Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Berter Akyol


This is the exact same post as the above.
(Save that the model is rotated 180 degrees in Y and has a negative X scale for you to see this side of the [color=white]Frant)[/color]

—> Reference Text (From Page 165):

[color=silver]It stood about seven feet high, skinny, narrow head like a sidewise board with two jutting and unblinking eyes regarding him calmly. Its two long arms emerged from the torso well below where the shoulders should have been and were covered with something similar to the foil ration packets. The legs were short and powerful looking. Its skin was smooth and reflective—not shiny or slimy, but polished like old wood.
—> Reference Text (From Page 208):

[color=silver]A tall creature with a head almost as narrow as a board and jutting eyes rose from behind the ceiling. Its shoulders were wrapped in silvery fabric; otherwise it wore nothing. Its skin was smooth as fine leather and just as brown.
—> Reference Text (From Page 209):

[color=silver]The Frant shook its head solemnly. “Please don’t be frightened,” it said, its voice like a large bird’s, low and warbling.
—> Reference Text (From Page 210):

[color=silver]The narrow-headed, knock-kneed brown Frant climbed farther back through the whiteness and nestled into its own couch.
—> Reference Text (From Page 224):

[color=silver]She looked to the rear and saw the flat-headed, knock-kneed brown creature curled in its own berth, watching her with calm, slowly blinking eyes.[/color]

“Hello,” it said musically.

—> Reference Text (From Page 254):

[color=silver]The Frant peered down at her, its large brown eyes unblinking. It held out one hand, spread its four slender fingers and curled them again. “Please,” it said, its voice like a badly tuned calliope. “I cannot help.”
—> Reference Text (From Page 374):

[color=silver]The Frant’s wide-extended eyes seemed to naturally convey humor and good spirits. Though she found the word guest euphemistic, at best, she did not resent the Frant’s using it.
[/color]NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering

Will be posting the animation shortly



Like before… whenever I have a series of images in a sequence for a “making” I have tried to put together an animated Time-Laps.[indent][indent]

[/indent][/indent]This image was shrunk to a smaller size so not to kill your download speed. For those that would like to view a version with higher resolution; you can click HERE

Also it has been brought to my attention that an earlier *.gif that I had posted for the [color=white]Tube-Rider was getting stuck in the middle in it’s higher resolution version.[/color]
I have fixed and updated it
(I am referring to Post #11)

Thank you Chandro;

Seems you are my only feed back for the subject
and I sort of ended up agreeing with you, even though it made him a bit more human than my hearts fancy.
But instead of shrinking the eyes
I went for enlarging the head :slight_smile:

Til next post!



I sort of forgot to post this image
It was a part of the “[color=white]Frant-Mania” in my last rush
Now I am mostly occupied with finalising the UV texture coordinates and setting the textures. As well as putting cloths onto these guys :).

Apparently I made more errors in my last post… via the naming convention, posting my front view in my post for the back view of the [color=white]Frant
I hope this clears things out a bit.[/color]

This image is just the torso of the Frant assigned to the same T-Pose I had rendered out [color=white]Karen, Patricia and etc
a few posts back. The pose and shader is far from complimenting the hard work put into the Frant, but in any case I am happy with the well optimised mesh. IT shall afford nice details that I hope to assign as a displacement map later on.[/color]

The shader on it is a test shader with a sampler info assigned to an environment sphere, which is again connected to the reflected colour of the shader.
Just a test to see how it may go… nothing special at this moment.

I’ll try to get close ups of the “displaced” form and the textured forms of the characters
but until then I guess this is of the last of the humanoid bodies you shall be seeing here.

Til Next!



Hey Black,
Nice to see that your Frant is going just great.
I thought you were going to follow the same suggestions you’ve gave me about the Frant… the arms coming from the torso, short legs… well, I guess not :slight_smile:
Keep on your great job, and thank you very much for your help on my thread.


[color=lemonchiffon]Oh but I DID (to my distaste) give the [color=white]Frant short legs…[/color]
I guess the camera angle for the torso fails to portray it.[/color]
This guy is 2.10 meters with 85 cm leg length (Working with MaYA Units).
Even though most would fail to call it short in length, I think in proportion; it hits the nail.

Just try to look at the WIP chart post I had a bit above… you’ll notice that the Frant gets taller and taller… the legs still remaining the same in length.
And in fact thickened a dear bit at the end (I had made them very slender and I had actually really liked it :sad: )
I kept from making it very bulky looking… just insisted on them “looking” strong and having knock knees, and alien anatomy for a biped. And I hope that the musculature I went for does make them look strong and sturdy.

I WILL consider getting his legs even shorter… but that shall have to be for a later time. Luckily such a proportional deformation is not too much hard work in compare to setting a topology I would enjoy working with.

