Eon (3D Scene) Entry: chandro c. uttamchandani


Thanks a lot! ive learn a lot joining this contest! and also a lot of sleepless night…
i almost forgot that i have a family to attend to… still trying to balance it all . so this is the 3D world…:rolleyes:


after i modify the mesh to add some crack the uv mess up! so i have to do all the UV mapping again and the rest. ive learn a lot! aaaarrgh!


What do you mean by “having to redo it all”?

How DID you do the cracks?.. Via Boolean operation? Or via splitting and deleting faces?

As I recall, you were using [color=white]MaYA right?
What version are you using?
I really don’t know how you messed up the UV’s, and would like to help you prevent from it happening again, but that said, versions 7.0 and higher all support transfer of Surface sampled data.[/color]

So it is always possible to retrieve your textures to the new/messed up UV’s.
(This is in case you didn’t already know)
That function is what saved my life when I had had decided to completely redo the head mesh’s UV map. I transferred the diffuse data onto the new map, and then improved on them to the format you saw them posted now.

[color=lemonchiffon]Now all that said

You really can be proud of what you got your model to look like

I did not exactly understand the logic that lay behind your posts#51 and #58
but the composition is aesthetically beautiful and a very well chosen one to display the area you put all your efforts onto.[/color]

Are you also going to make the shared pieces fly their way towards the right side of the illustration? They seem to be such on your [color=silver]post#51and I believe it would look fantastic with some hard post-work included on their motion and lighting.[/color]

I really liked how you managed to get around the Hair’s settings. Once again a very good result that you should be proud of.
So what are you going to do about her hair though? Since it DOES covr the cracked part of her bust
is it that we are going to be seeing Thistledown through her hair?
Or are you going to add a turbulence/wind to blow her hair also in the “right” direction as the shards look to be in your post#51?

All in all
this thing is all coming together pretty nicely

It’s great to be able to follow up on how you developed it!

Keep em up!:thumbsup:



To Black,

 i dont how to thank you but THANKS A LOT!
i tried what you said transfering UV and it work! i save a lot of days work!!
i didnt know that it has features like that! incredible!! 

i use split tool in Silo software and extracting faces then import it to maya 8, im not yet comfortable yet with modeling tools in maya coz i started with silo before i decided to learn maya, somehow im getting used to it and experimenting lot of tools (so many tools!)

talking about the logic of my concept, i decided to make somehow an interprtation type or symbolic approach regarding the eon story. the buildings etc. sort of mix of all of her adventures in that new world she discover and the dilemma of going back to earth. ill be adding a earths reflection in her eyes but not sure yet if it will look good. there will be a starfield in the background and some light effects (colored lights) hopefully sort of mild nebula effects. the lights will be dimmer in her face matching the effects.

my first idea for the animation was, she slowly tilting her head up then some light moving dramatically and slowly the crack will show and the light revealing to that cracks and  the cracks will move in the air(not all direction) revealing whats insides (the buidings etc will reveal also like building will arise to her shoulder and some smoke fog.. but my limited knowledge and time contstraint this animation idea is impossible for now.  im on my 6th month (started July 2006) self paced learning this 3d.

 its my own point of view ( i hope im good in english so i can explain the concept very well).. im not really expecting to win in this contest but its my way of learning this 3d stuff (pushing myself to study).

heres rough idea, yes i really like to add some field dynamics but i dont know yet how to use it. if i can have more time i really like to study and explore it. if not ill do it manually.

i use joe's shave and haircut for the hair and if possible use also field to move the hair away because of crack effects. i still need to learn how to use render layer or render pass. still dont know how to achieve the light fogs using mental ray..

again to Black. Thanks a lot man! i jumped, laugh and hug my wife because transfer of UV's work!


