Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Berter Akyol


goddamn … this is very nice:D se… female body, very good anatomy.


I deformed the base mesh (Which is actually the body of Karen Farley) into most of the characters I need today

This one for example; is my interpretation of Patricia Vasquez’s body. I haven’t put too much worry on her body to compare to her head. But none the less I DID want to get her right. And Greg Bear’s description is a pretty challenging one to do while still having a convincing model.

—> Reference Text about her “Body” (From Page 33):

[color=silver]Lanier shook Vasquez’s hand. She was small and pretty in a fragile way. Round face, silky dark brown hair, thin wrists, narrow legs, broad hips for her size: an altogether unpractical-looking woman, he thought.

On the other characters I was a little bit more free to work on only halves rather than the whole figure. But Patricia apparently had a particularly notable asymmetry on her, so I had to give her both “sides” individual attention.
I took her “Left” to be the noticeably “heavier”.

—> Reference Text about her “asymmetry” (From Page 405):

[color=silver]Her breasts were medium size, very slightly pendulous, one noticeably larger than the other, the skin between them freckled a darker brown.
[/color]NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering

I also made her considerably shorter than Karen, who has had been described as to be a pretty tall person.

Last of all; I have to confess that I did not go into TOO much sculpting the mesh itself, I rather sculpted a wrap deform to “snug” her into the right proportions, and didn’t care much for minor details.
Even still it WAS a lot of work, (i.e.: The hand and fingers and nails were killers)

I am pretty busy at the while, but I shall try to post from the rest of the models soon.

Til then;



post a naked woman and your visit counts boosts! It’s double what it was :curious:

Thank you, you are too kind.

You’re warning has been noted
and thank you for the compliments.
I understand that there is TOO much writing to read up there… but in short I had already started modelling these to make a movie instead of a 3D scene. The only reason I joined in so late was because I wanted to see how far I can go with preparing for the movie (my logic being “If I see it impossible for the trailer, I’ll make a 3D scene instead).

And for especially animating dynamic cloth effects, the breasts are pretty important.

All that said; actually in the book [color=white]Patricia DOES happen to reveal her breasts
we even know the details on shapes and sizes
but those were Karen Farley’s breasts
not Patricia’s.[/color]

It was a lot of work
I appreciate your liking it such, thank you.

Til next time;



This time it’s Nobel award laureate [color=white]Lenore Carrolson’s turn

There is not as much description of her body to compare
but as a result the whole of the book just gave me some sort of an idea of what she may actually look like. And I went with it.
As proud as I usually am with my memory on things like this
there most definitely may have been parts in the book that describe her body in particular, but I can’t recall anything such.
It is more about her personality and her facial features most of the time.

So I tried to go for a woman of her age and her stated race
more in the area of stereo types than exceptional.

—> Reference Text (From Page 37):

[color=silver]and Lenore Carrolson, a round-faced woman of fifty with gray-blond hair and a permanently friendly, sensual expression, heavy-lidded eyes surrounded by smile lines.
[/color]NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering

Until the next character;



One of the more challenging characters… [color=white]Ser Olmy.[/color]

The book doesn’t tell TOO much about his appearance
as in his body
though it DOES state that his particular Neomorph was a common one that was intended on difficult tasks and survival.

—> Reference Text (From Page 37):

His present body is adapted for specialty work; it’s a popular type and is completely self-contained. His waste systems are also closed. Within his abdomen there is a small power supply; all his wastes are reprocessed internally. He needs to replace his power source and bring in supplementary materials only once a year. He requires water every three months."

“Are you human?” Carrolson asked Olmy pointedly.

“I am,” Olmy said. “I presume you’re curious about my sexuality?”

“What … Yes, frankly,” Carrolson admitted. Heineman squinted one eye and raised the opposite brow.

“I am fully masculine by birth and choice, and my sexual organs are functional.”


So I tried to connect the muscles slightly ahead of the bones structure, deeming to give more power in spite still remaining slim (Theoretically). Hence also the reason I made him pretty tall.

The need to insist on keeping him slim and fit was for the need for water
sort of in the lines of an ideal Fremen from [color=white]Frank Herbert’s “Dune”.[/color]

He appears to be a normal person in first glance, since he didn’t alarm Patricia what so ever in his first introduction to her (Even though
though he apparently is pretty uniquely different than you and me

—> Reference Text (From Page 37):

[color=silver]Patricia turned to face a man she had never met before. He sat on the concrete edge of the underground entrance. His hair was black and short and he wore a close-fitting black suit.
[/color]NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering

Figured it a good idea to store his “Power-Supply” somewhere around the carrier pelvis
having its outlet literally where we had our umbilical chord attached. I figured that it WOULD be functional in reaching vital organs in need (worked for mammals for Eons!), and that since it was a selection of choice by humans, they would fancy the fact of having the access to the supplementary materials appear some-what like a regular humans body.

Unlike the other male morph target, I had started on [color=white]Olmy’s crouch
since I intend on just giving him a loose jacket like something leaving the “Tight Black Suit” as to be just about “Skin Tight”. But that is left to a stage I mount his head on.[/color]

That just about covers it all for now I would presume

I’ll get into more descriptions from the book regarding to Olmy when I start on the heads.



I am setting a title on this as [color=white]Lanier
but I think I am going to use this figure as a standard Male Morph Target
since it was particularly very difficult to mould out of a female mesh.

That said, I don’t have too much time, or the need to actually model so many people. IF I happen to, I can always do slight modifications and set a blend between (Advantages of using a single mesh for all the figures).

—> Reference Text (From Page 1):

[color=silver]Tall, with close-cut dense, black hair, Lanier resembled a pale-skinned Amerindian, though he had no Indian blood. Hoffman found his eyes particularly reassuring—gently scrutinizing, the eyes of a man used to seeing across great distances.

I preferred to make him fairly strong built. He has been mentioned often to have a military background,

—> Reference Text (From Page 3):

[color=silver]Before being employed by Orbicom, he had spent six years in the Navy, first as a fighter pilot, then flying high-altitude tankers. He had flown the famous Charlie Baker Delta route over Florida, Cuba and Bermuda during the Little Death, refueling the planes of the Atlantic Watch whose vigilance had played such a crucial role in limiting the war.

And has apparently done some good amount of sports.

—> Reference Text (From Page 28):

[color=silver]Garry Lanier took daily advantage of that to perform gymnastic feats difficult or impossible for him on Earth. He swung back and forth, blowing out his breath forcefully and grunting, holding his legs straight together and propelling himself high over the parallel bars and the pit of fine white sand. It was easy to twist and reverse his position. Almost as easy was swinging his legs into the air, spinning and doing a reverse that way.

The exercise cleared his mind of everything else—for a few minutes, at least—and took him back to his days as a college gymnast.

[/color]NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering

So I simply presume that he is very well built. Though I may have gone a little bit too far.
At this point these figures are only bases for the clothes to hang from.

As soon as I am finished on [color=white]Lanier, I am hoping to model out and pose Palev Mirsky
With literally the same body… maybe a slight bit shorter, not too sure. I believe they both have similar builds.[/color]

I guess that just about roughly covers this post. I’ll post a put-together of all five (to compare) in a while



This is a sort of comparative table in its own where you can see the characters together
I was in doubt to post it as a cage or a clay render
went for this form of it at the end.
I used a free mel script called “[color=white]GI_Joe” for the lighting; and rendered it in MaYA’s default renderer, but at high settings.[/color]
The meshes themselves are just smoothed out with an exponential value of 2 (Equivalent to smoothing it two times for those that may not know), leaving my scenes poly count to 1721055 verts and 1720960 faces (all quads)

I will be also posting an animated *.gif presenting the morphing from one character to the other.

When I get back (holiday season thingy disables my usual access to this :sad: ) I would like to complete working on the compositing, so I know who or what more to model out.

Not sure if I’ll be able to upload more of my mile stones over the weekend
But I’ll try to



Once again, for those interested I little animation of the morphs.

