Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


Morning friends ,

yes Steven, it’s really like i want here. Maybe we can say that textures are not to realistic, how a mats can be dirty and shiny in same time ? :scream:
But colors and shader help to have this vectorized style. I think if i made all buildings textures like this, it possible to obtain a really stylized final, i hope.

Chaitanya, don’t worry indeed we say same things. Not too dirty by travels or chaotic environnement, more agree with your “kind of discolouring”, with metal color which turn to a sort of copper red metal. :thumbsup:


Hi all,

After some adds, i’ve decide too stop my work on this vehicle.
Maybe the final result is not the best realistic possible to do, but i’ve found a certain esthetism in this version with copper red touch.
The front is less detailled than the back because he’ll be see by the backside in the final composition.

So now, 46 days left, time to create a caracter.


another render in black environment :slight_smile:


hey Cyril !
great texturing on the vehicle. the dust loocks just great now.
i’m verry curious how would loock this in the scene :bounce:
good luck !:thumbsup:


Haha…yes! Looking good! :thumbsup: I especially like the last render with the dark background. Gives it a nice contrast.


I think it find good result. go on for characters. go… :thumbsup:


haha friends thanks a lot :wink:

Andrei, i’m curious too, ( :scream: ) and i think i’ve an idea… let some test when caracter will be finished. I’ve the city, i’ve the vehicule…give it a caracter ! :smiley:
(open another subject) Let me say you again for your sphere, very great compare to a lot of present on the site.
I’m surprise nobody think to the Death Star of starwars… :rolleyes: (close the subject)

Hey Jesus, that’s why i’ve post him for the dark background, very great contrast, vray mats reflect the empty environment.

I’ve begin the caracter Mohammad, work on a part of the night, 4h sleeping and work on again since the morning, hope to make an upload tonight. :wink:


me again mates,

here my modeling of last night and today for the Patricia’s head.
Take few time because i’m not really used to create human head (just one before Patricia), and she has needed some tweaking.
I plan to open Zbrush (omg) to use projection master for the skin, and import normal bump in 3ds max.
crits welcome of course (i post more pics in few minutes)


here some over views and wireframes :slight_smile:


I just checked out this thread so you might be farther along in the process than I realize. I havent been on in a long while.

Anyway I really like the architechture it is very eye catching and grand. I do see some issues.
One at a base level all citys are built to be functional. They are built to accomodate thier inhabitants not domminate them. I’m not familiar with the book or the background of this challenge so I dont know if this is the city of an intimidating character or something like that.

Also you need to think about the massive amount of people that would have to enter and exit these buildings. To fill buildings this large tens of thousands of people would need to travel to and from. It just looks a bit crowded for commerce in my mind.

Well great work, cant wait to see how it turns out.


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Hey Cardwell, first, thanks for your reply.

I agree with your opinion on the city’s functionality. However, in the EON book, building are very very large (3-4 kilometers / 1,9 to 2,5 miles). It’s already a difficulty to realisize a city which have not a human scale, so here, i think we can say they dominate :scream:.

You’re maybe right for the crowded aspect, for simply reason i’ve not take care about that it’s true. I’ve take a lot of liberties with the original concept of Mr Bear from scratch, so i’ve follow my idea and decided to play the esthetism card (mine anyway), no the real functionality or effictivness of architecure. This include your comment about the entrances.
It’s clear, not create to manage a too big people flow.

I hope the global scene can live down the logical archi mistakes :slight_smile:


Well, I agree you don’t have to consider a strict architectural logic at all here. OK, sometimes it can actually help when fleshing out a concept, but sometimes it doesn’t. We’re supposed to be visualizers, not engineers :slight_smile:

One small thing I noticed when looking at the final version of the ship unit (which looks really good by the way) - it seems you’ve got a bump map going pretty strongly along the sides of the ship, and I thought it might look even better if you move that map to the specularity channel instead. Just an experiment, but I’m pretty sure it will have a positive effect on the perception of scale.

Anyways, keep going!


nice details on face. good to see you have finally stopped working on that damned train. XD

Keep up great work.

  • Steven


Hello there! your work´s coming along very cool, I love the vehicle and hurry!! one prize is waiting for you!:scream::smiley:

( mode Queen on: under pressure… ):buttrock:


vehicl looks great,
like how patricia is turning out :thumbsup:


James, it’s an experiment to do clearly. This map is more bumpy in black environment naturrally, and i don’t know how will really be environnement on final scene.
I guess also that in specularity map, i can winning time for the render.
Try to do a update on this tonight, thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

lol Steven, it’s true, i’ve spend time on this f**è#~à@ vehicle ! :scream: but it’s not finish, one more test to do with James’advice :banghead: :smiley:

Heeyyy Gonzalo ! happy to see you here again ! how are you , and with your entry friend ?
Arggg one prize, it’s always a hope but i don’t think so, and yes…you put me under pressure !! be careful that i don’t burst like a lemming ! :smiley:

Thanks Chaitanya, glad you like the first Patricia look !

As i’ve said many time before, i’ve take some liberties from the original concept, and i think i’ll do the same with patricia. Don’t really know where this model take me along, but today, i want to try an instinctive modeling. I’ve it work, kewl ! if not, i’ve lost one day ! :slight_smile:


Hey Cyril,

great work on the vehicle! love the front very much. The minimalisticness of it gives a nice contrast to the rest. Als good start on the head. How many characters were you planning on doing?

cheers and good luck man


Hey Nico, glad you like :slight_smile:

to answer you, this is the order of works for now :

  • finish Patricia in first
  • return on the buildings for mapping and placing
  • increase the level detail on the city.
  • integrate caracter and vehicle to the scene.
  • make a test for the cam travelling

And if i’ve time before the dead line, maybe another caracter like a library guard :slight_smile:


This is more of Patricia, i’ve work on body (post a update on it tonight) and an idea i’ve for a glasses-helmet like old aviator.