Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


'night all,

After some tests, i’ve decide to do again what i want. Normally, Patricia, as a scientific, have blue clothes.
hum…sorry mister Bear, for me it will be charcoal gray :stuck_out_tongue:


some others renders, just for fun :wink:


Morning Cyril!

Wow, I’ve missed some great progress here, very nice to discover your Patricia! :thumbsup:
Really good and fast modeling here, I especially like the stylish accessories…and though her clothing looks more like an outfit for surfing I’ve to admit that she looks very cool with it:) !



very nice model ! wait for her hair:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Morning Sabrina and Monsit :slight_smile:

Happy to see you here again Sabrina. My girlfriend made me same comment about neopren’style ! :scream:
I think with pants in same tones, it look more like suitable clothes than surfwear wrap.
Anyway, glad you like it.

Monsit, thanks :slight_smile: in first time, i have to finish pants, modeling+texturing and shoes, after, hair yes. How ? i don’t know if i must use hair&fur, shag hair, or opacity lofts…wait and see.


if your entry doesn’t make it to the top 3 i will be very sad :frowning: ITS SO COOL!!


Nothing to crit about her…

her design is very sweet and modern… I don’t read the book… but I read on many threads here that she’s not too much perfect… maybe your Patricia is too beautiful… but as we know, that could be a choice… and your interpretation.

In any case, your project grow perfectly… I feel much progress about your skills my friend, you can be proud… :thumbsup:

Bon week l’ami :slight_smile:


hey man !
patricia looking really great now ! like that costume, it fits really good.
you gott some speed doing her , so i’m whaiting now for more updates :thumbsup:

whaiting. . . . . :scream:


great work on the character Cyril!

you sure are keeping up with your timing. So many posts! It’s like you don’t sleep.



Hey hi friends,

Michelhunt, great great thanks, i love hear such things :scream: seriously, challenge is first a pleasure, with subject i don’t search myself and deadline, but i try to do my best and it’s always rewarded with such comment. Many thanks to you.

Hey Laurent, many times i’ve not see you here :wink: happy that you find nothing to crits !! yeeah! :smiley:
For several reasons, i’ve work on a different style than the book. I’ve read it, and it’s true, patricia is discribe like a non perfect girl, and the ship is not a ship but a truck. From scratch, i’ve made some choice to have a certain esthetism, mine really. I 'know i’m not in the point of view of the book, but…pff héhé!

And yes, when i see others challenges i’ve try, im’ proud of my progress now. In my memories, from first (“spectacular” for me) you’re follow my work, so it’s true, you can see the difference…and thanks for that. I’m supported by many people here, elsewhere, and my IRL friends and professional, so my skill is increasing day by day.

Vraiment merci Laurent :bowdown:

et mon week end a eté super, pour les raisons citées plus bas… ^ ^

Andrei, many thanks mate, next update soon, with pants, shoes, and accessories :wink: stay tuned !

HEY Nico ! thanks friend
If it’s like i don’t sleep, it’s normal, i don’t sleep (or 3-4 hours/nights so… much a nap than a night :smiley: ) it’s whay i’ve take a break from satudray to today, and i’ve take my bag, my car, go up to Paris, 5hours ride, and take a ticket to see TOOL band sunday night ! ROOAHHAAAA ! stark-raving mad ! :buttrock:
I’m here now, i’ve lost a ear, but i’m here now :scream: with regain of energy to the final straight line :slight_smile:


Mmm, I really like the shader you have used , the materiality of somethig like a stone but in the same time the glow which brings the model life.

Great job,:thumbsup: waiting for more. Spire.


hi all again,

Sorry for this some days i was not here, the end of year is always a intensive work time. After the finished ship, and after the nearly finished girl, the city. 29 days left to do a great image. i’ve think again on the city this week, and try a last modeling, to give final composition a most epic feeling. i keep my buildings of course, but change all the rest. i don’t know if it’s a good idea, but now, i’ve no much time to think…so i introduce you…the new alexandria with BLOK 1 Downtown. :slight_smile:


Hey Cyril !
i like the new design of the city and the new cylinfrical building is really cool, i think it’s gonna be a great scene . good luck mate !:thumbsup:


I love the clustered architecture.Strong composition as well.



great, my favorite part (arch. vis.)! sorry friend, I cannot have an idea, because don’t read it book! but in my feel, like se more act in design of the city :thumbsup:


Hey Cyril,

things are coming together now, great to see the slightly changed city concept, I like it very much:thumbsup: - beside of the greebled look of the cylindrical building, it’s standing to much out…but it’s hard to decide which version is better with this point of view, perhaps you can show a side by side render?

Nice day for you!



Morning all,

Spire, thanks mate, i’ve jump on your comment with my update ,sorry. Glad you like, i try to make a good work on shader, and hope it will be visible in the final composition :slight_smile:

Andrei, prabath, mohamad and Sabrina, thanks. :slight_smile:

i’m glad you like this new way on composition. This one is actually more futuristic sure, but needed for me. The old compo was cool but…difficult to give a strong feeling to the city, and difficult to make understand the “wow” feeling of the caracter. Here, no need facial expression, i think composition and architecture can speak for that.
Hope it’s not a mistake, i can’t go back.:scream:

I’ll try to show you the decomposition of all composition ( :smiley: ) of image this night, i hope i’ll can count on your crits :wink:


I’m really loving the last modeling update of the city. Looks awesome. I hope you have enough time to finish this.


Hey Cyril, your thread is quite amazing… cool concepts, great modeling, excelent texturing… man… I’m really hoping for your next update.


Thanks Jesus for your long time support :thumbsup: glad you like this new version. I hope find the time to finish too, rest lot of things to do, quickly and nicely. Hope it’s not a impossible project.

Claudio :cry: thanks for kinds words :D. Hope to show you a new update soon.