Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


Hey Laurent :wink: Glad this start is in your tastes !
On vient de me dire que ca ressemble a un suppo du futur… :hmm:
Hope to make a update this night, with more details :wink:


Looks really good. Kinda resembles a bug of some sort fror a distance. Keep up great work :smiley:




hey Steven, nice to see you here again brotha, and thanks for your words.
I think we can imagine all we want with a such rounded shape, but bug feeling is the most accurate :scream:

And you, few time since your last update, how is your challenge going ?


Hi there! I think the esthetic of your work could become an essential part in a hypothetical Eon movie ( and I don´t buttering you up :beer: :cool: )

Go for it!!!


re-hi all,

here the update for the back of the vehicle, i think i’ll keep this configuration, sorry for the 6 wheels :d


ho man, i don’t know if i have the merite to receiv such a great compliment, but it goes directly in heart, be sure ! what i can say after that :blush:
thanks my friend ! :beer:


more polys, for the lateral door, and add some pipes. :slight_smile:


Hehe…really cool vehicle! Almost looks like it can fly. :slight_smile:

Good job! :thumbsup:



Is the traing going to have some wagons behind? It’s looking great, but I think it looks like an “independent” vehicle rather than the first car of the train. The overall round shape is great :smiley: , however the back of the vehicle seems too “round” if a wagon is going to be behind… (oh, or perhaps the wagon behind will curve over it? Hmm maybe it would look nice but anti-aerodynamic >>U)

Well just my opinion, the details are coming out nicely =D… not mentioning the great buldings :eek: !


Hey héhé Jesus, maybe not fly but just on a air cushion…will see

thanks for your support friend ! :thumbsup:

Hi amz23, I’ve call this one train because i’ve imagined it in reading the description of the arrival on the 7th chamber. Now, i guess i’ll use this for a personnal transport for Landier and Patricia, and i’ve you said, not to tract other wagons.
And anti aerodynamics you think ? with a such reactor in the ass, no need to be aerodynamic :smiley:
Thanks for your interest dude !


Less like a bug. More like a tanning bed or water massage bed :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t worry, still looks awesome.

About my challenge page…

Well… :stuck_out_tongue:

been very busy. Trying to sponsor a charity concert and I swim 5-6 times a week. Kinda tough with homework too. So I am taking this challenge more as a learning experience. I will learn from other entries and crit other people’s work. I will try to work on my own and potentially post for some advice. Still need to improve box modelling (no experience) so I can try some human modelling.

Anyway, awesomeness SweD :thumbsup:



Hey, great modeling Cyril !

i’m starting to wonder what the texturing will be :twisted:
Only thing is, it may need to be a little streched in length.
If i’m recalling you concept well, it needs a little more

Hey ‘TheSoracle’: two things on modeling: practice and reference!
i hope to see some on you thread soon!



A water massage bed Steven ! lol oO
such a imagination :scream:
If you can expect from other thread more practice, effectivness and understanding, it’s yet a good point for you. Hope indeed you can continue your thread, even if you seems to be busy.
Thanks for your words friend :slight_smile:

Aouch Nico, Texturing is my fear. I’m more a modeler than a texturer, and hope i will offer a texturing which not rot my modeling :smiley:
be sure all my efforts goes in this way.
I think your right for the length, but i wait for the second windows to have a complete side, and eventualy remove some vertex to increase the size :slight_smile:
Another level of details is needed too i think and after this, this vehicle will be done.
Thank you again mate.


J’prend vraiment mon pied avec ton engin… :thumbsup: si je puis m’exprimer ainsi… huhuhu

congrats for the incredible machine you made… really like it… I take much pleasure to follow the progress… bravo mec, j’adore :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Hahaha yeah I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I mentioned the “anti-aerodynamic” part not for your actual model, but from imagining that you would model a wagon behind it with certain geometry, nevermind dude :B

Now time for some textured bullet-train :smiley: !


:love: [i]merci Laurent :blush: , ca fait vraiment plaisir que son travail soit apprecié, j’espere que ca ne sera pas pour rien, et que ca ressortira bien sur la compo final.

[/i]Thanks Laurent, it’s really a pleasure to see his own work much apreciated. I hope isn’t for nothing, and this machine will be great integrated in the final composition.

No problem Daniel, i know :wink:
In fact, this point (wagons) has been thinking, but not a good idea i guess, to not break the rounded and unique shape of the vehicule :slight_smile:

This wanna say that i take some liberties from the original concept by Greg Bear, but, really, it’s a game for me, and i’m sure he didn’t kick me for this :smiley: (i hope…)


The designs you come up with are amazing. I was unsure about the transport until I saw it in 3d. Great job. Your modeling rules.


[QUOTE=SweD]A water massage bed Steven ! lol oO
such a imagination :scream:

Hehe. I guess I have seen lots in this world :stuck_out_tongue: On your next update, I will give more ideas of my own :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Cyril!

Huh, I’ve missed something here, your already started your vehicle…really splendid design! :thumbsup:
It’s looking great, no crits at all, the shape is amazing and don’t fear with the texturing:wise: , I’m sure it will come out great!

Have a nice day!



hey man !
… what can i say …great modeling as usual.
i’m just whaiting to see it in the scene it will loock awesome !