’re still going to fill it with something?! also it’s a tiny bit strange that those signs in the bg are so visible - the green numbers I mean - are they supposed to be lit?!

All in all I like your concept a lot - especially the vehicle and look forward to the finished product :bounce:


Hey swed,

Great job you’ve done here. But why should you reduce the contrast on the foreground? Ain’t it better to keep an high contrast on foreground and lower contrast on background? A bit like in the latest image. It gives a bit of depth-feeling this way. And I think you should watch the dof, it could easily ruin the scene, but can also improve it. Tweeeak it! :wip:

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Hi all, here the first stage for the final still. Just a walkthrough for the composition.

rendering animation


You are doing great man, like what you have done with your composition, nice changes.


hi friends,

i introduce you the final choice to do for the title of “eon final still”. I’ve some difficulties to choose, second have more contrast, maybe is she more “realistic” … and first is more colored, more comics illustration to me, and my favorite… it should be interesting for me to have your opinion on it.


Intervain, thanks for your critics, and i hop the last update can bring answers to you :slight_smile:

Toverdoos, agree for the DOF, that’s why i’m extremly careful with this kinf of effect :slight_smile:
For the contrast, i agree too, but i work on a LCD screen and contrast is already strong, i can imagine that RCT users can see.

Snows, thank you man hope you 'll like the final :slight_smile:


Both looks great is hard to make a decision.


I think the second and I´d increase the light in some parts on the top of the big buildings.:slight_smile:


Morning Cyril,

ah, you’ve been busy…and the choice is not easy now, both versions are so good:thumbsup: …but I’d prefer the first one, just out of a feeling;) .
Patiently waiting for the final upload now…



…on this pic you have only few tones… and that uniformize the scene too much with the first… it’s the reason why I prefer the second (sorry saby :scream: … this one keep a good contrast of elements, while keeping much strong mood… well done Cyril :thumbsup:

Encore une fois bravo pour les progrès… ça fait vraiment plaisir de suivre ce chemin parcouru depuis ta première participation… continue like that man :applause:


I’d choose the first one :slight_smile:

Good luck with movie-clip!


Hi Cyril, nice job so far… I agreed whit Lemog, first one color scheme is flat next to the second one, almost looks like an earlier stage of development, I opt for the second one mate, also the nature of the composition is more realistic, that improves the mood. Just my two cents, cheers!


Goooooood moooorniinnnng CGTaaalk friends,

thanks, can i submit the both please ? :scream:

Gonzalo, thanks for your advice, i’m ok, this version in fact needs clearly some lights areas.
:wink: gracias amigo

Sabrina, i’ve been busy, i’m busy, i will be busy :D. Like you, my pref goes to the one, but other comments are good and rights about the flate side, and about the second one. I Think that the second will surely be the final.

Heyhey Laurent,
thanks for your crits, which corroborate others, friend.
Merci beaucoup pour ton appreciation. Que de chemin parcouru il est vrai, rien que par le fait que je prenne le challenge au serieux, parce que maintenant j’en ai techniquement la possibilité (du moins j’ai la faiblesse de le croire :scream: )
Le fait d’être suivi, aussi, par des graphistes de ton envergure et ceux présents ici, est une motivation supplémentaire.
Merci encore pour ca :wink:

taavi thanks for your choice (my little voice inside still vacillate… )

Reinaldo, great to see you in this difficult matte pass. I think follow your advices with Laurent, thanks again mate !

Thanks all, i’ve take some hours to work on, ang give the final still and final animation tonight.
i’ve some difficulties with the map rendering (ram troubleshooting), so bound to make a grey render (except for the vehicle), but not a real problem, from the foundations, i want to make a cinematic only.
And after that, i sleep during one week :smiley:

thanks again all guyz and girl.


I’m with Laurent on this one - the right version is the right version!
Just add a little more… er… cordes de chaussure, and it will really pop :cool:


Definitely the one on the right. Alot more…majestic.


Ba c`est tres joli tout ca :applause:

I agree with the last posts, the one on the right is much better. Great final mood :thumbsup:


Software: 3ds max,Photoshop,VRay

Ok mens…
Here my final render for the CG TALK EON CHALLENGE !
After long weeks to work, this entry is done and It’s my first done on a cg challenge. After two unsuccessfull attempt, this one is finish.

About the Final Still :
I’ve work on a 3K final version. All modeling was made on 3d studio max, with Vray render. Final scene count more of 4billions polys, after optimisation.
The needed submissions is standard size, and i offer you to see the 3k high resolution here : http://swedweblog.jexiste.fr/ftp/DISCOVERING.jpg
Postwork count about 25 layers, i’ve made a first preview of composite on the thread.

Background Story of this one is about the first time Patricia sees the Alexandria city in the 2nd chamber. Lanier offer her to see the city of Alexandria by herself, and discovering the main building, the center of her firsts discoveries, the library.
She discover and unhuman size city, with building about 4km length, completly incredible.
I’ve try to retranscribe the greatness of this city, like i’ve imagine her in reading the book.
I’m conscient, i’ve take some liberties from the original concept.

About the animation :
Uum…i’ve met some obstacle from my start idea. I offer you only travelling camera in grey environment (except for some elements), i hope it will be sufficient unto.
I hope upload quiclky a high version if some of you are interested.
It is a 48sec version, with audio track.

TO THE MODERATORS (scuze me James for this disgusting copy/paste) I’ve take a last liberty to put a audio track was not made by myself.
it will be appreciate, if it is a problem, to let me know this and allow me an upload without audio.
thanks for consideration.

thanks CGsociety of course for bring to us this kind of challenge.
thanks to my girlfriend, who haven’t grumble about my relationship with my computer this last weeks.
thanks to my friend who support and help me with their comments.
And a great thanks to all CGTalkers who follow my thread, stopping by, and particulary for those who stay and let me comments and criticis which help me to follow my work.
Special thanks to all perfect english speakers. They don’t kill me for my horrific english langage.

Play Video >>



Great job with the animation:thumbsup: , the whole goes together very nicely. Great job and good luck .