Joe Alters [color=lemonchiffon]Shave and HairCut is one of the programs that I haven’t yet put my hands onto
I have heard a lot about it, and it had aided a lot of projects I took part of, but when it came to my personal workflow, MaYA was always contently efficient.[/color]


I don’t know HOW the software works… but I DO know that it receives dynamics.
Dynamics being a little too complicating for you at this point, what you CAN go for is setting a collision object to match the movement. I am sure Shave and Haircut should have a means to prevent interpenetration of hairs to other objects.[/color]

Since hair dynamics are involved, and you seem to have already prepared your hair and pose; what you CAN do is animate the collision object.
I would advise you to animate it via deformers (like a lattice) but in case that may be too much for the first run, you can animate the scaling of the object… having it firstly buried in her neck… and then expanding.

[color=lemonchiffon]Actually it isn’t too difficult for animating a collision object without animating a deformer

One of the biggest advantages of MaYA to other software is that you can literally animate anything… even the locations of the vertices. Because it would be too much work to select and locate vertices each time, or assign locators, the general workflow would usually be to animate a wrap deformer, or use some sort of joint or blend shape for this.[/color]

Unfortunately you can not blend shape the collision object optimised for hair that comes with MaYA…
But what you ARE able to do is: you are able to make a collision object out of ANYthing… so maybe the best workflow for you MIGHT be for you to :
[li]Duplicate Patricia[/li][li]Give her a transparent shader[/li][li]Duplicate her again[/li][li]Stretch this duplicate in parts, around the neck… like as if you were trying to model out the shape of the wind that is blowing her hair.[/li][/ol]Now what is happening here is that you are creating a transparent collision object for the hair… and a blend shape for it to morph to.
Select the modified transparent one and then the unmodified transparent one… then hit “Create blendShape” from the deformers menu (You can delete the second one once done).
Now in the blend shape dials set key to 0 at a starting point for the morphing (the wind blowing) and then set a key to 1 at a time you want the wind to be at it’s full.
And don’t forget to make this guy a collision for the hair system.

[color=lemonchiffon]The reason that you need to have your collision object animate is that you HAVE to start the simulation from your rest position NOT interacting with your new collision object. Otherwise the hair will penetrate and then be locked UNDER the object, and we really do not want that.[/color]

I am giving the above method mostly because you would have perfect control on how you would want things to move around
hence manually sculpting the shape.

[color=lemonchiffon]IF you want to use dynamic forces instead
we would have to first decide on WHAT sort of dynamic you will prefer using, and then I can again try to put together a follow through for you to test on your character (I say test… cause that’s mostly what dynamics end up to be… they are FUN, but not always too predictable)[/color]

I hope this can give you SOME amount of ideas for your composition to come.


Ps: [color=white]Silo is a fantastic program… and very affordable too. We have it on our “Next to buy” list… the demo was veery pleasing.[/color]
But not sure if we should wait for the new release or not… I hear from the beta testers that the interface was better in the current version.


Thsnks Black,

      i use shave coz i think its easier to learn specially we have time constraint, but i will learn the maya hair after this contest. right now im squezzing time to finish the project, i dont know if i can make that kind of animation..i still need to learn those stuff from blendshape and lattice or deformers, collision .. i tried exploring it but it taking too much of my time. (too heavy to learn)

i believe your suggestion is a good workflow but my knowledge and time is limited right now.
i may settle for a simple camera movement just to finish this one.

i havent tried the latest Silo yet… i use silo for organic modeling, but right now maya has a lot of modeling tool that makes my life easier :). (though i still use both)

Thanks for the advice! it will be a privelege to be a part of your group… your a good teacher:thumbsup:


experimenting with lights…rendering taking too much time adding the fog… theres still lot to tweak.arrgh Pls click the image…!


seem the my update got some weird result… heres a little bigger image


i have to update same material, i just found out that i saved it in cmyk.


The scene is improving veeery well.

You have come a very long way on this challange thread alone. And the results are proving to be something to be proud of.

