Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Berter Akyol


Man I’m envious, I ‘used’ to be like you a person that rarely ever slept more the 4 hours, anything past 6 meant I was severally ill. But now I’m on this horrid medication that knocks me out within an hour of taking it and for a solid 8 hours. I keep complaining to the Dr that I want to change, but he ‘thinks’ its great that I’m finally gettting a normal nights sleep. Dr’s are evil thats why I never went to Med school and went into research instead and now, now I do CG.
Anyways a major congrat’s on having everything mapped! Thats what I’m working on right now and doubt I’ll finish in 12 years let alone 12 days. So back to work for both of us.


I am sorry for taking so long on this last update
which possibly doesn’t even look like an update for the most of you (save from the texture image being projected)

I ran into some serious difficulties using this one mesh and adopting it to the actual characters I had had wanted to model out. The cage didn’t match out, the vertices slid around disabling the territory reserved for painting lips some times end up being the top of the chin for some and etc (Especially for Olmy, since he IS a good amount different to compare.)

So I had to go in and make some subtle changes to the topology STARTING from the lower res cage upwards! :cry:
And also I had to ensure the continuity of particular areas to ease in texturing.

As a result I messed up big time from rushing my head model. And yesterday I literally had to pay the price of it.

Last of all
The texture you see here is most possibly NOT going to be used (Too Low-Res)… I only projected it because it was already in position. I intend on preparing textures I find more appropriate. But shall I now need on from lack of time I have a ready projected texture :slight_smile:
As for the eyes… they are just three spheres within each other with double sided render disabled. The outer two have reversed faces so you only see them in the back drop (A VERY fast way to make eyes that follow the camera).

Hopefully will be posting more updates within 4 to 5 hours. But I have an animated gif of the Heads WIP readied for my earlier post (the one I hadn’t had time to make an animation for). I’ll post that right away.



Well not EXACTLY everything
but getting there. Hopefully this weekend will be my “Posing” weekend so I can get down to business!

As for the sleeping bit, I think you should do as the doctors say. I have suffered very sever medical consequences from my condition
even a few urgent visits to the hospital. (Ironically one of them was while I was on the “Master ‘n’ Servant” Challenge).

Apparently it is actually faster for a man to die from not sleeping than it is from not eating
live and learn :sad:

[color=lemonchiffon]A little Story;[/color]
As for the time thingy…
I think I am on the same track as you
I want TOO much and the time is TOO little!
My Father had told me of a project that he was given in his early graduation years as a mechanical engineer. They had apparently done a fantastic job. But the time was really JUST not enough… they needed ONE more day to complete it. They went with what they had and the guys apparently liked it a lot
and given them a whole WEEK to finish it and come back.
And you know what?
They still hadn’t finished it!

Hope that can help you to remember something I keep forgetting :slight_smile:


As I stated in the earlier post, I have prepared the animation Gif for the making of the head.
This time I have also included a render of the latest stage of it.[/color]
Something like Four or so years ago I had stumbled across Dave’s radical method of modelling out a head and ever since I have included it into my pipe-line pretty frequently. I WOULD advise those interested to browse through [color=white]HIS TUTORIAL.[/color]

Well without any more to say, here is the animation:
And again; for those interested a higher resolution version can be found [color=white]HERE[/color]
(As you should appreciate, because of the textures included the file size has dramatically increased :sad[color=silver]: [/color])

Til next!



This is just a quick render to show you guys on what I have been busy with for the last two days. A total of 18 different blendShapes; keying most of the unique features the characters I wish to pose should demand.
Heads were definitely as time consuming as the bodies, if not more
especially areas I mad the mesh dense such as the lips and eyes.

Few of the targets were sculpted via ZBrush, and the rest were wrap deformed into shape.

Still working on the textures and they are on their way to completion. Since a close up would be essential I believe I shall post them per character as they finish up.

That said; only three of these guys are going to be having a displacement map
since the rest are far enough.

Still a LOT of work to do :sad:



Nice Job Black… modeling is going great … u put a lot of effort and it shows :thumbsup: try to sleep a bit more like 6 hours k… :wise:

I wass looking at ur post #63 and is kinda the same way i was trying to model mine but i was using splines (nurbs curves) k… i think that ur using polys am i right? i post some info about my problem in my thread anyway … i couldn not finish the head i dont think i will for the challenge … so many problems and not so much experience from my part neither :sad: … anyways is kinda the same principle but i see that u kinda wrrap the texture is kinda cool… ok thats it for now all the info ur giving is really helpfull u should get an award for that :applause:



i really like the way you present your thread black, very clean and clear. beside your workflow is amazing. goodluck!!


Hah! The systematic fanatic is at it again…


May the gods speed your hand good sir


Sorry again for not being able to post for some time… and keeping you guys updated
But I have put myself in a pretty difficult situation, demanding a great amount of work from my part.
But I can assure you that the next updates are going to be really big updates (Painting the textures and trying to do as good a job as possible for my part)

Until then I thought I would share something with you guys;
There has been people that have wondered about the last step in my boot presented above (Post #54), asking why I had put it soo much in steps and not the last step (For short: how did I do it?).

I usually like examining a model as best as I can before I start, to model as fast and efficient as I may…
And the most optimised method I personally had had come up with for this was by extruding from a cube.

Believe me, it is a VERY simple few steps that I believe you can apply to most every 3D-modelling package:

First you create a cube with two divisions along it’s height:
Now from top view; you pull It’s vertices to a diamond shape:Select the two faces from across each other in the top row and extrude…Now select the other two faces, but from the bottom row and extrude these this time:Well you are actually done. That was simply it! … Yeah, I know it doesn’t look like much

But wait until we duplicate it a few times

And then smooth it (2 divisions here)!

Because of the place that the two ‘sticks’ are locked in the centre… the smoothing flattens them in their centre, simulating the structure of a lace.

I know that his may seem a little too simple a method (Hence the reason I included it in a single step above), or primitive, but it takes literally seconds to set up and in non-close up the effects are fantastic to compare to texture maps.

Hope that some of you may also find this of some use. And if you have any questions on how I modelled out any part of the updates posted here please feel free to ask, it is more aflattery than an insult I WILL spare you the time.

Thank you very much, I am very flattered but you are being too generous on your compliments :slight_smile:
None the less I am very glad that the posts are appreciated… since they do tend to take some bit more of the time that I actually have in hand. I grew a habit of attending these competitions when I have less than a month to finish it :sad:[/color]
As for the modelling bit;
When I work with Splines I tend to first sculpt a base mesh out of something to snap onto.
Before the method above
(this was through a guy known in the net as “[color=white]The Hobbit Guy”)
I used to patch model and try modelling with splines
And I would end up creating a second poly mesh to wrap deform the mesh enabling the consistency of the curves.
Eventually it was only logical for me to end up creating a box model cage that I would later on smooth at a high division level to snap my curves onto.[/color]

I have to state though; that the method I used above was a real savoir to the precision and speed I prefer to work with. I have integrated it in my work flow ever since.
I have just up-dated the post #63 to include a URL link… do pay it a visit as it will definitely be worth the time (I believe).
Actually I gave up on Splines years ago, at least when heads are in concern, I used to poly model and then convert to subD’s
mostly because of the option to crease the edges
But ever since I got my hands on the polyCrease tool for [color=white]MaYA
I have been only poly-modelling. It has incomparable flexibility
both for modelling and texturing.[/color]

I’ll try to visit your thread and see if there might be anything that I can help you out on if you wouldn’t mind.

Thank you very much

I hope to get somewhere in time
I am REALLY trying to work as fast as possible… but it is not always too easy to do EVERYTHING from scratch! :cry:

Lol… wouldn’t know…
By the looks of it I am way over my head
there is SO much more I want to do… let’s see what I am going to be able to fit in!

Hoping to post some serious updates soon;



:bounce: greatt… i was just thinking how did you managed o greate those laces… :applause:

im amazed… your workflow is just stunning. you can print a book from your thread i think.

take care.


now is neither this exactly the sculpted form of Patricia… nor the exact texture I am busied with. It is more to srt of post something in-between so I don’t just post you guys a finalised image.
Oh and not to mention that I didn’t exactly bother with building up a body texture, it is a rough silhouette with a uniform hue of the body shapes. (For those interested and into this: I went for an HSV value of 27:375:725 for her uniform skin tone).

I hope that by this time tomorrow you should be able to see a completed version of her with the displacement and etc

I had to reference a lot from the descriptions on the book. Even though she has the most descriptions about her; they are all obsessed with her SQUARE eyes! I searched all over for what exactly square eyes may mean
but I presume it is the Latin big-eyes that have very beautiful eyelashes contouring it to the illusion of being square-ish
I literally ended up yelling “Alright we’ve got the picture… her eyes are SQUARE!” out loud.
So I guess we had BETTER make her have square eyes :sad:

This is a list of references ONLY about her eyes
(And these are the ones I was able to note down!!)
Reference Text (From Page 11):

Her square, intense eyes reminded him of a cat’s gaze just before pouncing.

Reference Text (From Page 32):[color=silver]

[color=silver]Beneath wide square eyes as black as his own, and a small, sharp nose, she had drawn her mouth into a tight line.
Reference Text (From Page 406):

She opened her eyes—wide and square—and stared up at him.

Reference Text (From Page 409):

Patricia smiled but said nothing. Her eyes however, were bright and Square: cat with a secret.

Reference Text (From Page 426):

Patricia stared at him in shock, eyes square, touched with anger.

Reference Text (From Page 434):

“They’ll teach me,” she said, regarding him with her large black eyes, not square at all now, not feline, but round and calm.

Reference Text (From Page 497):

Her hair was long, still luxuriantly thick and dark; her face appeared youthful despite her seventy-four years, her eyes black and square and penetrating.

I used series of influence images in her making… but mostly was influenced by a character I found in [color=white]Daz3D’s commercials (mostly texture) and Queen Amidala (mostly shape and features) from Star Wars and Dr. Sarah Tancredi from Prison Break (mostly attitude, will most possibly influence the final pose most).[/color]Refference [color=white]Queen Amidala_1[/color]
Refference Queen Amidala_1
Refference “[color=white]Real Woman” from Daz3D[/color]
Refference [color=white]Dr. Sarah Tancredi (Though I mostly use pause-shots from the DVD)[/color]

I have noticed NOW while browsing around for the notes I had had taken about her eyes, that I seem to have made a serious mistake on the textures
Her eyebrows seem to be far thicker than they should have had been.Reference Text (From Page 425):

Patricia shook his hand, her thin black eyebrows drawn together.
NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering Well I hope these texts can help you guys out as well as they have helped me out

This has AGAIN been a very long post; at least it would then prove useful.



Hello again Juha

Lol you are exaggerating again

Actually I am especially making them like this so you have something to show your students when you guys get on the net together :stuck_out_tongue:
Now seriously; if you had wondered stuff… why didn’t YOU ask it first? :rolleyes:
My best to the furry ones and you know who!



I had a horrid result in the amount I am closing up on the star figure in my composition… and instead of leaving it and making my hard work up until now look uglier than it is, I decided to go back in and change the topology of the base mesh (mostly the ears) and completely rearrange the UV map.

The basic problem was that I need to divide it 3 times in order to et the render results you see posted above
that I didn’t like… I wanted to add more geometry to where it was needed, rather than every where!
In this latest updated mesh only smoothing it once (and in distances not even smoothing it) gives fantastic results.

The secondary problem was that the UV map was rushed hence horrid. There were extreme stretch marks along the jaw line (which looks very bad in a 15 mm camera shot).
I have dealt with that matter as well by breaking the UV map a good bit more
sort of got the guts to remove the eyes as well through browsing Linh Mai’s thread. And I have to state that as long as you manage to paint it in a 3D environment or project the texture, it really saves a lot of space.

getting back to work!
[color=white]Thistledown is ALMOST finished… it was a LOT more fun to compare. I was freer to do a lot of random selections and extrusions.[/color]

Will be working on the hair this afternoon… hope to post it soon




Yeah the UV mapping is always difficult. Doesn’t matter how many time you do. Its difficult. It will be easier if you can get the uv map of the model in half first and then duplicate the map. You can cut and sew the uvs may resolve the stretchy problem.

Just a thought.



this is my interpretation for [color=white]Karen; one of the main characters I am planning on including in the main shot.
She will be in the back leaning onto Lanier… I think I am going to leave her facial expression as it is
not going to have her particularly pose of anything.
In a private scene she had with Lanier, she reveals a T-Shirt with “Whale” written in Chinese characters.[/color]

Reference Text (From Page 278):

She tugged at her jumpsuit zipper and pulled it down, revealing a T-shirt with a Chinese character on the front, signifying “whale,” the Chinese name for the Stone.
NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering

The image of the Chinese character is from the book
I scanned and used it to texture the T-Shirt. I will be posting a bigger version of the scan in the thread for those that might be needing it.
The yellow hair-lines are a series of curves that shall be simulated in [color=white]MaYA to better fit her
it is more work than you would imagine.
I shall be rendering it out with a series of paintEffects hair assigned.[/color]

[color=lemonchiffon]As for her textures to come; I have used one uniform texture for all of the bodies for now
save for playing with the hues a little bit to get it to match the head texture.
After doing a render for testing out how the T-Shirt looks… I think I just may leave her without the Jumpsuit
as the jumpsuits ARE proving problematic. :([/color]

We’ll see




This is the scan of the book that I had told you about

(And for those that may make big a mistake;
this is [color=white]KAREN’s T-shirt
NOT Patricia’s,

so don’t use it on a Patricia model :slight_smile: )[/color]

It is a fairly small image actually. To my part it did good in a way; I made use of the natural texture it had with the paper.
I have not compressed it much so you may use it as it is if need be (It may seem smaller than the post… but that was scaled from this one… You would be better off using this uncompressed format).

Thank you for your time and concern

I am pretty capable of tricks/techniques laying out the UV’s, and mirroring was in fact what I have used regularly.
That was not exactly the problem I had :sad:

I have a VERY close up shot to Patricia in particular with a 15mm lens. So the details are very crucial. I would normally tile the UV’s to size
but I am painting the details in 2D and need the UV’s as distinguishable as I may manage.

Hope to finish the textures for the two girls tonight (Damn am I tired actually)



I’m finding your methods and posts to be very helpful- I really appreciate all the effort you’re putting into explaining things. I’m sure you notice this already, but it seems the whale character on the rendered Karen T-shirt is mirror imaged… nice job, and thanks for the inspiration!
-cheers- Scott



Nope i had had REALY not noticed that at ALL …
and MAN do I feel stupid because of it :sad:
(I guess I really need some rest…
I’ll try to rest on the 15th :wink:)

Thank you SO much Scott! You are a life savour.
I did a mistake that I SHOULD have paid attention to. I had a mirrored instance of the cage and forgot to correct that later on.

It really means a lot that the efforts are apreciated. presenting steps is actually a lot less work than it may seem… but honestly it DOES take up some of my precious time… I fear I may drop on the quality of the in-betweens due to time catching up on me :sad:

Once again thanks for the heads up… I’ll make sure I deal with that before the next time I post her!



ermm, you don’t mean the 31st perchance? seeing as the deadline has been extended and all… (I find it strange- on Jan 8 I got the email notice of “last chance, ends Jan 15!”, and now with no email notice and no stickys that I can find, we get an extra 2 weeks!)

Keep up the good work!
cheers- Scott


:blush: Eeee… yes I do actually.
(Just checked the Submit page… 20 days and 19 hours left :slight_smile:)
I guess I must really be giving a baaad impression… two boo-boo’s in a row!

Thats just GREAT news!
That should give me time enough to go on presenting the same way as I go. :bounce:
Scott, it seems I owe you a drink if we ever meet.
(though it is usually San Diego, Los Angeles and SanFrancisco that I am acquainted with when I make it to the states :sad:)

So when was THIS decided on? I presume it is to compensate on the time loss for reading the book for most contestants?
Once I finish what I have in hand… I think I had had better do some browsing!!

Thanks again!




That was good news to me.