Eon (3D Scene) Entry: chandro c. uttamchandani



Also ur ear is wayyyy too far from it’s place.
look at the earhole in the pic and adjust. =)


thanks for the comment, still waiting for your answer regarding your comment on skull mess up. what particular part of the skull? if its the scalp area im putting a geometry of hair.
regarding the ear, is there a pattern on human ear where specifically in place? (not literal)
same with the eyes. some eyes are close to the bridge of the nose and some are far.
though im not expert on this anatomy.
i did check the spacing through photoshop

though my ear are bigger


Hey chandro, Silo IS the key, I mentioned you were one who got me to consider that option on my thread. It saved the day. Great idea, model in maya to a point, tweak and refine in silo. You model is coming along nicely, are you going for photo real look or will it be stylised… I see you are using a photo as refernce, so obviously I expect photo real. Anway nice work, and thanks for the idea of silo.


sure Dave! ill be doing a photoreal. hope Silo will add nurbs in the future:)
goodluck mate!


never… EVER use pictures taken by someone as side/front view.
They all have some kind of perspective on them.
Use anatomical DRAWN pictures.


until now you havent answer my question… what part of the skull i mess up?
never use a picture??!! can anyone attest to this?! :eek:
whether you use picture or drawn, theres always a camera lens distortion in 3d software. so theres always a freehand eyeball in modeling


rough model of Thisledown. just moving on


The polyflow of your head needs some tweaking, that’s what I think they mean by the skull is messed up. I’ll disagree with Digiegg, I think that you can use photos taken by other people and still make an good model that represents the person or object alot but this comes from experience, I have done just that many times. I suggest to study how other people solve poly flows of the head and then apply it to your model, it will make a huge difference.

The first thing I see is that the poly flow seems to follow the forehead loops, you will see that at the top of the loop the lines become a little flat thus distorting the head, they shoud be as smooth as possible. There might even be too many loops there, you don’t need that many in order to create a smooth head, not when using Sub-D’s which it seems you are using. This makes editing a little hard since there are more loops to deal with.

take a look at this model by proton for an example…


Thanks for the advice.


still in progress.


still open for crits and comments.
just playing with skin shaders


looooking gooood…hehehheh…

can’t wait to see the textures, hair and eyes… :bounce:


Well, I’m still not sure you’re telling the truth about only doin this for 4 months now, but go you! Already handling things like edge-flow and refining detail out of simplicity, good stuff bro!

pay no mind to digiegg, while your ear was [color=white]slightly off, on a whole your skull looks fine. 3D interpretation is what sculpting is, if you can’t compensate for the minute persp change of a photograph vs. anatomy drawing you might as well choose a different profession… I would say you’re doing rather well so far.[/color]

I would really like to see something of a concept though!! Where are you going with all this?

[font=Verdana]- I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully when I pull something together you’ll have a look and let me know what you think.[/font]


@Bergquist, thanks!:slight_smile: yes im on my fourth month (november) now in doing this 3d.

im still not deciding what concept ill do so maybe next week ill post it.

sure ill check your thread hope you can post your link

still expirementing on hair (tougher to learn!) before i texture this.


i hope to find time specially this christmas. so busy!! pls check if the color of the skin is Alright in your monitor
im having difficulty understanding on how to calibrate the monitor


if you want to check the higher resolution:


hey chandro,

i’m not sure what app you’re using, or what SSS shader, but you might wanna make the skin a little more pink. You can use a light pink as the skin color, and as epidermal and subdermal you can try and use orange, red or even blue at certain places. And by giving these underlying colors a non solid color, you can make the skin look more alive.

I wasn’t sure that sideview was a real sideview, but look if the first part of the ear - from the side it’s the side close to the eye - is at least at the midde of the width of the head. So i think you need to move it a little forward.

and don’t get this wrong, but it’s a great help to look up a lot of photo’s from noses or whatever, and look at the basic shape and how things are put together. It will help bigtime.



agree with Notingness, skin tone need a bit work but overall is a good texturing.:slight_smile:



tweaking and tweaking, first time to use this skin shader. driving me nuts but i love it :slight_smile:


Thank you nothingness and Alvin_cgi.
i know its aq healthy crit. i made some tweaking in the skin and the nose.
im on my polishing stage. btw i use maya mental ray for the shader. i dont know yet how to make eyebrow and hair but hopefully to learn that fast.
heres the side view