Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


I agree with arturro, the roads have to be wider, maybe a double way is enough and not four…

Anyway you did a great work so far, c`est magnifique :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


you’re both right men, i’ve made some change on the bridge texture, windows texture of the big building, change the size of the “little city” and size of the tree, to be more scale.
I’m now going to finish to render the grey-animation, and hope to upload my final image this night :slight_smile:

edit : maybe not this night, i’ve just see that challenge is extended to the 31th :banghead::cry:


this is unbeleavably awesome man!
like that little tree and the bridge :thumbsup: :deal:


Hey Cyril!

I’m eagerly waiting to watch your final steps here:bounce: !
The last updates are great, the scene is gorgeous and I love your lighting:thumbsup: !
I agree about the little changes on the bridge, but the rest seems to be perfect for me. And I’m still waiting to see your nice Patricia in the scene:) …



heey Chaitanyak really thanks, it seems i’ve a good idea to put this tree on !

 [b]Sabrina[/b],  lool always here keep watching   oO
 I'm on Patricia now (nothing sexual :D ), i've already make the final render for the scene,  i was bound to make a blowup render, 'cause some "error creating bitmap" when render.
 The blowup render is by parts. And after having paste all parts, my final resolution was approaching the    14644 x 10628 pixels :scream: :scream:....some little problem.....oups forgive to make small the render size...16 parts, each 3636x2657...it's why my computer have some difficulties... lol
 Sooooooooooooo, another render, and now i'm in 3636x2657.
 It seems to actually have some specificities i've not really understand for final still render with my poor crap english, but i've time to read the FAQ.
Some post-work to do before upload it here.
 I've already begun the anim test but, with some travelling, i'm yet to 18seconds length. Maybe some cut to do.
 And if i've time why not make a colorized animation. (i make her ine grey-no textured for now)
 But now, patricia's hairs and pose...


This is superb interpretation.
nothing much to comment at the time given,cos Im in a lot of rush.
Best of luck finishing this …:thumbsup:


hey Cyril !
great job you done here, i’m anctious to see the final image.
…about the high res render, unfurtunetly it seems that the model challengers don’t have to submmit the high res image, couse i did , too, the 3636 x … image and tryed to post it and couldn’t… :(. i gues i should post it on my web site and put a link to it…
anyway … good luck mate.


Yeah, I did the high-res faux pas as well :smiley:

Anyway, this is looking great, Cyril! Nice sense of space, good details, and I’m a big fan of the palette you’ve got going here. Good luck with the final rendering and everything.


Hey Damir, great to see you here again man :slight_smile:
thanks you for words, and hope you can finish yours ?
Good luck too

[b]Andrei[/b], we are two to be anxious :scream:
For the high res, i've not understand all, but..not the moment to be preocupped by this kind of things...first, finish illustration...next, upload problems..
Some update to do still the end :)

[b]James [/b]lol i've seen it on your thread. I'm not the only one !!
Really thanks, i'm happy to be here, at this point, for my really first challenge close to the end, it's a little victory for myself...next step, last render for validation :)

Not an official update, but i've made some travelling camera, and try the FLV encoder for the anim in same time i'm working on patricia...around 20 secondes here  (download FLV sequence) (my ftp is down, i make an upload this night on CGtalk)
don't know if it will be the final version or not...but a travelling is a travelling. hop you like.


This is the camera travelling test for my eon anim.
After the fall of my personnal ftp, here an upload with the video sequence.
I don’t know if it final, but some research help to find the good point of view.
There is no start and no end…22 seconds animation in non-textured view.

Low quality Mpeg here


Hi all,
hard to find free time to finish Eon !!
I’ve made rigging of patricia, rest only the hair, and after that, post work on the 3d still.
I have to put her in animation, and finish !!
See you for the final stage.


Hey Cyril,

I really like the lighting and architecture of your city scape:thumbsup: :thumbsup: . The Patricia character looks good but I am thinking darker hair would be better. Cool stuff and I look forward to the final image.


hi again here,
after doing some test with final files, i was disapointed by the small height of character and vehicle in the final still. So ridiculous.
So i’ve made some search and create another level in the picture.
Here a compotest, with elements in lowres, (sorry)and without final 3d render. Just to see if composition bring me satisfaction. I’ve made some overpaint under the station plane, to markup work to do to give her a real depth.

C&C welcome of course


fantastic! I SAID! F A N TA S T I C! …the hi level give more “power” to the image! looks like we are with the character looking to the library!! You heve a winner imae in your hands!


Woooow! great improvments, I like the last changes done to the roads. Good work :thumbsup:

Good luck in the last days/steps :bounce:


Mike, thanks a lot for your kind words and stopping here.
Here is the no-haire version, and i think put hair directly in photoshop. Have some difficulties to realise great loft hairs so wait and see :slight_smile:

Fabio, :blush:
I don’t know if it’s a winner image, but i’t make me proud to read such things. Anyway, it’s really time to finish, needs holidays… :smiley:
thanks a lot friend.

Maciej, glad you like. some improvments to do on general ambiance, and final still in some days.


Hi there dude! it´s coming along G R E A and T:thumbsup: .

but… this road on the left …mmmmmmm… bothers me a little bit. I think loses perspective cause it seems that this road “goes out” from the vehicle, d you know what I mean?

What if you change the direction of this left road?

One thing more… those bright white lights on the foreground…I think…too many bright lights…don´t know…

For the rest, cool!bravo! :wink:


hi again friends,

here the final render for the foreground :slight_smile: a little render close up for fun. Now, some work on city textures for being in same spirit, always try to obtein a kind of comicbook render :slight_smile:


what to say… beautiful:love:


hi all,

After a global optimize, here the near full scene. Just some things to add again, but spirit is here. I’ve worked the light to have a kind of sunset lightning, not the night but end of the day with backligthning.
Global work on photoshop is just to give picture a comics effect. From start i want to have a kind of comics style with working the shader, and now working the post-effect. I think i’m close now.
Some adjustments to do, with my last render in king size, and warm up the wacom !