Thanks again for the feed back… and Good Luck with yours!



Hey, Black, good to see you back in another Challenge! First off, congrats about Dante! He loks adorable, and you and Rebecca must be very happy. (My wife Talia and I are expecting our first in 5 weeks, so I’m getting to see all the sonograms and stuff that you were focussing on in that last Challenge.)

As for the Challenge, things are looking great so far! Love seeing so many of your works-in-progress demos. And that resource where you found the head images… That was a great link! I’ve bookmarked it myself, what a terrific resource!

Anyhow, best of luck to you and happy new year!



Thank you very much Michael;

[color=lemonchiffon]So you are in this competition as well? :bounce: [/color]

I’ll browse over and check through it as soon as I can… I am sure it is more than worth the while.
It’s just that I have VERY limited time and once again I am so late in entering the comp… but not putting aside my wish to read through the whole thread before posting (At the moment I am STILL in the process of reading through Gunilla and Linh Mai’s ([color=white]JohnnyMaster) threads… which are both pretty monstrously long threads), luckily not too may long and demanding ones.[/color]

Actually I presume this competition is suffering from the holiday seasons (as well as obligations to read something)… my work to agencies increase like HELL from November on… fortunately I still have the “parent-leave” excuse for [color=white]Dante … else I was really going to pass this by.[/color]

And yes … [color=white]Dante has made us VERY happy… Michael I am SO happy you are going to live what I am living now… words REALLY can not explain… the little brat is PERFECT :)[/color]
But I also wish for [color=white]Talia to not suffer anything close to what Rebecca went through in her birth… It was a very, VERY painful 52 hours. She was literally the hero of the whole department because of how she managed to survive it.[/color]

The Head Reference Links…
The link?.. yes that one was DEFINATELY a life savour (And a real devil to find actually)!..
A whole set of characters that you can NOT find casually!

I had lost my collection of heads/meshes to rent out to studios for productions… so last year I had modelled about 164 or so heads from photos of volunteers (Couldn’t afford a photographer for it) in trade of a free model.
Now even though I have more than enough heads in hand… when I need a “character”… I definitely give that link a go. They are TOO unique. I don’t even mind the horrid lighting or low res problems attached.

Just DO be aware though… keep from using the images on their own, or too identical. I believe that a copy write issue is attached. That’s also why I try to influence from them more than anything.

Now that [color=white]Dante is fed and asleep, I am going to get down to some more modelling…[/color]



This is a pre-visualisation of the scene I hope to achieve

I am going to be using a 15mm ‘Fisheye’ view providing the extreme close ups to still contain a great amount of the backgrounds (Hence the difficulty of including a 30km diameter without loosing depth) in a sort of Vertigo fashion…

What you have to picture at this moment is the inner surface being well covered with either geometry or textures, if not both (I shall show close ups of the block mounds you see here in a later post)
And the main characters shall be on the floor of [color=white]Thistledown or Alexandria.[/color]
The characters and their direct surroundings shall be pretty vivid
but the distance shall fade.

I am going to have the [color=white]V/STOL connected to the Tube-Rider in about two thirds of the way (I HAVE to find a way to include it with a closer view. It was hard work getting all those details onto it) If things don’t work out as I wished… I may composite them together into an actually impossible perspective. Not sure yet[/color]

I’ll try to test render out one with the characters in it later on to better give you an idea.



Good luck!
Very ambicious work in here - so far fx’s looking great
good luck


Hey Black. Wow! Impressive speed! In the time that I’ve been away from this challenge you have done more work than I could have done myself in such a short amount of time. I like how this is coming along, but I am not so sure what composition you are aiming for. I guess we will see that soon.

Anyway, keep up the hard work.


I had REALY wanted to post this head before the New Year

And I FINALLY finished it earlier today. It is now an hour before the New Year in our time zone.

Even though I had a good share of heads in modelling
this one really took a lot of my time. I have been working on them (This head is only the making of the base mesh. They are a total of 6 heads with the same mesh) for some good time
and I unfortunately have only the base mesh prepared to post.
I didn’t even have the opportunity to prepare an animated *.gif with them
I guess that’ll just have to be for next year! :slight_smile:

It is almost all quads save from a triangle poly behind the ear. I prepared a sock for the mouth as well but didn’t bother with teeth. I am planning on just using a NURB’s plane with teeth image assigned to it.
The neck was temporary, as I had to trim it to fit the head to the torso (And of course I had to modify it a little as well)

Hope to catch you guys next year!

[color=yellow]HAPPY New YEAR every body!![/color]
And especially for Muslims: [color=yellow]HAPPY first day of BAYRAM![/color]



Thank you very much Bartosz

The challenge IS always a demanding one
But I guess I went over my head in this one.
The good news is that I am really enjoying it a lot.

