Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


Really nice work!! cant wait for the final…good luck with your rendering!! :slight_smile:

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Rock map composed in photoshop, with high res photo (more than 3000pix). Thanks to Bugs22 alias [rem’] for his excellent personal photos.

This map will be use under the bridge, and under the library.
Final res map : 6000x2250


This is probably near the tones for the final render. I’ve made a pass for the DOF, and integrated a plan with specific render for the city background .
Made some test too for a light garden on the front of the library.
Some modeling and texturing to do, and some artefacts to correct, but it’s soon the last postwork for the illustration.
For animation, i think just do a camera travelling in grey/few textured environment. Just to show as asked it’s in 3D, don’t want to do a trailer.


the hue is nice .I believe you can make more detials in the bridge.It looks so smooth,hehe.nice work.good luck.


wow! i love your city, looks very epic.


hehe, definitely, don´t put the banana:D :stuck_out_tongue:

Very Cool, dude! Finish it! tic, tac,tic…:scream:


I like it much better after you added all of the other buildings. I agree with you about the animation. :thumbsup:


Alvin, targus, thanks men :wink: May the power be with all of us .

magnifybehnoo, glad you like, lot of works on this building, i’m happy they have such a consistency now.

Jesus, héhé thanks. i’ve take a look on your thread, even if i not answering, your animation sequence is well engaged ! can’t wait to see the finished version.

Hfix, thank you ! i hope to render a good final piece, with near 2 month on, it will be a pity if i can’t finish with a good image.

Zhuli, you’re right, bridge need more work, like the foreground and i hope to give you good news in the next update :slight_smile:

Opentarget, thanks :slight_smile: epic ? yes ! :scream: ! reach my goal…

Gonzalo :scream: no sorry don’t put the banana…i’ve try, but too realistic for my piece. :scream:
let me say to you that you’re faking well the swiss clock ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Snows, héhé it take clearly an other twist with the buildings plan on the background. more huge and massive.
For animation, as i said, i’m not in the trailer category, and i think it will be a mistake to create a reel animation. We must just show that it’s not a matte or a painting if i’ve correclty understand, just show that is 3D. so Ok…a “cinematic preview” with simple travelling could be sufficient unto.
(i’m not saying that people who turn this into little trailer make wrong, it’s just my opinion)


beautiful render and a great scene from all the aspects…:thumbsup:


hey Cyril , the scene is comming together , looking great.
as for the animation problem i totaly agree with you… my animation will be just a slight cammera movement and some liitle animation of the particles and seekers…so gues is everbodys choise. :smiley:

good luck :thumbsup:


This is a finished test for modeling and texturing the bridge on the foreground. Make him follow the ground, like a real suspended bridge.


Here a close up from the front of the library, with a stone tree attached by cables to the floor; and the textured little city under her feet.
Use 3 simply textures of futuristic hard surfaces to create some parts with differents tones onto the buildings.


Your work looks great ,a real insparation.


Just wonderful !!! Image haму some charisma i think and especially the tree.
Modelling and texturing are on the level, so keep on.

Time is running out -


Your progression is just fantastic :thumbsup: great stuff… me like :slight_smile:

At this level, nothing to crit, just remain to watch, nothing more:bowdown:



Hey Cyril,

great detail so far,
but now it is all comming together, i notice your proportions are totally incompatible. Looking at the scale of perspective of the end of the bridge compared to the front, you can tell the vehicle is way to big. The vehicle could almost fit in the entrence of the library, and so you can conclude the character wouldn’t even fit in those small buildings there below.
This gives the overal image no feeling of a huge scene of immence buildings.

The tree even strenghten that cause the building looks much smaller than you intended.

Maybe there is still a way to correct this.



That last render looks amazing. Nice touch with the tree.


Thanks sonic-X :wink: i’ve see you’re in again ! must to be fast guy ! :scream:

Targus, thanks for words. i’m late, l’m late, l’m always late…:scream:
Hey Laurent, it’s been a while :wavey:
happy to see you here on the last week and glad you like it french mate !

plop Nico, few time too. Thanks for your critic dude, it’s strange, i’ve made myself the same reflection for the vehicle last night…i’ve take some late days, so always on it, and sometimes i miss hindsight.
Try to do some corrections this night.

Henrickl, thanks mate, happy you like…i’m really interested of your work on the trailer, very impressive. :thumbsup:


no problems man,

it’s been a long time indeed. Not been doing a lot lately cause my computers are rendering for a few days now. I’m rendering different layers and plan to do the final compositing this weekend.

Rendering a Still is one thing, but rendering up to 192 frames is a hell of a job.

cheers and i hope you don’t stress out too much!


can’t find words, just amazing :slight_smile:
one crit though (I’m not sure if this wasn’t mentioned or talked, so please forgive).
I would make bridge texture wider, I mean the streat. Lanes are much too narrow
in compersion with the vehicle. It looks strange to me. I would resign from those
painted lines… But that is just me:) still one of the best art here!