Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


Hi all, here the final design of the concept vehicle. Just add some fix and a second window, in fact, i don’t want to have a too much complexe object, especially on the front.
now, work on the mapping on it ! yeah!


Looks good. The only thing is that in proportion to the door (assuming that is a door) is that either the door is freaking tiny or the ship is massive. Other then that it is awesome.

Sorry, but no quirky ideas this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, now that I think about it. The thing about the propeller/jet area looks like a leech on the back of something. And the top pic (of the two) reminds of me of the Juggernaut’s head stretched horizontally.




:thumbsup: :eek:

Amazing stuff here! The renders are so nice! :smiley: watches


Nothing to crit about the “machine”… just waiting a bit impatiently the texturing to see how you manage this step… and especially the material style… perfect continuation Cyril :thumbsup:


hey !! thank you guyz :slight_smile:
Sorry for this few days of absence, i’ve need to calm down my journeys.
It begun to be hard to work one side for my job on day, with lot of objectives to reach, over side for some works out of this part time, including cgchallenge.
I’ve take some days off from all the last week, and now i’ve made some nights over the 3hours of sleep, and i’m ready to unwrap :scream:

I’ve finish the checker part, to verify the global unwrap, move som vertex, and open photoshop. I hope to make an upload soon :slight_smile:

Steven, no quirky ideas this time, but i’m sure you’ll catch up yourself next time :smiley:
for the proportion, i think the door insn’t out of scale comparate to the rounded windows, so we can imagine that the global shape is massive yes ! ^^

Digitalputty, thanks, watch if you want, but don’t touch please ! :wink:

Hey Laurent ! i hope i could satisfy your impatient soon. The way i manage it…felling powaa ! i’ve take my most beautiful tablet and i cherish her with a cute stylet…hope this will give it to me a good map ! :smiley: thanks for your support friend! :wavey:


WOW! i a lot of time that i was not here! and seem you have dome rock solid stuff! I like a lot the vehicle design! great stuff.Ill’ be back to see more!:applause:


I really like that, its great no imperfections and a nice level of detail really like it.


I like it too! Very nice design! Some suggestions…at this moment, the scale of your vehicle looks a bit strange, at first, when the door was not added yet, i thought i was a one-man vehicle, now, with the door i think the proportion is little confusing, but…you could better this with nice shader details, some very fine used-effects on the edges for example, some very fine details, to give us a better feel of the scale. Good luck further on mate!


Very nice steampunk-goth
design :slight_smile: , reminds me a bit this old tatra-design.Keep on modelling !:bounce:


Hey Cyril,

now I’m really curious to discover the texturing of your vehicle:bounce: …already something more done than opening photoshop:D ?
Let’s see an update soon and nice day for you!



hey boyz and girls ! :slight_smile:

happy to be here again after some idle period. No motivation, no ideas and no time.
But now it’s cool and i’m ready to go finishing this one, and i’ve idea ! :smiley:
thanks OZ, DWquiff and taavi, your comments are always appreciated ! your car taavi, is really curious and retro-futuristic ! i see some similar elements with my ship you’re right !

Linh, i understand. Think Eon is out of scale, and the ship could be too. :smiley: give me your feeling with te texturing.

Sabrina, i’ll satisfy your curiousity, and nice day too ! :wink:

I’ll make an update in the “submit entry” soon, when the entiere textured ship will be done, for now, just an upload to show you kind of mapping i wanna use, (the mapping need to be fix, i’ve inopportunely move the unwrap before the render) and to prove you i’m not dead, i keep faith in eon :stuck_out_tongue:


I have look in your progress and have good wishes for you. like this model designand texture of it,

good luck, :thumbsup:


Magnificent job over the buildings and the bridge!

Marvelous, a kind of Gotham-City feel about the scale and the details.
…just imagine - gargoyles and everything, wow…


Nice progress since I last visited your entry. The vehicle looks good. My only comment about it is about the tube pipes above the door… seem out of place… they are connected to nothing. Maybe if you move them to the back where the engine is they would look like they have a more practical use. Anyway keep going, this is looking very cool.


Mohammad, thanks dude, best wishes too for your wip Theater Of Schwerin , i’ve take a look and it’s an impressive architecture work, not surprised that Laurent is well interesting in, it’s a great project ! :thumbsup:

Cofiction, thanks too :slight_smile: twice time for gotham, maybe must i call Tim Burton to work both on another version of the city :scream: … i’ve think about gargoyles really, but in my mind i’ve no time to add such things…

SNoWs, i guess you’re right. I’ve put this pipes because i’ve draw them. Id 2d, that seems to be a good idea, in 3d, it’s exactly what you said, out of place. That’s why i’ve add a third direclty from the reactor, it’s seems to be more logical. In a near futur, we can say byebye to this two pipes.
Moreover, this 2 cut the dynamic of the shape and give a “handle” feeling. no ?


Yep exactly, I think you are right, just try it out, if you don’t like it then you can go back, just remember to save in versions.:thumbsup:


Hi all,
After some postwork, fixing unwrap, adding effects, here my final mapping for the biggest part of the vehicle :slight_smile:
Now, stay tuned for :

  • windows
  • reactors
  • all littles elements
  • work on shader

i’ve remove the two pipes of the doors, no reasons to be here really, and anti-aerodynamic !

hope you like it !


here close up from the ship


hey ! i was whating for this post!
great texturing on your ship.
it will look great in your scene
best of luck!


new textures is better ofcourse :thumbsup:
thanks for your kinds about me and my current project :love: