Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Berter Akyol


Originally I had in mind to use it with the Russians (Particularly [color=white]Mirsky) and as a matching piece to their high pressure jumpsuits
But had left it aside, it wasn’t sure if I Would be able to include Mirsky in it.[/color]

But now; after disappointing results in my hand textures, I plan on reintroducing them to the scene (This time fingerless)

The making was practically simple from the moment the hard part of modelling a mesh around the hand was handled:
[li]I selected a variety of edges where I had wished there to be a seam.[/li][li]Bevelled it with 2 divisions.[/li][li]Selected the un-bevelled faces.[/li][li]Extruded, then selecting the faces now created with the extrusion I extruded again.[/li][/ul]The rest is up to your settings in the smoothing options of your software.

Good news is today I am only dealing with [color=white]Eon. I hope to catch up to my time loss from the last few days.[/color]



Thank you again Chandro;

I think we are all trying to present works and follow ups to clients in the end of it :slight_smile:

It’s very complimenting that you like mine

But none the less you are over-exaggerating me.

[color=lemonchiffon]As for the renderings… I am afraid that shall be tomorrow morning soonest… I have too many things I would prefer to do (Hence not lock the computer) today.



Today was mostly rigging/posing/detailing the characters

until about tow hours ago.

Something my wife had said when I had shown her the collection of my buildings (Before laying them out) for [color=white]Thistledown a few days ago finally got to me:

“Hey those buildings really would have fit into being from Los Angelis
needless to say; she was unaware that I was doing Thistledown and not Alexandria!!

She was sort of caught in the flow for probable objectivity, but she DID have a point
So I simply KEPT reusing the same Golf-Tee Giga’s everywhere, and pretty often to live up to the towns chandelier reputation.[/color]

The downfall was expectable
it was a little too obvious :sad:

So I just put together a few more Giga’s…
These are three from about 15 more new ones added to the collection, the other 12 being a lot less sophisticated (But with the distance I plan on placing them; it is really not going to matter at all).

I am going to go on working for the rest of the night… I want the characters all finished, dressed, detailed and posed by tomorrow morning so I can do test renders for their shader settings as well.



I REALLY like those last two buildings!


Mostly busy setting shaders for everything tonight. And the biggest time loss at the moment is the Normal map extractions (I am extracting just about all of them at 4096x4096).

The rest is procedural and texture files networking (The texture files being also extractions from 3D procedurals/projections as often as possible).

I am taking the longer (but fun) way
which is; modify, then render
then modify, then render… and experiment along the way. It has been a VERY difficult day, and I really need to do this relaxed.

This is a series of try outs for my [color=white]Frant-shader. (File texture to come yet)… at least for his defuse pass… the specular pass I am planning on rendering separate and compositing.
Unfortunately I made him too low poly
the normal map is not able to hide it (Last two renders).
He’ll hopefully be finished within a few hours.[/color]

I have a [color=white]Zbrush screen grab from while sculpting (yeah used Zbrush) that I really liked… when I have some free hands, I’ll try to put the together and optimise to a post-able file-size.[/color]



Lol Tim;

If I keep up a few more attempts… then I am REALLY going to nail it on the head! :slight_smile:

I noticed that everytday I am doing a new building… I wish I srtarted on this 100 days ago… I would hvae had a veeery impressive city! :rolleyes:



First, your Frant looks amazing and I sure hope that was not an apology for using ZBrush! ZBrush is a valuable and wondeful (although has a steep learning curve) all the more power to you my friend.

I was just trying to add my image maps to all the buildings outside of Axis Nader as procedurals just sucked beyond compare. But somehow the UVmaps are not showing up on all the buildings meaning I need to redo the whole outer building modeling. Now I’m really concerned with time since its going to take several hours to get it all done and cleaned up again. At this point I’m half tempted to send my better buildings to you for your project so you’d have enough to finish yours, which is so much better then mine anyways!


