Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cláudio Jordão do Carmo Viegas


Thanks gringer.
I’m doing some tests with Particle Flow for the Talsit’s lights, and then I’ll add some effects to what results for there, in Combustion.
As for Olmy’s ghost, yes… I will try some refraction and transparency effects with him, but I want to try something different from the holographic projections in Star-Wars… well… at list I will try to do so!
Thanks again.


Hello all, here’s an update of the ship’s ambience.


hey claudio… nice job the shading is looking really good from the clothes to the enviroment … things are coming together nicely…:slight_smile:


nice update claudio! now im beginning to see what youre up to. are you going to use some effects in animation like particles?


The lighting is fashionable,keep it up.best of luck ,friend.


Hello guys,

Leptril - The environment is quite defined, it’s going to be pretty much as it is, in the last update. I’m glad you like it.

Chandro - As you can see in the last updade, I’ve used Particle Flow to create and animate those little light points all over Olmy, which represent the blue and green Talsit’s lights vibrating. Thanks.

ZhuLi - Is that a good thing? :slight_smile:

I’m having some problems with the hair of my characters… but I intent to post another update soon.

Thank you so much for your comments.


Hello all, here’s an update of my scene with the 4 characters in their poses… well, almost!


I don’t know enough about the technical aspects of the creation of your picture to say anything clever… I’ll just settle for saying: It looks fantastic :slight_smile:


Very interesting effects, looks very surrealistic in nature. Keep up the great work.


Hello guys, this is pretty much the final.

These are 4 frames of the animation… and the big one, is the last frame of the animation and it’s also the one if’ve choosen for the high resolution image.

Fell free to comment.

DenialK - “It looks fantastic”… well, that’s good for me :slight_smile: thank you.

SNoWs - I guess surrealistic is the word… how can it not be :slight_smile: thanks.

Hope you like it.


Hello guys, I’m trying to render my final image, but I’m having these black squares all over the rendered image… and I’m losing hope to finish this challenge! I’m using 3D-Max and Mental Ray, and I don’t know what to do anymore.
Can anyone help me?


Give more details about the scene…Try to render with a low quality and not bigger than 320/240 to have time for tests and try to remove one by one the scene elements to see what is the object that cause the problem.
I hope it will works!!

Good luck man!


Hey spire,
I don’t think there’s something wrong with the scene elements, I had no problems when doing all the tests and renders so far… it seems that this problem only happens when trying to render in a resolution above 2000 pixel width.
I could try, as you suggest, to remove one by one of the scene elements, but at a higher resolution, and see what happens… but that will take at least 8 hours of tests :frowning: can’t you imagine another solution?.. has this ever happened to you?
Thank you so much for your help.


Hope this will help.




Hey Claudio,
First - I love the way your scene has come out. The mood and beauty reminds me a lot of your GSO piece, one of my favourites.

About the render artifacts. I’ve had the same problems during the previous challenge, solved it by render the full image in stripes using Backburner instead of rendering from MAX.
It’s a memory issu I think, where MR just skips parts of the render if it’s getting out of memory.
Hope this helps, and if not - you don’t have to make a big render for this challenge. The 3dmodel section only requires the animated clip and a small final render… a bit sad IMO, since many of the scenes would look stunning in big renders.

Good luck for the final steps now!


Hello Spire, thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it… that forum really helps to understand a few thing about MR, it’s very useful indeed… but I was enable to find anything related to my problem yet. Anyway thank very much once again.

Hello Gunilla, where have you been? I’ve missed your support in this challenge… ahahah… just kidding :slight_smile:

How’s your new work? When can we see something of it?

I’m glad you like my scene, I’m trying very hard to finish it, but it’s getting very difficult to find time to do so… and now this render problem at the very end of the finish line! I hate Mr. Murphy.

I have’nt thought about that Backburner solution… I’m rendering as a RPF image, so I can add some effects later in Combustion… so, I have some doubts that it will work, but it worth trying anyway!

I’ve managed to render at 1920 width… and this is problably the final image size I will present… thank you very much for you help friend.

Let’s see if I can finish this! Thanks.


Hey Claudio,

You have picked something very difficult to model , although you did a great job at it. :thumbsup: As far as your render problems , you probably know this but the final image doesn’t need to be really hi-res , just render the largest you can.


Hello all, there’s no time for more, so… this is my final image, it’s not quite like I imagined it, but… maybe next time.


nice work… has a kind of cinematic feel to it, don’t know if it’s the camera angle or what… the ‘objects’ in the scene look great, they really meld in and give it a sense of being from another world.


You should be proud of your work! The colour sceme is fantastic! I hope U manage to render the animation too.