You may want to condier two things on the remaining time you have left…
(Actually three… if you are not already planning on a sort of motion blur on the pieces)

The first would be to have a nebula burst/galaxy belt… a star cloud or some variaty you would see in space from outside the atmopheres bumper.
It would help draw a profile around your [color=white]Patricia’s head in this way.[/color]
(Or if you would preffer to have the scene seem as if it is of Patricia from earth… you may want to add a haze of blue to the bottom… like you would see in the sky at night)

The second thing is related to her eyes… especially with this lighting it is far too obvious that she has dry, solid round eyes…
Unfortunately shaders fail to give the wetness in all lightings… what I personally do to counter the effect is I create two curves on surface (One on the eye, and the other on the bottom eye lid’s rim), then I loft a surface between them and keep history on.
what happens is that this surface goes around WITH the eye as the eye moves around. Just like water would… so I just give it a transparent specular shader.

In YOUR case how ever… It may be overkill (unless you would like to practice) to go on in and do that… you may be able to add the necessary wetness with post effects as well in a photo editing program… (Same goes for the nebula… both can be post processed… your call)

Looking forward to see the final (Which seems to be not too far :slight_smile: )



thanks a lot for the suggestion! right now im having problem rendering the complete scene
ive got “out of memory” problem with mentalray.:sad: i still need to learn render layers… im really frustrated coz this taking too much of my time and lot of work schedule ahead.


Your ideea to line out Patricia is verry suggestive.


ive encountering a lot of problem mostly rendering issues. i really dont know if i can make it but ill try. theres a lot to tweak but…


Hi Spire, “Your ideea to line out Patricia is verry suggestive” what do you mean by this?


im really deppress for not making it… till the last hour still ni rendering stage for the hair…
frustration sometimes hard to handle. ill finish the hair after a big break (time to my family).
but the good side, ive learn a lot, lot.
i would like to thank all who visit my thread and giving feedback and creative critism and comments…specially Black (Berter Akyol) taking time answerings my private messages.

whoever wins. to God be the glory.

heres a higher res of my unfinish work.


Was just examining your post with my wife, and she agrees that it is an image not to be expected from someone of your amount of experience.
I personally liked the bursting touch of the buildings… hos tey are puching out of [color=white]Patricia… nice attention to details anc composition…[/color]

You have done a LOT in this thread, and I hope you have now a lot more titles noted down to dig into. MaYA is a bottomless pit, and has TOO many features to be able to learn and expert in a lfe time… I personally never got fed up with it.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I have had…



Hey chandro. So sorry to hear that you didn’t reach the deadline. Same happened to me. In my case, I was finished with everything and still had 43 minutes remaining. Unfortunately, I ran into SO MUCH trouble trying to convert my .avi into .flv. I finally figured out how to output a satisfactory video, but by then it was too late. :cry: So, I feel your pain.

I agree with Black. You have come a LONG way since your first start in this challenge. You learned a lot and fairly quickly. IMO, you have what it takes to become a great 3d artist. I hope that not reaching the deadline does not discourage you from continuing with this 3d business. Keep up the hard work and practice, practice, practice! I’m sure I’ll be seeing good things from you in the future. Rock on buddy! :buttrock:

Until the next challenge…:beer:


hey buddy! im very sorry about the deadline :cry:

im ever greatful that u visited my thread! meant a lot to me!

wishing u the very best in life! do take care bro! god bless ya!


Thanks you to both of you, youre right Maya is a bottomless pit to learn.
im still excited to explore each feature and apply it. hopefully find a career related to 3d someday:).

Thanks! ill be practicing again after a week (a little break)
im discourage for a while, but now im back:scream:


sure man, i wish im good at photoshop and somehow can also join illustration challenge:)
youre good! Thanks

ill be studying rigging this coming week and the same time finish my other unfinish models
hope to see again in the next challenge:)
i hope the theme will still be exciting like eon. when do you think will be the next challenge?


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