Here is the close-up I had mentioned of in the earlier post
Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to detail the model to the extents that I would have proffered to.
But I really liked it a lot (And paying around with it)
so will definitely improve on my [color=white]Frant after the competition.
I think I’ll do the same for the base mesh
or maybe I’ll leave it for another challenge :)[/color]

[color=lemonchiffon]I was wondering

As I was doing the jumpsuits
I was JUST about to extrude a pocket, then I realised that I Was just rescaling (wrap deforming) a jumpsuit to perfectly fit other characters with distinctively differing proportions.[/color]

That already takes the convincingness of it all away… then I wondered if when they fabricate a jumpsuit
just like they have different patrons for different sizes, do they also rescale the pockets for all of the sizes?.. or do they cut the pockets once and sew them to the appropriate place of each jumpsuit (Save from the children’s sizes of course)?
When you think of it
having one size pocket would be considerably optimised in their production flow.

Too much work and no play turns even Black ito a [color=gray]Dull Grey!
(There are BAD days, and there are REALLY bad days… today was even worse than those)[/color]



[color=lemonchiffon]Now that you put it that way… It really does seem like I apologised! :)[/color]

Well no… in an earlier post I had stated on how up til now it was only by pulling vertices and using deformers
I was actually trying to state that finally I sculpted… But I guess I am really in a bad mood.

[color=lemonchiffon]As for your model… that’s horrible news Tim!
Did you instance the buildings and then split to separate meshes or something? Really difficult to be of any help from distance (Not to mention using separate softwars)

If you won’t mind… try sending them over as objects somehow, I’ll see if I can help you save them.
Your models AND your scene are both fantastic and worth every struggle you gave for it. It would be too great a pity for me to stand and watch (I truly doubt that this would be cheating
would it?


Note: DAMN… Internet explorer seemd to have just locked my processing! :cry:
Was over 80 percent and running for a few hours!


Some amazing modelling here. Keep up the good work!


If its any consulation I know exactly what you mean by some days being bad and today being infinently worse.
My problem was I have been using beta software, and found a bug way past the too late stage. My UV Maps did not get copied properly, spelled at all, when I was working on all the buildings.
I then compenstate by making my own mistake. I have been viewing the structures on top of Axis Nader as I’m texturing. So up there all my ‘oriented’ texture nodes looked all fine and dandy. But guess what the y-axis does not rotate around the z-axis so when you look at structures away from the top (or bottom) the textures stay oriented to the Y and not around the cylinder. What a stupid, embarassing noobie mistake to make. Twenty plus years working with graphics and you’d think I would have thought of that from minute 1.
My hope now is that I can write a quick couple of new node plugins that will give me what I need to replace the ones I’m using allowing for cylindrical work. Either that or I just throw in the towel. So tomorrows a coding day for me. Its going to hard to type with all my fingers crossed :slight_smile:
Well enough whinning its off to bed so I have a clear head to fix all my problems tomorrow.

I ure hope you have a better day tomorrow too! At least you have great stuff to show for all your issues!


I had wanted to do some updates… but there was too much that occupied me the whole of yesterday (Hopefully the message of “things are NOT going easy here” is getting through without further need of my self pity :stuck_out_tongue: ).
But today I am back on track and have been working VERY hard on the scene for a lot of hours.

[color=lemonchiffon]That said
I had put together a countdown clock for the birth of our child for the website this summer.[/color]

I modified it a little this week to give me a countdown to the deadline
And it newly struck me to share it with those that might enjoy it.
There MIGHT be a serious bug, because I used “get TIME” instead of “get UTC hour, minute etc”
meaning that the counter evaluates the millisecond count since 1970, and doesn’t necessarily extract the GMT

It works fine for me, but I have not tested it on other time zones yet (It’s just for the fun of it as a result).
[indent][indent][/indent][/indent]Note: The button is a Windows .exe file

[color=lemonchiffon]Mac users click HERE (Not tested)[/color]
[color=lemonchiffon]And for those that don’t want download, but to just see it click HERE[/color]
(if you want the *.swf file you can right click and choose “save as”).


It really is a consolation actually… Thank you
Well at least I have a beautiful wife… I love her… and she’s still around. And so is our adorable ball of sunshine!
There are too many things that can make me happy still
I am a very lucky man :slight_smile:

[color=lemonchiffon]As for your problem;
No offence… but that does sound like a pretty simple mistake.[/color]
I guess you must have been too tired from all that has been going on, including the snow you have to constantly tackle.
At first I couldn’t understand what you meant… thinking that a projection would save the day
But as I get it, a projection is what cost it all to begin with. Can’t you rotate the city along the singularity axis to display only on the side that is good to go?
I guess the coding day was yesterday (I was away so sorry :blush: )
sooo what happened?.. Did your genius save the day?

Will be running off to your thread shortly to see if there is any update that burdens sorrow or spares some good news!

BEST of Luck



Well at least I have a beautiful wife… I love her… and she’s still around. And so is our adorable ball of sunshine!

I’m envious beyond compare and that is somewhat related to how I created such a stupid remedial mistake. But thats neither here nor there now. The plugin did exactly what I designed it to do but alas not suffiecent to give the results I wanted (everything ended up arcing around a circumference based on the position of the ray in relation to a central Null and I needed straight lines not curves. I’ll work on that more later after the contest.

A MASSIVE Thank You for the countdown timer. I have it sitting top center of a side monitor to remind me to find time to work and then work hard. Dude you should win something just for everything you have given to/for this challenge!

Congrats on the new website and coming child (theres wher my true envy lies!) Now take a deep breath, clear your head and work your tush off!:arteest:


[color=lemonchiffon]There are SO many things I have improved on the project: Things that I would want to share the process of with you guys…
Seriously a LOT of texturing
styling the characters bloody hair (Those who did NOT style digital hair before can never understand the efforts behind it!), rigging, posing and so forth

there is SO little time and so MUCH more work to do!
I am REALLY not able to get things together to post here
It is really developing against my will. But things have NOT been developing helpful to my project of finishing to this challenge. Fortunately the last day or two have been very stable.
Today I am going to TRY to post as much as I can… otherwise I’ll try to save aside images present as milestones while rendering the animation tomorrow

[color=lemonchiffon]Now that said

This is a series of pre-visualisations I went for as soon as I found out that we were NOT suppose to present a high res Final-Image (And went out of their proposed guidelines for the dimensions and went back to one of my favoured 16/9 HD format).[/color]

The 2nd and the 3rd images are of the original pose ideas I had for [color=white]Patricia
She was suppose to be in the foreground and either looking with a daze to the marvels around with her SQUARE eyes, or holding Paul’s letter pressed to her chest and day dreaming.[/color]

But now that I have a much more decent format to work on, I have included three more options to go for,
I really liked the first one a lot (She is reaching down for something)
But I fear the task of including the other characters into it. The only advantage would be my ability to include my hard worked [color=white]V/STOL and Tube-Rider.[/color]

In the last one she is going to be holding something in her hand
I am not sure about going for a luminescent object or a technical gadget yet.
What she is to hold in the fourth one again is not curtain
maybe a light source of some kind
But in that one she is going to be on the top of a structure high enough to show the city behind her.

I am including a shot with the series of primitives that came with the software (Naturally these weren’t drawn/sketched) as well for you guys to better understand where I placed what.
[color=lemonchiffon]Needless to say: That these primitives have literally nothing to do with the original buildings (Or their locations). And that they are only to help me maintain a scence of space.[/color]
Til next;



Thank you Tim;
Yes I am a very lucky man with too many gifts to be thankful for.
[color=lemonchiffon]As for our child
oh no, no … We have him around now
it was a whole big event. She had a VERY difficult/painful labour to our son [/color]</B>[b]Dante[/b].
Earlier in this thread I had given a link to a thread particularly dedicated to illustrating him while waiting. When free you may want to glance at it.</FONT>

[color=silver]Oh and the website
:blush: it is still to come… that was only a temporary page opened up for Dante’s arrival.[/color]

Now I really have to get back to work. I really hope for all to go MUCH better on your part of the competition.
(I am REALLY glad the countdown is put into good use :slight_smile: )

Best of Luck!



Ah and I thought Dante was getting a new brother/sister.

I have to say at first I loved the countdown timer but now its scares me. I’ve done nothing but canned nice looking approachs in order just get something I can finish with what time I have avialble.

Now having said that you HAVE to throw in your tube rider somehow!!


Oh this would be just perfect for the Pi-meter! I have no idea what such a device should look like, maybe it would project a cone of light? Or else I think of some physical device that would sweep a sensor in circular pattern…

Good luck black!


This is a sort of radical method for getting the poses done. But it was all basically a pathetic effort to save time with as little loss of quality as I can manage.
And apparently it is not against the rules, as long as I have modelled out my figure.

Here is what you do
[li]You export your character as an *.obj file.[/li][li]You import your file to [color=white]Poser, and select the (in this case) LowRes character (Newer versions may have better options).[/color][/li][li]Use the dials or “what not” to fit the low res character to your figure as snug as you can.[/li][li]Memorise your character, or set a key on frame 2 for this matching state (Important)[/li][li]Pose your characters double to your hearts content.[/li][li]Have the default pose (Matching to your figure) be on frame one, and the pose on frame 2.[/li][li]Export your scene as an *.obj file. Select multi frame export from the options and set it from frame 1 to 2[/li][li]Import these to your software and set the “pose” to be a morph Target (blendShape)[/li][li]Assign the imported figures default pose as a wrap deformer to your figure.[/li][li]Simply “Blend Shape” :slight_smile:
(you may most possibly have to iron things out from non-matching topology though)[/li][/ol]Now unless you have a perfectly matching already rigged figure; the advantages of using [color=white]Poser here instead of an existing already rigged one (if you have poser) is that Poser doesn’t exactly morph the mesh, as I get it, it moves rigged peaces merges them to each other in a similar fashion to metaBalls. And this makes it easier for the wrap deformer to work after you have scaled the mesh to fit.
I personally never advise you to scale a figure AFTER you rig it … even if you group it and group it to itself again for the world transformations.[/color]

My WHOLE reason for this is my wish to not bother with rigging the [color=white]Frant
especially since he is so much more complex… And I really do not want to do a half-arse job on it. I REALLY want to improve this character.[/color]

(I am going to have to especially thank my very good Friend [color=white]Brad from GFX for allowing my access to a Poser
Thank you VERY much Brad!

Til next;


Note the second pose was only humour intended… :slight_smile:
It was of the many free poses I found in the pose library of the program.


hm, I wonder if the free Daz3D Studio could also be used- they say it can export .obj (http://www.daz3d.com/i.x/software/studio/-/features?). There’s also an FBX exporter plugin but that costs $ (or €?)…

black, where was it said that the 3D model final render did not have to be hi-res nor in 1:1.5 aspect ratio? I looked in the Challenge instruction pages again, but it is not clearly stated either way…

best wishes for completion, and thanks for the countdown timer too! I can’t keep it open, watching the milliseconds flash by is too crazy-making!

cheers- scott


Scott, Tim;

I am very sorry for cutting on the answers… I shall post longy replies as soon as I have my hands free… you would be amazed at how many progrmas are running at the same time here :cry:

But to quickly clarify Scott question (I believe it important)…
You would find it in the last pages of the FAQ thread… Which I find VERY stupid actually…
Aparently we are only obligated to visualise the scene in 3D… And the high res render was for illustrating purposes only… so we are not illustrators here, but modelers and etc…

So what happens is at the end you are not given a final image option to upload… nly an aditional option to upload an animation.
Your final entry size is going to be your regular milestone resolution of 1280 x 1024…
at 150 k file size.

Sorry for the rushed and superfacial answer Scott, but should you apreciate… I am in a pretty tight spot now.