Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


Nice texturing, btw it does look better without those hoses it had before, imo of course.:thumbsup:


Wow Cyril!!! Ultimate updates since I have been here. Your texturing abilities are amazing!!

Unfortunately, no quirky ideas XD

Since the modelling is done, no more ideas will come until you start another aspect :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, check out my thread, the face no long looks like a dog. More like a human :smiley:

Keep up the awesome work Cyril!!!



Morning Cyril…

huh, and you was afraid of the texturing!? This is just looking great, it was worth the waiting for sure:thumbsup: …The texture is not what I expected to see, but the longer I look at it, the more I like and really think this is very much in style with your other scene elements:applause: , so no crit from me, just cheering here and of course waiting for the rest to be textured…

Nice day for you!



great texturing! love the colours and weathered feel. waiting for the rest


Morning all,[b]

Andrei[/b], hope your waiting wasn’t too long ! :scream:
i hope it will be good element in scene, if texturing of the building is great too ! lot of work to do…

Mohammad thanks, and for your current project, he is excellent, so now i’ve subscribed to see the final ! :wink:

SNoWs, imo too ! ship didn’t have the toy aspect now :smiley:

heheyy Steven again, without quirky ideas again ! rhaa what’s happen Steven ? :smiley:
thanks for your word, glad you like it, even if texturing habilities is maybe too strong :blush:
I’ll going to see your thread friend, great new if you’re again in the wip !

Hey Sabrina, morning :slight_smile:
Afraid of the texturing because, like many other i think (i hope :scream: ) , i’m more a modeler than a texturer, and i’m boring about the unwrap session. I’ve a lot of pain to open photoshop, anyway, when i’m in, i do the job…good job i think :slight_smile:
Btw, it will be interesting to know what kind of texturing you’ll expected to see…personal curiosity :slight_smile:

Chaitanyak, thanks dude, at first, this ship was very dark and dirty ! but i’ve take a sand color which let me more choice about the decorative part :slight_smile: glad you like too !

Thannnkss friend !


Hi all!
Here my work of this evening/night on shader and textures.
I want to close to a comics render, and some chrome elements seems to be a good idea.
Of course, it need still a lot of dirty maps and work on, but give me your feeling about that style :wink:


wow, i like this look a lot! I like comic style renderings in generell, your color choice is also very nice. I think the vehicle looks a bit small because of your focal length is too long, but thats a camera problem and doesnt affect the great model and texture work:thumbsup:


Agreed.The new look is really good. Has a ‘grungey’ feeling to it. It’s a lot darker and dirtier/more shading.

Overall i love it.

Keep up the greatness SweD.



Thanks both guys !

you’re surely right for the focal Linh, a thing to see and correct in the final scene, even if i must work on this detail, because camera focal are not my cup of tea for now.
i’ve made progress in texturing and enjoy my victory on it, soon we talk about camera :smiley: :rolleyes:

Steven, glad you like too ! now, main shader is ok for me, dirty like that, more darker as you said, i must focus on details and objects to suit correclty the comic style and main shape i want.

Btw, Thanks for your support friends ! :thumbsup:


Morning Cyril…

wow, splendid, no crits from me, I think it will work perfectly in your scene this way:) …

I’ve expected a much more dark and shiny paint, but this was just my first thought when I looked surprised at your design, but as already mentioned, the more I look at it, the more I think you’ve made something very much in the style of your scene, I really like:thumbsup: …



The texturing style is okay for me, even if I’ve imagined something a bit different… but that work good like that…

just 2 remarks…

  • the chrome parts at the back appear too much clean, especially at this engine place…
  • the edges too sharp are really disturbing on the piece beside the kind of wheel sheet… something smoother like the rest will be better…

Good continuation, I continue to really appreciate this machine :thumbsup:


Mooooorning friends !

Thanks a lot Sabrina for your words, they’re very appreciate ! this ship give the main feeling for global texturing of the scene. Soon the texturing of the city ! :bounce:
I understand for the darker paint, i’ve made some test before going to sand color, but it was not in my taste really. (Or maybe i’ve missed the textures… :scream: )

Pwet Laurent, happy you can follow a few my thread :slight_smile:
For your crits, you’re right !

  • chrome part : they needs more word on dirty map it’s clear. Some dirty and engines marks around the helix tube and on the end of the main reactor pipe onto the tube, some dirty on the lateral pipes, and of course under the reactor, next to the cabin.
  • edge : :shrug: i’ve seen this one. The reflect map bringing out this edge, besides, this part of reflect map is black, so this part of the texture is tone down.
    I need to fix the reflect map and as you say, smooth this edge :slight_smile:
    Thanks Laurent for your crits and interest ! :slight_smile:


I don’r speak on Lemog ideas :shrug::beer:


The texture really rocks:buttrock:
I thought that You use much darker and shinier textures, but your final version is great, too!


hey great texture, though the metal could be dirtier, to match the rest of the craft :slight_smile:


me again, actually i don’t think that the metal part has to be dirtier, firstly the stone isn’t a place with so much dirt and secondly the metal parts are many meters above the ground, so how could it be dirty? I think the dirt is enough on that part :wink:


Hey Mohammad :wink: :beer:
Taavi and Chaitanyak Thanks dudes ! :thumbsup: i’ve still some work on texture, hop you’ll find it in you taste on the final .

Linh, it’s a good point. I just think i’ll do only some work on, logical for me (tell me if it is for you) :
black points parts are dust areas to add.

  • Under the Reactor, between him and the cabin, to make the piling up of dust.
  • on the pipes : near the reactor entry, and on the lateral part, to suit the spotting line of the ship.
  • The Helix, i just want to add some usury drags and dust.

In my mind it’s more a use sign than a dirty adding. no ? :wink:


yeah, “used” sounds a lot better than dirt i think hehee. Everybody want dirts:twisted: I think it’s more challenging to make an objekt with a natural used look than obsessively dirty. I think it’s like the work on skin, it’s very hard to make clean, young but realistic skin, old skin with lot or pores and wrinkles is lot easier, so it’s maybe a more attractive choice to some artists.

The places for the dusts is fine in my opinion, did you alreay play around with ambient occlusion? You could change the black color of the AO with a dust-color, maybe you’ll have some nice effect!


Now it has more of the ‘comic book’ feel Linh mentioned.

Actually, the tail end looks quite vectorized to me. Were you aiming for this effect?

It appears to transition from vector to realisitic. Nice!

  • Steven


i do agree that there is not much “dirt” on the stone , earlier when i said the metal needs to be “dirter”, i should have been clearer… i meant the kind of discolouring that gathers on exhaust pipes of bikes and in the engines of some cars… more an oily stained look than “dirt”. hope that helps