Thank you [b]Jesus[/b] (hope not to offend, but it felt odd to type that just now);

I stated this a few times above… but unfortunately I am not that fast either
I had started on the project around end November, starting of December.
The only reason I didn’t subscribe/post was because I wasn’t too sure if I was able to make it for the trailer challenge, and wanted to give that a try first. So I modelled everything out that I would have need to some extent… (According to the storyboard) and seeing that it would be impossible to make it as a movie I just gathered up my material and used them for a 3D scene.

The plan was set in this manner so I wouldn’t do the mistake of reposting all my works here in the 3D thread after being unsuccessful in completing the trailer.

As for the scene
Actually now that you say it, it IS really difficult to make sence of the last post
I’ll try to more visually explain it next time.

Thank you both for dropping by,



Expectably it was a morning of gathering-self-up
and this lived through out the day :slight_smile:

As yesterday and the day before I worked some bit on the head and body-mesh (Almost completed that now. Hope to be posting it soon). I have had this boot finished a good bit earlier, but never got to post it.

This is the boot I am going to be going for most probably. I had really wanted to model out the design shoe presented in the Jumpsuit “influence & pre-visualisations" post. But I sort of doubt it will fit into my progress so far :sad:

I hope to get you guys rendered out stuff pretty soon (But there are just TOO many models in hand and I want the most of them over with within two days latest)

Til next;



I know that the previous post looked good, but pretty much lacked the presentation of the “steps” taken. Sooo here is a more clearer one.
(Once again do not take this post as a tutorial, but as a display of my “in-between” steps)

I shall be uploading an animated *.gif file in the forum threads next post as soon as I am done with this here.
The modelling used is just about the same as the method I go for in creating a head (Usually). A method developed and introduced by [color=white]Dave AKA TheHobbitGuy.[/color]

Will be posting the animation in the forum thread now;



And here is an animated *.gif of the above post.

[/indent]I had prepared it earlier, but was not sure of posting it or not
I already have too many *.gifs in the thread
I really hope you guys are more enjoying it than anything else.

And for those that would like to have their hands on a larger scaled version of the animation, I have prepared a link HERE.

Til next post;



Nice boots. Very cool gif too:thumbsup:


I love the geometry in progress posts. The animated gifs are especially nice, as they show alot of the process behind the final product. It’s very interesting to see how different people model, because aproaches vary so greatly from one individual to the next. Anyway, coming along swell, and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Men are you finding time to do so much work?!?!? All the new character work is fantasic, I so can’t wait to see how you put the whole scene together. Your Way shots are still inspiration to get me to finish so please keep them coming!!!


Well… what can i say…totaly awesome work Black. you really have used your time well…
i really love your unique style, really impressive. And those gif animations…nice really nice.
i really wait to see the final image, i know it will be amazing…

good luck to you Black…

juha :applause:


Sorry guys…
for not having an update for tonight
I was VERY busy the whole day with the texturing and UV lay-outs
And didn’t have a prepared milestone from earlier progresses to fill the gap
Hopefully I am going to post a nice update soon.

Thank you
I am really glad you like them

I couldn’t agree more.
Honestly I don’t enjoy competitions and so forth… But I love the spirit that is supposed to be behind this one: Enforcing people to share their methodology (Well having the advantage of ensuring that the contestant is really capable or not as well of course).

If I were to post every development for a scene as complex as I hope it to improve to; I would have to post per every ten minutes or something
And these little “time-laps” charts are a great way to both share and not loose too much from my time as well.
I am really glad that they are appreciated.

I am asked that question far too often

I guess I have the advantages of a few handicaps
Firstly I am an insomniac, and then I am hyperkinetic
can not stay still without doing anything, and WHEN I do something I give full thrust (Had I ever mentioned that I was a speed modelling champion for over a year until I decided to quit?)
But mostly I have the better advantage of being having a new born in the house. And other than working on this project I only have to stay up and deal with him. This isn’t proving to be AS time demanding either since [color=white]Rebecca (my wife) is also on parent leave since she is to breast feed)[/color]

Who is back from the living dead?!
Like usual you are over generous on complimenting my abilities, style, or what not. You personally know the amount of work and time that goes into these
And sometimes I think that “with this much work”
things should have been a LOT more better, and a lot MORE as it is
not to mention already “FINISHED” :sad: .


I have mapped out all the organic meshes and started on some of my inorganic ones.
That’s one of the thing I hate about UV mapping, you don’t really be able to present a decent progress unless you also create the textures as well.
I am in the process of that as well
Just have to figure out a way to present it to you guys with the same quality I tried to live up to until now in the thread.

I will be back;