Having a clay render in the mile stone, I figured I would show the mesh for this one
(Though you may want to download the higher resolution to be able to view it decently):


[/indent]And as before I have a prepared higher resolution for anyone who wants one:


[color=silver]Til Next;




We are going to be going off to my Father in Law shortly…

And it seems I won’t be able to be on the computer for some while

So from “already” My family ([color=white]Dante and Rebecca) and I would like to wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas![/color]

[indent] [/indent]Sooo… will be hopefully posting something on when we have returned…

Til then;


Ps: Isn’t he ADORABLE?!


These are a few of the many photo’s I had gathered from the net, and tried to assign a character to.

Most of the photo’s here are not going to be used
save from the characters chosen for [color=white]Mirsky and Lanier.[/color]
In both cases the model is not especially intended to look like the individuals presented here. They are more for influence and referencing

—> Reference Links;

High-Res photo of an Edgar Allan Poe Impressionist

Photo/file search for people currently in custody at the Dakota County Jail

I have to get back to work
I shall be posting more later tonight



Wow, Black! You really seems to be flying with this -amazing speed and quality. That collection of bodies is just super.
And sure, Dante (what a cool name BTW) is a cutie. If I remember correctly he doesn’t look much different than from your portrait of him in the womb… adorable, you must be proud :slight_smile:


Yesterday was very overwhelming with activity (expectably and not too much went according to planned). I was not able to put together the time-laps images of the modelling of the head yet. But now I am modelling out the [color=white]Frant, and the Jumpsuits that almost everybody is wearing.[/color]

So I thought it a good idea to post again some images of reference in the making of the jumpsuit for now and of the [color=white]Frant later on.[/color]

This is a put-together from some time ago
plans changed since. Even though I really had put a lot of heart in the designing of the shoes, I am going to have them all wear trekking/army boots (Since those that will be far enough to have their feet seen are going to be the Russians or the military any ways)

—> Reference Links;

Russians:Russian High Altitude Space Suit VKK-3M High Altitude Compensation suitAmericans and the Stoner teams:Sketch of the Jumpsuit for the movie; “Contact”
Pilot Full Pressure Suit
Rental Costumes
Image for the MOS Liberator character model from Daz3D
Note that, of the reference Links, I am working on something in the lines of the [color=white]Pod Suit Sketch – Round2 from the address with the sketches from Contact for the stoners, and the VKK3 High Altitude suit for the Russians if I can manage.[/color]And also I am going to try to unzip the Jumpsuit of [color=white]Karen like the model reference from Daz3D given above.[/color]

The Russians suit is KILLING me (And is in the edge of being cancelled)
so is the [color=white]Frant
But I am just about calling the Stoners Jumpsuit “complete”. I’ll have to get the images together to be able to post them.
Hopefully later on today;



Thank you Gunilla;

Honestly I haven’t exactly “flown” through it all
I had modelled most of these around the beginning of this month and the end of last month. I had stated the reason above a few times; I was hoping to be able to post a trailer instead of a scene. And I gave it a shot to see if the time would be enough or not.
So when I ended up submitting for the 3D scene instead of the movie, I had a series of low poly meshes and a lot of practise on the characters to involve.

As for [color=white]Dante;
Lol… he is the MOST adorable thing that has entered my life yet![/color]
Words fail to describe it.

And yes… Surprisingly he actually DOES look like the illustration (Given that he has developed from that stage on)
in fact the really weird bit was the veins I had placed on his right temple were just about the same place!

Here are two images of him at the time of his birth and about a day later to give you a better idea.

(For those that may not know what we are talking about
I had attempted to make an illustration of our child BEFORE the birth. You can find it here

I am going to post the finished form of the illustration in the galleries here
but I really couldn’t make the time for it yet. It turned out to be a very detailed image that can be even printed in gigantic formats.

Well thank you for dropping by again

I really have to get back to work… as ALWAYS; I joined in faar too late into the competition :sad:



Hello Black… congratulations for your amazing work, it seems you really are an expert on “EON”… but don’t forget that time is running out… hurry up mate.


