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H:thumbsup: i corrie, good luck to you man for this new challenge. Will look forward to see what you create this time!


Hey Corrie, All the best Dude:thumbsup: Now lets rock:)


Heya Corrie !! yay !

Great to see you entered … awesomeness expected !

cheers ,



Hi Corrie. Good luck with this challenge. Is this your first one?


thierry2005-Thx I need all the luck I can get.

madshooter-Rock were going to-This theme rocks.

Zapan-Will try not to disipoint.

TheSoracle-No ,it is actualy my fourth one all though I have only managed to complete one.

Unfortunatly Eon a novel by Greg Bear is one of his works I don’t have and have not had time to go look for one yet.
But the stickies on the book and the inspiration sticky has given me a good idea of what it is all about.I’ll still get the book for accurisie of my scene.

I still between two places for the scene choice namely the third chamber and then the tube riding also seems interesting.

But I’m still thinking about it.


Hi Corrie,

ah, now I’ve discovered your entry! Great to see you in and I’m curious to see your first visions!:bounce:

Good luck for you and have fun!:slight_smile:



Thanks for the visit Sabrina and the support.


hey corrie! wishing u the very best of luck for this challenge!

realky looking forward to what u come up with!

cheers dude! :slight_smile: god bless! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


This is just some ideas for a 3rd chamber scene.


Nice to see U there Corrie !
The concept sketch seems cool !


Thx Gilles.


Hey Corrie,

so you also want to go with the 3rd chamber, nice sketch, it also helps to clarify some things:) …
I have mainly the same vision of the geometry, I just see the buildings in some distance of the ground:wink:…Actually Mr. Bear hasn’t described so many details about the city, so it will be fun to let the imagination run free…and to compare the results later!

Looking forward to see more!



Yeh,I find the 3rd chamber interesting,to bad it is not occupide by people.I have to still deside on camera position and angle.

Maybe I’ll stick a ground or air vehicle in the forground for the visiters to travel in.

Did he mension anywhere what visitors from earth used to travel around with in the chambers?


From what I can tell, alot of them seem to just float around from place to place, I’m guessing with some sorta jet pack etc to control where they’re going and I’m sure they do have some sort of vehicle transport too, but not much of it is mentioned in the inspiration section which is helpful in some ways cos it leaves you free reign and imagination on how those vehicles look.

Nice start and concept, definately fits more with the third chamber than what I came up with when I was deciding on things


Thanks for the info iNcurSioN.


welcome SONIC-X to the challenge.:slight_smile:


Hey dude I like your concept:thumbsup: Just go for it.


Seems that the 3rd chamber is a pretty popular choice. Anyway, your concept looks great from what I could see. Wanna see some modelling now!!! :smiley:


Here i have just started to model some buildings so far.