Eon (3D Scene) Entry: chandro c. uttamchandani


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Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: Adding the cities


Hi To All CGSociety members, just started studying 3d 3 months ago and im a regular visitor in this site gathering tips and tutorial.
i havent posted much coz dont know some tech stuff yet (cant relate yet)
Thanks to all who shared their knowledge!

i have to read the book first before i can post some development.
im not expecting in this contest but hopefully be a part of this wonderful community.


concept sketch of Patricia, ill be starting to model this week. hope i can find more time…


ive started modeling now and just finish the book, whew took me a week to finish it! the story is quite an adventurous and its really difficult to express it in one visual image, lot of wonderful scene to give account. (“Story is the primary component that will be awarded highest weighting in all judging. The emotive impact and implication of “story behind the image” is the aspect that is most important. Your work must capture the imagination of the viewer and draw them in without relying on any prior knowledge of the story.”) well this is really a challenge.


that’s a goiod point to be reminded of (story…) what is your overall plan? do you have concept sketches of the grander skeem of things? Model is looking like a good start altho the images look rather manish, I think it’s the thicker neck. Anyway good luck mate.


The model is really rough, i usually do the model basic shape in maya and export it to Silo for finishing and polishing, im working on the overall concept but theres a lot of changes.
but definetely Patricia will be there. Thanks for the comment… hope to update this soon mate


ah that’s a good plan, I hear silo is pretty great modeling app. I’ll look forward to that submission then :slight_smile:


Thanks mate! looking forward also in your submission :slight_smile:


Hey Chandro. Welcome to the challenge. :slight_smile:

You have a pretty good head modeled for having just 3 months of 3d experience. A minor suggestion. For modeling, try to concentrate on the overall shape and proportions before adding all the necessary detail. Believe me, it will help you out in the end.

Anyway, good luck with the challenge.


some update, after some tweaking and still not satisfied with the edge flow along the nose, i might model this again, dont know yet… beginners trial and error


thanks for the advice! until now im still adjusting with the right edgeflow along the nose but i think i have to change my workflow doing the head.:sad:


i have to model patricia again,
i want my character to have a sharper look but softness at the same time.
im not so concern with the image plane
coz i have already an idea of
her face characteristic.


i brought the mesh in Silo for more tweaking.


im working on the ear now, hope to hear some feedback to improve this.
crits are welcome


yeah, nice work! Sharpness and softness at the same time, yup, that was my goal too. Few crits…the eyes and the corner of the mouth are too deep seated, when you’ve improved such things your model going to look great!:thumbsup: Goold luck!


hi Johnymaster, thanks! i ll tweak that. ive seen your work and it was great!


Thanks Johnnymaster, ill tweak that! ive seen your work and it was great! youre a pro already:)


just finish the ear.


ur skull shape is messed up.
you should check out some anatomy books and really study the skull.



can you be more specific? Skull messed up? im just a newbie