Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Cláudio Jordão do Carmo Viegas


Cláudio Jordão do Carmo Viegas is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Render: Inside Olmy’s Ship


finally you jump in. I saw your work, i like it! Good luck Claudio!


Hey Claudio! Good to see you in and hope you can find the time to come up with something exciting as usual :slight_smile:
So, what about your movie? Tell me about it - have you got in online?
Nice website BTW, unfortunately I don’t understand a word but some really nice work there.

Good luck for the challenge!


Hello, thanks for welcome me on this one Johnnymaster and Gunilla.

I haven’t read the book yet… I’ve just found it on the net a few days ago… and… well… does any one want to give me a hand? Or do I have to spend a month reading it!? :slight_smile:
I trust, by the images of some of you, that this is really a great book and a great story… but… well, let’s see what the future will bring :slight_smile:

As for my movie, my friend Gunilla… it’s called “Esperânsia” which, in Portuguese, means something like, the anxiety of hoping or waiting for… /… as I told you some time ago, I came up with the idea of animating the scene I’ve created for the “Space Opera - Challenge” remeber?
Well… 10 months later the scene was completely diferent and transformed in a “love story”.

Unfortunately, it’s not online, yet… because, fortunately, it’s being admited and running on Festivals… and winning some prizes :)))))) but I promise to show you as soon as I can!

The only thing I can show you for now is my Avatar, in which you can see the 2 characters on the movie :slight_smile:

And now… EON.
See you later, and thanks.


Yes - I remember well you mentioning an animated version of it and I’m really dying to see it!
If it is anything as amazing as your image it’s no surpise you got it running on festivals… much congrats for that and the awards :slight_smile:

Good luck with EON - I haven’t read much yet. I suppose some guessing can work out fine, right? :smiley:


Hello Claudio! Good to see you once again. Check out the excerpt section, there is quite a bit of information that you can draw upon for inspiration in a small amount of time. I do recommend the book as it has so much that one could use as inspiration for the challenge.


Hello, it’s been very hard to find time to do something for this… specially when we have to read a book and so on. I’m still not sure of what I’m gonna do… but I’m thinking about that scene when Patricia was “invited” by Olmy and the Frant to go to Axis City.
If someone has suggestions, please… they are more then welcome!
See you later.


Well, I must start doing something, so… I don’t know if I’m going to use it or not, but anyway… I asked Jessica Alba to pose for me, and this is what I manage to do.
I dont understand why, but she doesn’t want to see me anymore.


Hey - you got started, good!

Your Patricia has started good … perhaps not so similar to Jessica Alba but a beauty anyway.
Looking forward to see what you come up with :thumbsup:


Hey Gunilla, thanks for your comment :slight_smile:
I’ve already decide which scene I’ll be exploring.
It’s the one, inside Olmy’s ship, when Patricia was interropted by Olmy’s ghost when she was trying to touch Olmy’s body during his Talsit session.
It’s not going to be easy to find time for doing this, but I’ll give it a try… in the scene challenge, or in the trailer one… cause I had one idea for that too, allthough I have one question:
Can I use the same scene in both challenges?
Does anyone know if that is possible?
Well, I’ll try to post something tomorrow.


Hey Claudio,

nice to discover your Patricia here, great start with the modeling:) ! The scene you want to show is interesting, with a lot of potential to show close-ups of the characters and their interacting…about your question, as far as I remember unfortunately the rules doesn’t allow you to use the same scene in the trailer-section:shrug: …

I hope you find the time to show us more soon!



Hello all, here is my idea of the scene. Thank you for your comment daWinky :slight_smile:


Hello, here’s my version of Olmy’s ship… we’ll only be seeing the interior, but I guess it helps to build it anyway!


Hello, here’s an update of my Patricia.


I like the look you’re giving Patricia. It seems like a lot of people picture her to be some sort of fashion model. Your Patricia is believable as a brilliant mathematician and physicist. Best of luck in the contest.


Hello guys, here’s a first look of my Frant.
Thank you very much for your words vmulligan.


I really like your latest update! That frant model is beautiful and stylized in an interesting way. But will it go well with your Patricia? They seem to have quite different styles so far but I’m sure you find a good solution - just keep on moving :slight_smile:


Hello Gunilla, thanks for your comment… the Frant is not finished yet, but as a member of a completely different civilization, I believe that it should be quite different in style from Patricia. But I’ll have your comment in consideration… thanks.


Hello guys, here’s an update of my Frant. I’m gonna work on it’s texture now.


very nice Claudio… i especially like the design of the head, its very… captivating, the smooth features and huge eyes makes it seem; regal and gracious, too spite being an alian… very well done. Also like the curved room chamber and like some one also commented, there is something special in the look of the girl… she does seem to fit the character that I’ve read of so far, a little plain but bright and intelligent, intrigueing…

can’t wait to see what the chamber will look like… :slight_smile: