Eon (3D Scene) Entry: chaitanya krishnan


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Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): texturing and lighting


hi everybody,
nice to be here again. this will be my 2nd cg society challenge entry.
I hadn’t read or even heard of this book, even though i’m an avid scifi reader. so this is a bit embarresing :hmm: . baught a copy of the book today, will start reading it now.

i see some ppl already have stuff like sketches n all up to show… will be a while before i can do that, :argh:
well am going to give it a shot.


ok ive officially finished reading the book. now starts the fun part :slight_smile: will post sketches soon.


excited… Waiting for your sketches. I´m a bit low on money, so I can´t afford the book right now. But the library has one, but it´s not in before 2nd of novemer, so i´ll read the book then, and hopefully get some better ideas and concept. Good luck to ye :wink:



my idea for the truck. its primarily an terrestrial vehicle, but can be out fitted for amphibious missions. will add a concept sketch milestone soon…


Hey Chaitanya,

Interesting land rover type vehicle:thumbsup: , maybe you could lights to the top of the windshield and add an extra set of wheels on the back. Just some thoughts I had when I look at your sketch.
Look forward to where you go with this.


planning to do the scene where, the russian cosmonaut/commandoes para drop down on one of the cities


assembling the composition with blocks


initial low poly models of the trucks


added few things to the composition


more building place holders… making the city denser


adding some bits n peaces to the trucks, have to start doing some soldiers


hmm, started adding some details to the buildings… have to design and model a few buildings too.


hey ! nice start :thumsup:
i like the design of the buildings.
good luck !


some buildings


That is going to be so cool when you are done!


thanks man, will be posting an update soon


started integrating the buildings into the scene. adding some textures. don’t think i have much time for modeling so won’t do a very detailed gunner/ soldier model


trying to work in some shadows. have to work on the laser bursts, maybe a glow


hey dude! wonderful modeling details! :thumbsup:
plus i certainly love ur concept structures! :eek: very unique!

waiting to c the final piece!

good luck dude! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer: