Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


hi all,

this is a little modeling and rendering test with the water between the foreground and the background. :slight_smile:


Hey Cyril!! Its true… I LIVE!!!

Anyway, been ages since I have checked up on your thread, sorry about that. Been busy with my lifeguard training and such. As you could’ve guessed, I haven’t touched my thread. Seeing as I am too lazy to check back on all of your multiple updates, I will just comment on this one.

Wow, you sure have come a far way :smiley: The rock and water with the displacement map look awesome. It looks so realistic… assuming it IS ice XD. Just thought I would let you know it appears more to be ice because of it’s color and ‘frostiness’ so to speak than water.

The overall scene as seen on the right looks incredible. To think how far you have come since the train (massage bed :P). The lighting looks awesome, overall I love it.

I shall try to keep up with your thread for the next 12 days in the challenge. I can’t wait to see the final product.

Keep up the awesome work!!! You are almost done, and so is the challenge. :thumbsup:



go on man and happy new yerar :thumbsup:


hey Steven, happy to see you here again! don’t worry, i’m not a spitful person…if you don’t want to come, don’t come, WHAT CAN I SAY ! :twisted: :scream:
now you’ve put on my mind the ice correlation, i can’t let this like that :p. Anyway, with the global lightning of the full scene, it appears really like water.

Right scene is near of the final one, some additional buildings to come, some move to reduce the repetition, and full of detail to do…wearying!

You can come when you want friend, you’re always welcome :wink:

Mohamad, i wish you an happy new year too mate :slight_smile:


Looks like you are getting there!! Just push a little bit more and before you know it you will have finished!! :wink: Cant wait to see it done! ill be back!:thumbsup:


tonality search for the final composite.
Indeed more things to do before the last step.


looking very good ! :thumbsup:


Looking good Cyril, just cople things, 1st the angle of the background is bigger than the one in the foreground, also you warp a bit the foreground floor but not the wall behind it, that makes a bit of noise to me. Second, you should add some more buildings in the background behind the library (no necesary 3D, maybe some far background ambient texture) that will make the scene much more bigger, maybe whit couple mountains could be done just a coment. Finaly if I were you I will add some cold colors (maybe using some spotlights or something). Just my opinion.

Keep it up friend!


Hey Cyril,

wow, you’re really near to the finishing steps here, the scene is just great:drool: !
Again no crits from me, I love the last tonality test and just wait to discover the last details to complete this impressive picture:) …and of course I’m very curious about the animation!



nice job SweD :thumbsup: something is missing patricia where is it ? i think u model her am i wrong?

good luck


Aspirin thanks a lot !

Heyhey Reinaldo ! For the background, i’ve now a lot of poly in my scene (i’ve not the count…must to look for fun) so, i’ll create a empty scene with some buildings, and integrated it on the city scene with a 2Dplan.
Btw, I don’t really understand what problem you’ve got with the angle.
Thanks for your constructive comment amigo ! :thumbsup:

Hey Sabrina, héhé thanks :slight_smile:
animation…more cams travelling than animation…i’ll render some previews and put on this thread soon, promise. Thanks for your support and kind words ! :thumbsup:

Leotril, don’t worry, i’ve not missed patricia the beauty ! :scream:
must to finish the city, after that, just a light rigging for patricia, and not necessary to do the full body, should be quick.
and thanks to you to !


hey Cyril and A Happy new year !
the scene is looking great , i like the burned look and the moode of it
good luck , mate ! :thumbsup:


Wow, the scene looks awesome. I love the lighting you have. If I am seeing correctly, the water appears quite ‘noisy’ and much like gravel or asphalt. Seems very grey.

Other than that, great update!!! I am glad that i am always welcome :smiley:



The end is nearrrr!!!ho ho HO:twisted: :twisted: And it seems to be a cool ending!!

Come´on, finish the road, soldier!:smiley:

( I don´t know why, but it would be great if you add, for example, a banana skin on the left of ground… it would be great…ok, ok , 1:56 a.m, go to sleep. Good night! :stuck_out_tongue: )


Andrei, best wishes for you too friend :slight_smile:
thanks for your words, good luck too dude !

Steven again ! …desperatly you’re right again, i’ve some difficulties with this ##""## water ! :scream:
thanks for your critics :slight_smile:

Hoyhoy Gonzalo…my friend…banana skin…i don’t know what you smoke…but seriously…i want the same thing !! :scream:
Finally, near to the end…maybe not…i’ve render in final size…and…lot of work to do again…
see you to the next update :slight_smile:


add some detail like bridge checkpoint, dock and texture test non ended for the library entrance.


Thats looking really good, well done!:slight_smile:



Come on, get up, you should do it.
May the power be with you :twisted:


great work on bildings what a huge update …
Im speechless :eek: , keep doing man thats great:buttrock:


Looking really good, SweD! :thumbsup:

Nothing to crit right now. Everything seems to be coming along well. Let’s see this one finished soon! :wip: