Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Berter Akyol


Man, I can’t believe how much you’ve done in such a short time. Nice work!

Cheers :smiley:


Thank you ver much Michael… we’re all trying our best, I am glad you like the struggle here.

Simple Following Eye Tut;
Seems some people would also like to know what I meant with the “eye” in post #62… as well as some that would like to know how it was done.
[color=lemonchiffon]What I meant
was that it is basically an eye that even though there is constraining no rotation or translation
follows the camera movement.

[color=lemonchiffon]How it is DONE is very simple actually… even simpler than the shoe-Laces.[/color]

Firstly we need to do some modelling.

[li]Create a sphere[/li][li]Give it a Black shader (I chose a phongShader with low secularity for the tut’s sake)[/li][li]Now duplicate the sphere and scale it larger (I have turned on X-ray here on for clarity).[/li][li]Give that one a shader of its own with a colour of your choice (This is going to be the iris)[/li][li]Now duplicate and and enlarge it again.[/li][li]Give this one a White shader.[/li][/ol]
Well you’re done with the modelling bit.

Now the final step;
This is going to be software specific
but you are going to have to find these attributes in your own.

According to MaYA;

you select the outer two spheres and then go to editPolygon menu and choose to reverse the normals.
Last of all you open the attributes editor for each of the outer two spheres and set the “doublesided” option to “False”
(Actually you could have directly gone here and selected “opposite” instead of flipping the normals… it’s your call)

And that’s about all it takes!
I think I create one between 15 to 20 seconds and it is really handy.

Hope this can help the some of you that would be interested.



yes, great thread… seems your into detail both explaining things and you work ,
im wonderin if youre a teacher sort of.



These are the texture maps I plan on using for [color=white]Patricia, presented on a phongShader and screen grabbed from MaYA.[/color]

The heads are NOT renders
so you are still not looking at the finished results. I am savouring such a render for when I have completed the Displacement and the Diffuse maps. Both of which can be readied only when I am satisfied with the “sculpting” process.
And the hair is only a basis and in case you would see through her hair gaps.

Textures here were achieved from projecting (Only the colour map) and editing in Photoshop (All of them).
Not getting into detail on the preparation of it, due to this not being a 2D thread
but I can state that I tried to give each character a special Specularity map depending on the skin type I would generally expect from the ethnicity and etc
I had really liked the texture I had made the last time
But I think I am a little more proud of this one. We’ll just have to see how things work out.

STILL painting the maps for the rest (Including a full body map for [color=white]Karen)… Hope to post them as well soon.[/color]

As always; feel free to ask any questions of my methods shall you have any.



Thank you Chandro;

Well there ARE deeper reasons of why I have adapted the habbit of sharing my methods… But that would be a story for another time.

For short; no, I am not a teacher. (Though I was a ballet teacher before I had to stop dancing :)… does that count?)

I am just glad that some of you are enjoying their finds here.



And this time, the texture maps for [color=white]Karen.
Once again; these are screen-grabs from MaYA and lack the quality a decent render would provide.
Not being lazy here, just don’t see the need yet of this point, since the painted textures are all I intend to display.[/color]

[color=lemonchiffon]Painting the textures;
Actually a possible (understandably) misinterpretation of the previous Mile-Stone has been brought to my attention

These textures you are seeing now are not photo-projections. The word “projection” is used because of the manner some features have been introduced to the 3D mesh while working within MaYA (Very obvious in the eyes/eye-sockets).
The textures have bee painted out using stamps and textures collected from references.[/color]

However I DO plan on photo projections pretty soon. This is just an in-between step I prefer to use (And advise, even if just primitively done) before getting into massive details. It helps remind me where what is, and how it is going to look.

Many of us tend to get carried away in Z-Brush, Mud-Box, or which ever software we use for sculpting out details or baking detailed images
and this tends to show in the grand total (leaving your hard efforts useless)

So the idea here is to choose the brows, the eyes, the skin type, the hair… the shape of the head (Which is again NOT sculpted in either of the above mentioned software, these are obtained through vertice moving and gradually applied wrap deformers/lattices)

[color=lemonchiffon]Back to Karen;
If you shall notice her bump map is lighter but less contrast in general, high contrast in details. That’s mostly to help pronounce her age, and the uniformity of her Specular to compare is again due to her being Caucasian/being descendent from an English family and so forth.
I also increased the specular colour of her eyebrows to blend them in a little better.[/color]

Earlier I came up with a radical option for [color=white]Olmy
Will try to finish him up and post later today.[/color]



Wow Black! The tip about the laces is exellent!
Its wicked that you are willing to share you knowledge.

By the way your modelling is very inspiring.

Keep up the great work!


and [color=lemonchiffon]ONE MORE Character’s textures;[/color]

Ser Olmy!
(Once again with screen grabs and not renders
once again without displacement or diffuse maps presented

Actually a problem occurred apparently while setting him as a morph target
his nostrils pulled in, even though I had well smoothed them out. I must have done an in-between mistake somewhere, I just don’t know where.
The reason I didn’t correct that yet is that I had a mind to go on in and seriously sculpt out some details onto him.

As for the texture: I just thought that darkening the sockets might be a cool idea
If people go through the trouble of changing their WHOLE body, I find it very natural for men to paint their faces :slight_smile: .
I AM going to make him a thick bundle of hair as described in the book, but didn’t texture it on here because I WANTED it to look unnaturally blended in.

Even for the specularity map, I have left it sort of greyish with a slight organic tint. This was because I wanted an unnaturally oiled skin complex (that sounded weird!). Sort of like you would do for a concrete shader.
I guess that’s sort of how I decide on the making of my specularity maps. I tend to compare the results I want to a material
to specific metals, or stones and etc
That’s possibly why Karen seems like she is made out of bronze while Olmy here looks as if he is a concrete Life-Cast.

At the moment I am still texturing [color=white]Carrolson, but I give her and Lanier a break… Thistledown still IS lagging sort of behind :sad: .[/color]

I HOPE to be able to get you another update tonight. But no promises.



I’ve seem to have gotten over 3000 views and have been past the “first 50 in the most viewed” line for some time now

Even though I’ve started 11 weeks late and it hasn’t even been a month since I actually participated!!

Never thought it would be such especially when (save from myself) there were only 19 visitor posts.
Guess I am interesting enough to look at :arteest: , but TOO scary to post :argh:

[color=lemonchiffon]Well none the less:
Just a short “Thank You!” message to all you guys browsing through
I Know that these numbers are temporary, and as the deadline approaches, these visitor counts will most possibly change to my disadvantage, but as deserved:

Thank you for visiting so often, and for (read=But) NOT SPAMMING:stuck_out_tongue:
It is MUCH appreciated! :bowdown:



Oh my… haven’t been around much lately so I’ve missed a whole lot. I so enjoy going through your thread! Steady highquality work and the way you share your methods is really inspiring… thank you!
I love the modeling gifs - have never seen that method before, and your texturing is wonderful (but I knew that already)
Best of luck for your final steps now and again: It’s amazing how much the newborn Dante looks like your painting, did you do a 3d printout of it or was it just luck? :scream:


I seem to have idiotically overwritten the texture file that I have been working since last night with the texture I had created last (I use the same naming conventions like all five of them have HeadClr.iff for colour… it is ony the directory names that distinguish them. This was just for ease incase I would convert this into a morphing animation in the future)…
Feeling pretty dull at the moment!
(This was a pretty expensive mistake)

Well for the last few hours I have been trying to fix up my mess… and I hope to be able to posts results from it soon (a few hours soonest: sad: )

Thank you & Welcome to the forums Alexandre;
I am so sorry for skipping out on reacting to your post… I must say that I am flattered that this thread was your first post in these forums… it was just that with my uploading a MileStone I was distracted, and it was rude of me.

I’m glad you like the methodology presented and truly hope for them to be of use to you too some day.
I enjoy discovering new methods and sharing them with others, but even still it is not possible for me to cover every topic… like others, feel free to ask me shall there be need.

Hello again Gunilla;

[color=silver]I guess old habits die hard… It started with my need to prove that I actually drew the illustrations I did as a child… and now I can’t even start a thread without explaining myself :sad:[/color]

[color=lemonchiffon]As for Dante’s illustration[/color]
(My newest weak point… I can chat pages about our little squirrel)…

Well yes… I guess I got us SO integrated into 3D that I have mutated my wife to a 3D-Printer :eek:

Or even WORSE
[color=white]Rebecca is actually the name of a 3D printer brand… but I refuse to see her in her actual form![/color]
Naaa … honestly I was pretty impressed with the similarity myself, though I had a LOT of echographs to examine. It was a period I had more work to do as 2D than I had for 3D… hence the illustration as well. I do wonder though, if I would ever be able to make it as successful in 3D.

As for the illustration we are waiting for my hands to be rid of the load I have, (including a competition you may have heard of) than I shall present it and detail shots in my website’s section dedicated to [color=white]Dante.
We are also planning on selling it’s signed high quality prints, and saving all of it’s income on his bank account… But all to come in good time (I hope)[/color]

I’ll let you know when the finished image is uploaded if you wish.

Getting back to fixing my Boo-boo



Many of us tend to get carried away in Z-Brush, Mud-Box, or which ever software we use for sculpting out details or baking detailed images
and this tends to show in the grand total (leaving your hard efforts useless)

Man thats way to true!

Love the new character work and especially the way you show all the various images. After Tuesday when I get a chance to work harder on mine I have got to do the same. It seems hypocritical for me not to since I’m so pro-tutorial when possible.

Patricia and Karen are fantastic as is Olmy. Just a word of strict book-wise critism Olmy did not have ears.

I’m sad to hear you have not been having such a great day. I can relate to the first part. I just could not get my galaxies to look as good as normal for me. Something about the scale needed for this project is really not working for me. But I did quit working on that and started working on Axis Nader modeling again and ma doing wonderfully. Moral of the story jump to something else for a while and I’ll pray you get lucky like I did :slight_smile:


He DIDn’t??

Damn… I always FELT that he hadn’t had ears as I read through the series (Yeah got them all… I have 23 books from Greg Bear) … but when I went back to take as many notes as I can possibly find on each charcter, I couldn’t find one thing about the ears not really being there.
I was always open to interpreting it as “not there”… but no description such to what I found.

Got me very disapointed to be honest… because I was pretty happy to not have to do the damn ears!
(have the hardest time with the ears when I do a head, and I was not too much better at deforming it to the shape you see here)

I WILL go through the pages again ASAP… but if you have it noted down … or remember clearly “when”/“where”… could you find it/tell me about it please?



I honestly don’t remember a description at all of Olmy in Eon. It was not til at least 1/3 the way through Eternity that I remember the first description of Olmy. If I remember right it was sometime around the time he was introduced to the Jart. After that it was mentioned a few times especially when his son is ‘born’ and Greg compares how he looks compared to Olmy.


do you have any other thread tutorials? or maybe a gallery?:slight_smile:


I spent the whole last-night skimming through “[color=white]Eternity”
Fortunate for me that it was a lot thinner book than that of Eon.[/color]

Actually memories of [color=white]Dante (My son) made Tapi’s confrontations with Olmy a whole different story. I have to state that it is a whole different story to read once you have nights you spend examining your own child
especially when he/she is newly born.
I just noticed some keen fatherly observations that “Examining your own Child”’s similarities can only amplify.[/color]

But none the less; unfortunately I couldn’t find anything of the sort about his ears
I HAVE however found these:
About the Jarts and [color=white]Olmy:

Soon, following an agreement worked out between the Jart mentality and his partial, he would allow the Jart access to his eyes and ears. They could communicate more effectively if they understood each other better.

About Ser Tapi Ram Olmy:[/color]

[color=silver]His body image at that time had been a six year old boy, Polynesian in appearance—Polynesians and Ethiopic blacks had been considered the most beautiful of the human races in Ram Kikura’s youth—and extremely puckish in behavior.
[color=silver]Tapi waited for him, his self-designed image now that of a young man, a good approximation of what a natural son of his parents might have looked like—Olmy’s build and unaltered eyes and lips, Ram Kikura’s nose and high cheekbones, a handsome young male with the few stylish flaws that were the hallmark of intelligent body-design.
[color=silver]The young man’s body would be self-contained, but without the reliance on Talsit parts and other maintenance items in short supply. His design would not be able to exist so long without maintenance and nutrition, but for these times it was a better design than Olmy’s.

Alas… he has ears… BIG ones :sad: …

Frustrated… I went through my notes on [color=white]Eon again

and found it THERE! : sad:
(TOLD you that I was not too bright at the moment!)
I have it typed AND saved on my HD titled “Ser Olmy” And the line was on the TOP of the list!:

“Things are in quite a riot here, aren’t they?” the man said. Patricia realized that he had a nose but no nostrils. His eyes were pale blue, almost blank, and his ears were large and round.
I don’t suppose my [color=white]Olmy’s ears would be fit to be called “Large”
would you by any chance? :sad:[/color]

methods and short tutorials
I have MANY
hundreds maybe by count… Bu you would really have to browse through a variety of forums; mostly by the name “Black” or similar (If ‘Black’ has had been already taken).
One that directly comes to mind is a thread in Threedy.com where I had once moderated, hence spent a lot of time in.
In there alone there is a LOT more
but as I said unorganised.

I had some time ago dedicated a lot of information/models/textures/misc to the net… but disappointment in it’s usage from those who accessed it. I have withdrawn all my “freestuff”

I DO plan how ever to present a great variety of more organised tutorials, as well as free stuff again in my website to come:
(IF I ever make the time for it)

I really need to get back to work now…



This is another of the five characters you had seen the bodies of; Lenore Carrolson.

She is a much elder lady to compare to [color=white]Karen and especially Patricia. So I tried to make her a little more matt and weathered.
In my earlier attempt I had made her specular in the lines of a tree-bark
but (for those that haven’t read it in the thread) I have managed to overwrite the files :sad: .[/color]

I know the hair seems to be platinum blonde, but it is mostly to give a very light under layer. She is originally blonde with streaks of white and grey.
(For those that are wondering… this time the hair was through a filter from [color=lemonchiffon]Alien Skin Eye-Candy. Matching it seamlessly was a whole other story! :sad: )[/color]

Unfortunately this time (even though I put most work in this one
save for [color=white]Patricia’s
) I am really not too proud of the textures. And I feel bad about how it cost me two days.[/color]

I think all in all, the textures presented so far are pretty satisfactory for distance shots, and unless I have time enough in my hands, I think I’ll be sculpting Patricia out to very high details only (though I would REALLY want to go in and give Carrolson a better job)

I hope to be able to post [color=white]Lanier in a shorter period than this one has managed to show up.[/color]



Sorry about that Black, maybe I was thinking of the tears which Olmy did not have but Tapi did. But I could have sworn he had no ears. I also when all the way through Eternity again and sure did not find the passage I though I was thinking of. I guess all these dang late nights blending into early mornings has driven me to early on-set Alzhiemers.


No worries Tim,

Since I myself even went through reading the book always with a visual image of [color=white]Olmy without to very little ears, I guess I should accept he fact that it just feels such as you read it all.
I wonder what Greg was thinking
Possibly due to improve his hearing or something?[/color]

Well none the less
I think my ears ARE going to have to need to be worked (Read=Enlarged) on :cry:



This is going have to be my pre-visualisation of [color=white]Garry Lanier, since he turned out far more different than I had had envisioned him to be.
Textures just proved that the wrap deforming and polygon tweaking was simply just not enough to get the features I thought I had achieved. He looks so much better without the textures :sad:.[/color]

I gave him a very dense black hair scalp (Which was projected onto a 2D map from the 3D object for a change
For those intrested
) for basis of the Hair effects I am to apply (to ensure it to look nice and thick) and I have made sure that he has a nice sharp specularity on the hairs

I had many models that so gave the feel I had while reading the book, like [color=white]Michael from Prison Break… or Hell… even Mel Gibson!
But the way that he was constantly brought out to look “Amerindian” enforced me to change all my interpretations, especially when even a senator that doesn’t know him directly asks if he is Amerindian SHOULD tell me that the guy is pretty much unmistakable.[/color]

[color=lemonchiffon]Well in any case, I am going to be re-shaping him a dear amount to get a blend between an American native and what I would prefer for him to look like.[/color]

I will post reference texts about him AND all of the characters once I spare the time to render them all out
At this moment I am truly too occupied with modelling out [color=white]Thistledown :sad:[/color]

Hope to be getting more often posts like the earlier times
But there is so much to do that does not fit into 24 hours sometimes