Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cyril Taussat


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Come on guyz !! go to make a good entrie for this challenge i hope, it’s a good way to test my new config…what ? i’m Seeking a good excuse ? noooo :rolleyes:

Have fun all, and see you next time, when i’ll find an idea for this EON one.


Hey Cyril !

Great to see you in this one too !

Have a lot of fun and best of luck , I’ll follow your progress for sure !

cheers ,



Welcome aboard SweD! Good luck dude.


thank you both guys :slight_smile:

I’ve now the book in hands, and start to read some chapters to get idea of this strange asteroid concept…(shame on me, I’ve got some references in SciFi, but not Greg Bear… :blush: ).
Go on !


hey!! ive the book too :smiley:
so hard u dont think so ?:smiley:
i hope ull find some good ideas cyril, and i wish u good luck dude:)
see u later for the first sketchs :smiley:


hallo Cyril

and good luck… gonna be a treat to see your work…
and have fun… :bounce:


thanks laetitia :slight_smile:
I’ve yet some ideas and some rough, like many other I guess without reading this book, but it would be interesting to compare it with real vision of Greg Bear.
And I totally agree with you, the way of writing is very special and a bit hard. :argh:
I’ve imagine a few with reading some parts in english :banghead:

Makaron it’s always a pleasure to see you here ! thanks for support another time !


you all got the book so quick !!

seems i’m falling behind already :banghead:


have the book is one thing, (thanks honey for buying it so quickly ), read it is another thing :smiley:

Listening Tool and reading EON… what a good night :bounce:


Sooo…after few hours reading, and more than 2 hundred pages, i’ve discovered all the chambers and near environment of the mains characters.

Message to Greg Bear : scuze me, i’ve not a quantic physical doctorate !!! :scream::scream:
Some parts of book are difficult, but here some image’s eventuality for the moment :

  • Alexandrie, chamber 2 : large view
    There is a good explanation of the plane of the chamber, with plane foreground with some vegets, suspended bridge, city like las vegas on the background. Patricia and Garry on the near foreground on a “six wheels motorbike snow”.

Difficulties : very large view. Some cityscape to do, with degrees of vegets, make the ovoidal chamber ?

- Street of Alexandrie
City of Alexandrie is described too, with buidlings in glass, concrete and steel, some stores on the ground floor, all glasses broken, some desert and abandonned city.
2 possibilities : first, this is the discovery of Alexandrie by humans (Patricia and Garry again). Camera view from the floor, open to the sky.
Second, Olmy understand that the Rock is now takin in assault by strangers (humans). Opposing feeling, Camera on the top and downward sight, foreground with Olmy, hidden spy.

- Scentific camp, chamber 7
Another possible render is this chamber 7. Here are Patricia, Wu and others scientists. Close up from the camp, (possibilities to take some liberties, and improve a few) and large view on background of the chamber 7.

Difficulties : arrgghh…don’t really understand some things about the seventh chamber. The light tube…singularity…don’t really know if he is central vertical, or in horizontal length.
The domes…really specials too, and vegetable, desert with some vegets ?

  • Mecanic Chamber, chamber 6
    This part could be very interesting but surely very difficult to do, with all mecanical stuffs, maybe zbrush style to do, but describe is short, i’m not sure i’ll be able to create a complete mecanic room.

At this point, the sketchs i’ve made before reading made more focus on the military’ side. but in book, it’s the sceintific side in first, (at this moment in any case) and military is only here to check access.
Want so to test some roughs with this ideas, and see if one of them could be exploitable.



Hi Swed, good luck to you! Will keep an eye open on this page:thumbsup:


Good luck :slight_smile:
You already read the book then you have a big advance on me :wink:


Nice to see your serious research :thumbsup:

About the singularity, it runs in the very center of the tube, along it’s entire length (which is theoretically infinite). So just think of it as a central axis going from the top (or, say, left) cap of a cylinder, towards the bottom (or right) cap, which is way beyond the vanishing point in the extension of the seventh chamber.

Also, the singularity itself is not really a physical thing, rather a boundary effect where the laws of nature have collapsed (although in a controlled way).

Looking forward to see what you come up with here.



Thierry, thank you to stopping here. Let’s go for another challenge. Take the same and begin again :smiley:

Hey Nicolas, thanks you dude ! See you next time maybe, for first sketchs.

James, you’re right, singularity is a concept (I remember now the moment Patricia attempt to take the tube in her arms) and i’m ok for your precious explains.
If i’ve understand, the singularity (will call him like that) is such a “neon” tube in the very center !
In book, when Patricia enters in the 7th chamber, she look the tube to try seeing the end.
So tube is visible from ground. (I know that is maybe not really important…but I hate to ununderstand :smiley: )
In my mind, and if I correclty understand what you said James, it’s near of that (tell me if i’m wrong) :



Your ideas sound good so far. CLearly all of the book is starting to come together. I just got it and plan to read over weekend to get a better idea. Cant wait until i can see sketches or modelling.

  • Steven


This night, I decide to work on idea 2, with option “Patricia and Garry discovering the Street”.
This work is about idea 1 et 2 both, so work on it is not a wast of time.

Patricia and Garry are facing of the bibliotheque, entering on the suspended bridge. Some change coming surely, but it’s first to run the machine on.
few work too on the biblio’ style, in two concepts, this building are the main.

Sorry for the bad quality of picture 1 and 2, i’ve shot with my APN.


Sweet dude, I like the architecture.


Cool :wink:
Me too …


mmmh… no time… but I want to follow your thread too… it’s already started very well… with a perfect care to the story… bon courage :thumbsup: