Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


Good progress Cyril.

Looking forward to seeing more of Patricia. :slight_smile:


The ship is extremelly well textured… I hope i could texture like you… On Patricia, there are two remarks i have to make… One is that the are between the lips and the jaw must be pushed back a bit and the other is that the side of her nose in the nostril area is too flat…Keep going and keep us posted…


hey both thanks dudes !

Jesus, i wasn’t able to show Patricia yesterday night for some external reasons, hop to make un upload quickly (in this day).

icedeyes, thanks for your comment :blush:
Anyway i agree for the crits on nostril, it will be manage for the next update :slight_smile:
Abit less agree for the lips and jaw, do you really think they are too far ?


first of all i made a typo… i meant to push the area between the lips and jaw back… i made some “corrections” on your render so that you may see the areas i find a little problematic and how i would fix them… Hope that helps


oh yes now it’s totally clear. I’ve thought that you wanted to push back all the chin part (you’ve understand my request), but here you’re right indeed for the under lips part.
So this two points will be manage for next ! Thank for your fastly feedback ! :thumbsup:


no prob… keep up the great work…


After some difficulties, here the patricia’s body. I think she need few work over…i’m not really used to create body, and sincerely, even if i’ve refs, isn’t easy to have the shape i want.
All crits are welcome to improve this modeling.
I’ve manage the nostril and the underlipswith icedeyes critics :wink:


hey ! moving preaty fast !
good job, the face is loocking better now, but at the body try to keep clean the topology and ad more edges if you fill the nead especialy in the torso, try to keep the faces quads, and you’ll get ridd of some artifacts.
in rest good job and great speed ! :thumbsup:


Nice work, I think she needs more of a jaw bone…


hi guyz,

i’ve realise some test of modeling and shading for patricia’s combi.
I think to stay at this kind of version. Tones are not definitive, i wanna do some test, refine the trousers, and do some test again. :slight_smile:
Anyway, the unwrap for t-shirt is ok.
I’ll surely add some accessories to increase the detail level, and work the shader.


Hey Andrei, i agree but as you can see in the last update, refine the body shape isn’t necessary. Not i’m not in the mood for doing this, but not needed for this caracter, even if i’ll do this later, for my personnal satisfaction.
i want to speed a few now because deadline come close and i’ve so much things still to do !

Thanks yoff :slight_smile: maybe she needs more jaw-bone. I’ll do some tests too !




here my modeling for the hand of Patricia. leather gauntlet to suit with the helmet-glasses.


Nice work you to and thanks for the comments on our frant and his friend the minister :slight_smile: Well this is gonna be a fun christmas weekend. Lots and lots and lots … but it’s funny.

Good luck!




Keep up the good work!




Hey Thanks Norma Team ! :scream:
Anyway Henrick, is gonna be a fun christmas weekend, fun weekend or fun week or even was a fun month since the start of this challenge (50 days ago !!)

Thanks for stopping by, and keep up too ! :thumbsup:


Man, lots of updates. Progress is good, so continue with the same pace. Just to remind you, only 39 days to go! :argh: :wip: :cry:


Hi mates,

here the texturing of the Patricia’s Glove .want to give him a leather baseball glove feeling :slight_smile:


Mmm, I like very much.I think I have something with this color,dark red,I just like it!

Keep it up!



You are proceeding really faaast :slight_smile:
The clothing looks stylish and practical.
39 days left. the deadline-our biggest enemy and motivator.


Hey Jesus, you give me the pressure !! :scream: i hope i can stand in same speed ! really, deadline begins to afraid me a bit !

Spire, glad you like it mate :slight_smile:

taavi thanks. again the deadline… :cry: i try to proceed as fast as i can, for the moment it’s just creating texture in photoshop, and mapping, not too long if you’ve THE idea of what you want :scream: and now i know :slight_smile: