Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cláudio Jordão do Carmo Viegas


Shit, I’m having problems in uploading my work :frowning:
I guess I’m out!


:sad: I’ve made everything… BUUUUAAAAHHHH!
The java application does’nt like me :frowning: BUUUUAAAAHHHH!


Hmmm, seems like a lot of people are having problems with the uploads… I also didn’t make it cause I couldnt’ upload the animation…

none of the FLC encoders they suggested worked and i couldn’t even install the cgnuploader java thing… not that it really matters for me since i had way too much to do still and the final image and animation i had still needed a lot work… still, i really enjoyed doing it…

would love to see you final work, looks great :slight_smile:


I’m sure they will talk it over and your work will appear among final ones. It’s really unique and you should be happy with the results.


Hey theuns and arturro, thank you very much for your nice words.
I’m so sad about this situation… I’ve made a really big effort, like some of you, to find time to create something that I might be proud of for this challenge, because of the theme, because of the community, because it’s the fifth time I have the pleasure to participate with all of you… and because of that effort, I was able to finish my work in time… but… unfortunately… I was not able to upload it during some problems with the java application… I am so disappointed!
The forum administrator emailed me, saying that if I did not upload my work in time, there was nothing he could do… well… ok!
I wish the best of luck to all of you.
Maybe we’ll meet again in the next challenge!

Cláudio Jordão


The same happened to me also. I wish U better luck with the next contest !


Nooo… I’m so sorry to hear about your tech troubles, what a bummer!
Anyway, you made a final to be proud of! Good luck with your other projects and see you around :slight_smile:


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