I had some connection problems here to the internet. Thankfully it is all over before the New Years Weekend to come, especially when loved ones are so far away.

I have done some good amount of work yesterday in the free time permitted. I shall hopefully be posting them more regularly since now I have a lot more completed material in hand. But for now… I have a little question that I hoped to get some feed back on

Of the above screen shot of the [color=white]Frant’s head
which eye do you like more:[/color]
The original version?
OR the one that I have distorted in Photoshop to look smaller?

—> Reference Text (From Page 165):

[color=silver]It stood about seven feet high, skinny, narrow head like a sidewise board with two jutting and unblinking eyes regarding him calmly.

—> Reference Text (From Page 224):

[color=silver]She looked to the rear and saw the flat-headed, knock-kneed brown creature curled in its own berth, watching her with calm, slowly blinking eyes.

—> Reference Text (From Page 254):

[color=silver]The Frant peered down at her, its large brown eyes unblinking. It held out one hand, spread its four slender fingers and curled them again.
[/color]NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering

I would like to finish him completely tonight.



Thank very much Claudio;

I don’t know whether I am an expert on anything… I guess I often summarise it as being a Nerd :slight_smile:

You are absolutely right BTW

Time IS running out and I really am trying to make the best of it.

Thanks again!



i go for the smaller eye. BTW cute baby!


This is a gathering from a collection of photo’s I had put together as “influence” in the making of the [color=white]Frant.[/color]
I presume you would be able to understand where I was coming from.

In the process, the ONE thing that got me most in doubt was whether the head was flat side ways, or other way around?
My biggest clue was the fact about the eyes “jutting”. But when you look at the head of [color=white]Nadon (HammerHead) from Star Wars, you’ll note that his eyes are pretty much jutted even though the “flat” side is facing us.[/color]

I decided to go for sideways in the end
Both because that is how I mostly pictured a Frant, and secondly to keep from the trap of a HammerHead replica.
I DO plan how ever on making good use of the Ithorians (The HammerHead race) for my project with the [color=white]Frant.[/color]

LINK1 (A character model made by [color=white]Alex Alvarez
I almost always had this creatures image in mind, (but not exactly remembering where I knew it from) while I read the book last time
LINK2 (This is a series of BluePrints regarding the [color=white]Hammer-Head toy from StarWars)[/color]
LINK3 (A lay-Out of the Toy)
LINK4 (info Link to the [color=white]Ithorians)[/color]
LINK5 (info on [color=white]Momaw Nadon, or better known as the “Hammer Head” from Star Wars)[/color]

I haven’t had the time as I wished to work tonight… but after dinner I plan to get some better progress. (The [color=white]Frant is just about finished… I am more worried about the rest of the scene and the texturing)[/color]

Til Next



USUALLY I would go for a sort of Eye-Model such as you see in this post I made earlier (via imitating the anatomy of the Eye):
Eye-Model “Master&Servant”

But lately I have discovered that complex shader networks can help make the eye very convincing even in considerably close-up shots.
The IDEAL would most possibly be a complex shading network combined WITH a decent eye model (with some extra work on the iris AND the pupil if it is to be animated)

The trick here is mostly through the reflectivity and the reflected colour. I generally assign a linear V-ramp through the cameraAngle/samplerInfo (For faking Fresnel).

I’ll see if I leave his eye as a simple sphere or not as time procedes…



There was so much more I wanted to do actually… but I had to stop some where… I have to admit that I had really enjoyed the making of the Frant. He was particularly challenging because of some unique features stated in the book.

As you can see through the steps, I had some difficulties on my planning from beginning on
Seems there were parts about the [color=white]Frant in the book that I kept forgetting about.[/color]
Honestly I had liked my Frant more before I had to shorten and thicken his legs to fit
but none the less I tried to do the best with it.

I am going to post a “Front” view of this sequence in the next post. I’ll include some reference texts in that one. And an animated gif in the forums thread post for those interested.