Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


Bonjour Cyril.

You did a great work of research… and the first sketch looks promising.

Good luck and have fun :thumbsup:


Agree with above, like the architecture. Can’t wait til you put in more detail.


looking forward to see the lighting of the scene :smiley:


Santo and Elendil, thank you both, I’m glad that it’s in your taste. :slight_smile:

Hey hey ! Lemog, it’s always a pleasure to see you in my thread, more if you find little time for watching what i do. I know that your very busy with your hyper super mega project ( I watch your progress frequently) so… thanks Laurent. :bowdown:

Bonsoir Nomad :slight_smile: (in french in the text :smiley: )
Thanks for your kind words and good luck to you too !

Hey TheSoracle, thanks dude ! hope details come soon, even if i’m bad to put on in sketchs…maybe a digital paint on boxmodeling.

pikin, no problem, you come when you want, thank you to stopping here a few moment.


It’s time to do some drawing about the concept 3 , the scientists camp. It’s not really impressive like that, but I think if I do a focus on the DOF and the train, it would be cool. Juste here the placement from my point of view, and some test to do with this train :slight_smile:


Hey SweD!

like the last concept too, lokking at the one from the scientific camp, i hope you’re not forgetting that this chamer, like all chambers, is extremely wide!

The concept for the library could get extremely impressive if you try to get the size shown correctly. I’m not sure on what app you’ll be using, but if you could implement a fisheye, it could blow our mind.



here the first test for the train which go to the 7th chamber. :slight_smile:
It can be possible to decline this one for the 6wheels vehicule of Garry.


Color testing


As you reached me first,my curiosity overtook my hunger,and here I am.
Theese sketches are great,and very informative for “Us” who never got to read this sci-fi.

I like the train concept,kinda retroish look to it.And the sketch for the research kamp,It all takes shape in my head,just as it would be as If I’ve read the book.

Especially, Im lovin the tones test for the library,no messing arround.

You just keep bulding your vision and I’l just keep coming for more… :slight_smile:

Seeya Cyril :thumbsup:


Yes the train concept is really cool :slight_smile:


wow great start, wish you all the best for the contest.


Hey Damir, thanks to stopping by. If Sketches can help, it’s cool, but with care because it’s my understanding way, maybe not the good way, we never know.
For the library, want to give an old used concrete-metal feeling from past to futur with totally changing architecture in the middle of the building, more cold, more futuristic and with enormous base, which can support big stucture.
Tones was choose to give the feeling of an abandonned city, cold and lonely, maybe not definitive.

In any case, see you here it’s always a pleasure.

Hey Elendil thanks ! can’t wait to see your first concept, are you ok with the book (think me I let him under my bed… :scream: ) ?

Jddog thanks dude for coming and for your cool words. See you soon here or on your thread.


Niceness on the sketches. Really like them so far. Being sure to keep up, but still had no time to read book :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi guys, here the final character after some search about the scientist and military guard.
I’ve took my inspirations in movies like Hellboy, Captain sky, and works of Jean-paul Gaultier on the fifth element movie.

Scientist dress will be blue, as it describe in the book, and some parts green (to recall access level).
Military dress will be in black leather, with some parts khaki green, kevlar on chest, and a tazer stick.


Hey nice concepts, its interesting to see how other people have imagined to same scene differently. I like your concept for the scientist. Good luck with this and I’m looking forward to seeing more work posted here.


I really appreciate the train for sure… and the 2 guys are good too… that start more of good… good elements, good recipe… :thumbsup:


Yes i like them …
And me who don’t find an idea :shrug:
Wainting for the next :wink:


TheSoracle, thanks dude ! I’ve found again the book under my bed ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), and read it this weekend, 2 hundred pages, but really difficult to follow…hard style of writing. I don’t know if it’s me or the book… :scream:

Tenacious, thanks to stopping here few moment, you’ll always welcome here. Thanks for comment and good luck for your insane project :thumbsup:

Laurent, thanks, I don’t know why but I was sure a retro stylish train could be in your taste :rolleyes:

Elendil, thanks friend :slight_smile: Rest lots of weeks to find and exploitable idea. I’m not worried about you :thumbsup:

I’ve now the scientist, military guard, and the train, (train for chamber 7, or wheels variant for chamber 2). Now I’ll work on garry and patricia to finish characters.
And after that…the city or camp, when i decide one of two i’ll take.

Thanks for support guys :bowdown:


yo boy :slight_smile:

thats a very good point to you !
These sketch are very good and the design of this two character is cool too !
So now lets go with the organic modeling … maybe Zbrushing ? :smiley:
(i love this term zbrushing, its like what i do every morning :smiley: a brushing :smiley: )
(personal joke of course :D) ;):wink:

good luck cyril


I always like your blond jokes Flae :scream: always terribly you :thumbsup:

Sorry for the out subject Cyril :slight_smile: