Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Berter Akyol



I dont have time to write longer, but so glad to see you here.

Your nickname appeared on the list, and all good memory’s came to my mind.
Anyway,just droped to say Hi to greatest critician here at cg talk, where crits make sence and motivate one to giv it’s best.

Best of luck man… gotta go.:thumbsup::wavey:


This is one of the many structures created for [color=white]Thistledown’s architecture, mostly done with straight forward box modelling with a few tool shortcuts. It was (like I believe it was for the some o us) sort of randomised extrusions and an educated guesses.
The only original method used here on this one is the way that I first extruded and shaped the general straight up, and then deformed it to it’s chandelier/golf Tee shape.[/color]

Reference Text (From Page 130):

Some of the structures rose to the very limits of the chamber’s atmosphere; these were actually thicker at the top than the bottom, like golf tees.

The main library was practically hidden beneath a sprawling annex of one of the smaller golf-tee structures.
Reference Text (From Page 47):

Lanier leaned back into the cab. “The ‘megas’ are the big buildings,” he explained.
Reference Text (From Page 290):

Mirsky examined several buildings along the second chamber thoroughfares before picking one that suited him. It was hidden between one of the giant chandelier-skyscrapers the Americans called megas, and a long row of hundred-meter-high asteroid-rock towers of no apparent utility.
NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering

The total I have so far is in the area of about 50 buildings of low and medium resolution. A lot of the buildings are variations of the in-between stages of a few of my more complex ones. It saves serious amount of time for such tasks to duplicate stages that look like they could can give the eel of a completed block/building (just think of the similarity/variations between the buildings WE have)

I’ll most possibly post the mass of them as a Block pretty soon, I just prefer to prepare my textures for that as well first.
But I DO have a few more buildings with their time-laps saved aside. I’ll post them here as I render them out.

I have two doubts I couldn’t come to conclusions yet:
[li]Was very tempted to go crazy on the laying of the blocks.[/li]But then I that when they had the chance to decide on what the city is going to be looking like from day one, they possibly would have the organised “grid” that New York’s first settlers had to suffer from placed in BEFORE hand… Or would they create a very unique lay-out?
[li]The lights… should I leave all the buildings barren of lights save for just ONE visible light in on room? Or should I light-em all up? It definitely adds a lot to the rendering…[/li]I am not too sure on how loyal I remain to the story in this way?
As stated: I’ll try to post more of these buildings as I render them out…



Lol… and so is the man full of exagerated compliments to myself.
I fear you have an overexposed impression of me :slight_smile:

Thank you though for paying a visit… pitty to not have you in this run.


Sorry, but no time-laps animation for this time… I DO have the images none the less… And I will be posting it later on for you guys.

I really didn’t have the time.



Nice Mega!! Me likey lots :slight_smile:


Amazing Thread from Page One to Last. It looks like a Modeling/Shading tutorial…i must admit i really enjoyed finding your thread. Have fun man, awesome work. :bounce:


This is another Tee Shaped Mega that I worked on the most of today.
Actually I had set a goal to not go too far in detailing, and to leave things in the early blocking stage (Until I figure the composition thoroughly)
but I had really enjoyed the way this one was promising to be; so I very unprofessionally went on in and picked out some more features.

I think I am going to make this my “Star” Mega, and try to ensure that it is seen overhead in our close up to the characters.

Shall you notice, I started out a design for the base of it, but left it at its earlier stages to compare to the top bits.
This is because I truly doubt the base shall ever be viewed. In time I shall of course consider perfecting it, but at this time, I fear I shall have to spare only those that I have definitely decided on.

The idea for this one was to make a landing pad… but things got out of hand
and ended up with six branches of overhanging apartments.

To get an idea of the scale; along the edge of the extended bit you can see a micro hair like railing system
those rails are a metre high… and this would render the whole structure to be around 1800 metres high.

I was actually going to render out images from the other buildings worked on, and post them
but this literally dominated my day, along with my life outside the competition.
Just didn’t think they were as eye catching as this one, so I left them aside.
Will be posting other kinds of stuff (mostly texturing related) soon hopefully.



Something tells me that you just might like this one a little more.

Thank you very much Dimitris;

It means a lot to know that the methods shared end up being a value to others.
As I take a few steps back, I notice that I have gone too much into detail, not only in modling/texturing
but in explaining myself.

But none the less I am really enjoying myself.


Once again I am going to have to state that the animation *.gif files have not been prepared… I shall post them as soon as I have readied them for you guys.

Til next;



Yes I do like that alot more. It gives it that chandalier appearance to the Mega’s, something I personally felt lacking in the first run. I can’t wait to see how you give it size perspective.


A lot of very good stuff here! I like everything!


I like what I see. Great modeling, can’t wait to see more.

Also, Good Luck :thumbsup:


Wow, Black… I’m amazed at the amount of detail you put into your models in such a short time. Is it merely a matter of practice? Does it come easily the more you do? Does it take a lot of time to add all the detail? I do my CG as a hobby and usually don’t have a lot of time at the end of the day to spend on modeling so I’d love to follow you examples in modeling to speed up the process and turn out more decent models…

I can’t wait to see how the scene will look at the end, great work! :slight_smile:


I guess you are not avare how big help was your commenting on my artwork in MS challenge.
Im telling you it was,maybe even one of crucial things that helped me get to the end.

Anyway, I see nice modeling abilitys displayed here, really good stuff.Lots of detail,and I like details, but who doesnt.

Its kinda late, Im gonna say bye for now and wish you best of luck to get this to an end where it belongs.


Darn, looks really good Black. architechture is well designed, i like it a lot.


Hey Black, your work continues to astonishing me… what a great buildings!
Hurry up my friend.


This is again a series of in-betweens for a few buildings to be used in the Render scene (References again from the texts stated on post#102).
I have been doing some very good progress (Lately not as much with the buildings, but the foreground elements) and I wish I can share the progress of everything with all of you
but even the rendering and putting together of the above post managed to steal from my time some good amount. So Unfortunately most of everything is going to come to you as a whole in the following week :sad:

Most of the in-between elements produced here have proven useful in the making of the rest of the city. Usually what I would do would most possibly be using pre-modelled elements to make up the new buildings and so forth.
Since the objective is to work from scratch, when ever I happen to have a piece that would scarcely look like a building from “some” angle (which is just about EVERYthing that comes out), I put it aside, and tried to use it to crowd up my city. This has saved me a LOT of time for an “Actually pretty impressive looking” [color=white]Thistledown.
I am hoping to get you guys a render of the city within this week. I still have some more placing to handle, as well as to finish up the high-ways.[/color]

As for the modelling bit, they were again straight forward extruding and etc
In just about all of them I made use of four quarter symmetry to gain time.
Shall you notice, the 3rd and 4th ones are extrusions from a generic floor plan
I made a lot of buildings for the city in this way… most of them even simpler than these ones, hence not really worth setting in-betweens of.
The 5th one was meant to be a Golf-Tee Mega, more going for the chandelier look
but I didn’t enjoy working on it any further to better it
most possibly it is again going to be around to fill in the gaps.

Unfortunately again I will not be able to post any animation, but I shall (When I can) definitely present to you guys a series of animated *.gifs for each and every time-laps I posted here
or even those I haven’t had the time to post :stuck_out_tongue:
I shall try to post a milestone with a great more of the buildings lined up in it

Til next;



Oscar, Nico, Claudio;
That’s Really great
Thank you

Tim, Juha;
Well I tried to get a character that would look good close up… then I thought I would make her companions looking as good
and cloths fitting… all in all a simple blocked out background just didn’t pull it off :sad:

That was really very touching
and meant a lot… Thank you

The MS Challenge was an interesting one where I THINK I helped about 40-60 people at a serious level, mostly with private messaging when necessary. It was a period that I had much more free time and when ever I was rendering something /or saving, I would try to give some one else a hand.
What got to irritate me in the end was that in the FAQ thread a guy posted that I was of the people that posted empty/superficial stuff and had no right to say anything about keeping the threads decent (a reply to my “moderating”)
And not ONE of those 40-60 people that spent lines and lines of “Thank you
your post saved my life
” or similar stood up to say that it was not true

Okay I really DO understand that not all of us have been following up on the FAQ thread
but right after it a series of those people actually posted other stuff
evidencing that they did follow.
I doubt there remains a need on what I felt/thought back then…

Well in the conclusion of it
this sort of got me much colder to the CG-Talk society that I had actually grown to like so very much back then. And since then, I am just running around and trying to help people that stick out to me if I can be of any use
but try not to give too much credit to everyone in return.

Please don’t come to the conclusion of “I don’t like you” Damir, on the contrary
your coming here and still holding me up so high in value, even though I still find it extraordinarily exaggerated.

How come you haven’t gone for a 3D entry for this run? I enjoyed your works and more importantly your enthusiasm

When I have the time spared, I shall try and follow up on where you must have gotten yourself to.

And/or those intrested in Speed Modeling;
(You just may have gotten much more than you bargained for…)

Here (CG-Challenge threads) it is a little bit more relaxed
but through my 3D modelling and usually the forums I attend to
I have come across this exact question pretty often. Yes I DO tend to model at a definitely above average speed, but in the end of the day I wasn’t BORN like this :slight_smile:
(Though I am Hyperkinetic and suffer from various side effects from it)

[color=lemonchiffon]Now the only major advantage I seem to have is that I have been professionally sculpting/illustrating since 17 years of age
And I am far past that age :sad:
But what really got me to improve were simply lots and lots of practice.[/color]

[color=lemonchiffon]The best way I can put this:
Is that while preparing for the talent exams for the Academy of fine arts, I had attended a course for drawing the figure.
And in the class they taught us how we should reference from everything around the model to help configure the location of each of the models elements.
Well so what happened was that after a few courses I managed to develop the “eye” that evidently searches for the aligning windows or corners to my viewpoint, so I can draw the girl/boy.
This is VERY natural, and it develops in everybody that practices
now why I am telling you THIS is because of what I notice happen when I got OUT of the studio: My father was driving me to somewhere… and then I noticed how automatically I was checking the bumpers of the cars in front of us while waiting for the green light!
I was actually checking on what is aligned with what… how oval or round I saw the backlights and etc
Now the thing that happened here was after a few sessions of serious and densely concentrated sketching, I started to lock into such an analysis. It may be stronger with some then others, but I am not the only one who lived such results.

[color=lemonchiffon]This EXACT thing goes on with modelling
Challenges (You do NOT have to win… nor do you have to finish in time… it is all about forcing yourself to a task) forums, friends groups, tutorials (!)
they all sooner or later obligate you to evolve on your works.
It is all about getting the VIEW on how you can model things out
if I go in and tell you step by step on HOW I modelled out the posts so far (maybe save from the head and body… those two sort of demand organic sculpting experience), you would manage to model them out at as impressive a time period. So the WAY to do each of them is what gets you seriously ahead, hence you need to be able to see what CAN be done as quick as possible.

[color=lemonchiffon]Now WHAT can you do to improve;
I was always a fast modeller since I managed to get a hang of it… but then a few years ago I started attending speed modelling competitions in another forum that I later on ended up moderating.
How it goes is: You have an hour to model what ever is given to you that week. That forum cost me a LOT of things, leave alone that it was a serious waste of my time, but in the end of it I believe I have given some people something; and also I have seriously increased my speed in examining/deciding/modelling things out
After (obligation) modelling difficult models within an hour at least once every week (Almost 2 years now for my part), modelling does grow to be an extension of your thoughts.
(An EXAMPLE THREAD of a session of speed modelling “how-to” )[/color]

Now [color=lemonchiffon]do NOT get an illusion that speed modelling is going to get you to model something fast… That almost NEVER happened to me.
YES; in the end of it I always modelled them honestly within the hour
but it always cost me a few attempts, if not a few tests on figuring out WHAT may work the better. So what I always ended up doing was wasting four maybe five… sometimes even 48 hours to model a simple object that I would easily have modelled and been done with within 2 hours max!
This helps a LOT in the end of it. Because what you discover in one model you can always carry over to your next projects.
Another addition the Speed Modelling competitions have given was the “Rush”! I can not compare the race of modelling against the ticking of the timer
an hour becomes SUCH a short time period at that moment. In fact just like I had had stated above for “sketching from a live model”
this “Rush” becomes some what automated, if not addictive. You end up racing to finish the model up
it keeps you from relaxingly enjoying it maybe, but you get the job done![/color]

I really CAN’T give you step by steps on improving, but what I CAN do is try to give you a few tips/starters.
[li]Tip#1 [color=lemonchiffon]Practice
and practice a LOT (I shouldn’t even have to be saying this!)[/li][li]Tip#2 Get very used to “selecting” things
this is a VERY overlooked process that is literally vital to working fast. And of course get used to the tools
accessing them, using them (Being able to decide on what tool shall prove most worthy/speedy is a feature that shall grow on you only through experience)[/li][li]Tip#3 Always start with as little geometry as you can manage. Try to describe your mesh with the least amount of vertices. When ever you can’t tweak them around to express the model
THEN you add in more geometry. You just HAVE to be able to get used to figuring out what a box-model will look like when smoothed out.[/li][li]Tip#4 Probably the best way to model out something from real life would be through how it was built IN real life (through personal experience I believe that this rule at least 90 percent of the time holds true)[/li][li]Tip#5 Always try to stick to quads when ever possible
in fact playing a game of “try to keep the mesh in Quads". I have nothing against triangular polygons
it is just that having quads enables you access to a lot of tools that really speed up your workflow. I would have to SHOW examples… but through experience you shall yourself note the difference.[/li][li]Tip#6 TRY to draw your concept first as best as you can. Especially if it is not something you are able to hold in your hands. The struggle you show in building a 2D image of a project definitely premeditates you into modelling it in 3D. And it can take a lot less time.[/li][li]Unofficial Tip: Use MaYA :wise: … well I don’t know if that has an effect or not
I use MaYA, and here you are reading my post on how to model faster! :p[/color][/li][/ul]
[color=lemonchiffon]Besides the last one… these are little pointers of many that you would develop eventually. I am sorry that they don’t make you super fast instantly
but they might help you get there. As stated over and over… it all comes down to being able to See/Notice methods… and this not only demands creativity, but knowledge as well.
(Again from the same site a good example was THESE replies to THIS request. In the first link I am giving the URL to the page and not to my particular post since there is a good variaty ther… Mine is further down. I had first explained the geometry HERE before actually doing it)[/color]

[color=lemonchiffon]It is not ALL good;
As with all things… there are ups and downs… speed modelling DOES have it’s side effects.
[li]It IS addictive[/li][li]You don’t really get to relax and enjoy modelling[/li][li]You become very aggressive if disturbed while in the middle of a project[/li][li]You become VERY anal! (I am not too sure if this actually IS a side effect
I am VERY anal, and I speed model :rolleyes:
)[/li][li]It even starts dominating your sleep![/color][/li][/ol][color=lemonchiffon]Well okay… now to be more serious… there is one general disadvantage…[/color]
Your workflow to get a model completed as fast as possible does just that… gets the model completed. But this usually gives you a LOT more work on trying to texture the model decently (Unless you are also part of the mass majority that just hits some auto command and projects textures
then leaves it at that

A very decent workflow to go for would most possibly be to select individual faces and to set your UV’s as you go. Because at many models that you start off with a primitive, it is so much simpler to distribute the UV’s to compare to the complex, later stages (NOT referring to the organic models
I more mean things like candles
or I don’t know… weapons, machinery
ESPECIALLY if you want a sort of lath texturing on it
). Trust me that it REALLY makes a difference.

So while your bar for your bicycle is still a cylinder
start already distributing things aroung… before you end it into shape (for example) Also in some way “MARK” faces WHILE you are modelling
for example these buildings I did… I would have been in a MUCH better state had I saved my selection of the windows WHILE I had them selected and extruded
get what I mean?

Well I must have given you LOT to read and think about (I am NOT going to go up and check through… so if there was TOO much nonsense or too many typo’s… my apologies pre-hand)… for short… there is sadly no way for you to come home to the few hours you have for the computer, and expect to be able to just constantly make best use of it.
Like expectable it is going to take a lot from you first. Try to think it like an old fashion water pump
when you first install it: the pump won’t work at all. What you will have to do is pour a glass of water first into it so it can vacuum correctly
In the result of it, you WILL have a pump that will constantly bring up water
But you HAVE to put the first glass of water from yourself.

All this stated… I would have to include that: I am FAR from the level of “mastering” I am working to live up to… There is MUCH to learn yet, and just as much to do!:bounce:

Hope this helps you, or at least some one!



Hi Black … i like a lot what ur doing with buildings there :thumbsup: … thx fro dropping for my thread and the comments about the shader . it looks u didn read the thread completly i dont blame u i didn read ur latest either … it was quite long but ill manage to read that cuz is very informative as always. :slight_smile:
Im having a litle problem with the shader i think ill try to explained the problems n the thread… i got some answers for the pixar forum and other forums i been posting the problem … ill try that tonight :wise:

oh the buildings :slight_smile: i need to get back to those … i spent some time with the head the other night , then the shader now working on some interiors stuff then back to the buildings mostly the golf tee cuz thats teh symbol of the city… i think maybe not also the chamber thats why is so important to me to aplieed the stone shader to cap 25 km radius if im not wrong … theres nmo point on modeling stuff in the cap if the stone shader does not work in the Eon scene when i import it so i abandon taht for now…

nice work an cya around


Hey Berter,

Nice organic looking buildings , I like the smooth look to them and they will look even better with textures. Look forward to the foreground elements you mentioned and good luck .


Hey man, I just read trough your reply.
(BTW, have saved the speed modeling essey for later.)

Im sorry I havent read that one of the guy that trashed you, cos I wouldn’t go silent about it.(as you noticed,not everyone have been visiting faq, and I cant recall if I have been there, but even If I have, probabaly was just asking challenge related question and just searching ancwer to specific things,thus maybe skiping you or someone else I know,you should share that fact back then, boy would I bite.)I understand your feeling about that, it is justifyed, I would felt iritated to.

There are alot of those things that bother me also here at cg talk, and make me iritated aswell, but then again, there are as many that keeps me coming back, like, nice people like yourself, beautyfull art that makes me inspired,news and other related to cg.

Im not coming to any negative conclusions my man, I just totaly understand you, and further more, am really happy you shared theese things and took your time to ancwer me,
that I appreciate alot.

Anyway, have nothing else on my mind wright now, so im going for night sleep while its night.

I didnt enter 3D just because I wanted to refresh my 2D side again.
I realised how much have I missed it, afterall, I started from 2d back as I kid.
I’d like to hear more of your for me important commenting, looking forward to it.

Im sorry also if I phrase some words that might sound offensive,Its not deliberate, its just lack of grammar and spelling knowledge.

Seeya Black…


I was working on this texture set today
It is a method I have developed a few years ago
And went for very often per opportunity (Shall a large scene be demanding).

But I have had to stop on it… realising that this MIGHT be against the rules
I only prepared this post to have something to show the moderators, and ask IF it would be valid or not.

[color=lemonchiffon]What I did was I modelled out a background
but thinking that it was only for texturing, I didn’t pay attention to creating everything from scratch. I DID use pieces from models already vacant in my HD

Then I rendered it at my usual [b]4K/b for texturing
but with the Z-Depth evaluation turned on, so I would have a displacement map to use.
(For those interested… the specularity map was a separate render… I turned off all the lights and put a white glowing surface, that was set “not o render itself” but to be visible in reflections, wrapping it around the model
this way only the reflective specularity was rendered

Naturally I thought this to be a great texture to use on the very far elements (Since I am hoping to show a LOT of the “[color=white]Stone” due to camera distortion)[/color]

But then I came to wonder
EVEN if I am actually only using the render of a model that was not made from scratch only for texturing; am I allowed for using it? Especially since displacements are involved

In case there are those that shall compliment me for the above model, and so forth without reading:

Read the text.

I shall now message Robert to ask if he can visit and read this post and clarify if for me…