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I know that this is a little bit a “VERY” late entry (Great grammer!)…

Buuut well I am no stranger to the author, and already know the book by heart… Thought it would be a crime to let the chance slip by.
Actually I have already started on modeling a dear set of pieaces for this scene in the first days of this month… But my initial intention was to participate in the “Trailer” competition instead of the 3D scene.

The reason I didn’t sighn up before was to firstly make sure if I saw any possibility to make it to the deadline with the models and animations… as fast as I may model or animate, I see it to be simply impossible… So here I am in the “scene” version.
(Didn’t have time to put together a team for this either … so left it aside)

Enough intro I guess… I shall have to get back to watching something and then working for the rest of my miserable day :’(… but later on in the evening I shall start posting some of the stuff I came up with.

Wish me luck! :bounce:



Yay, Black! Good to see you in and of course wish you all the luck :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see what you’ve come up with.


Thanks Gunilla !

Well yeah I am going to be giving this one a go as well…
I had really liked the book and it was really fun trying to realise a series of the elements of the story. (I really wonder how those that have not read the whole story can really get around to it all… the descriptions given are key, but not really enough).

I had a great idea to go for the trailer, but as usual I had too much stuff to do to make anything personal in time :frowning:
I’ll be periodically posting what I mad and where I got to soon… hopefully a few a day.

Will be checking out what you came up with this time as well… (Though I am sure that again it is pages and pages long :frowning: )

Have to go now, will spam some more later.



As I stated in my first post, I had actually attempted to make a movie rather than a 3D scene.

But because I had had started on it too late I wanted to try working on it for about two weeks and see how far I managed to get.
Unfortunately it not being too able to work fast enough I decided to try to build up a scene for most of the elements I had prepared for the movie Version.

I plan on using a series of “particle” effects with instanced primitives to enhance the enigma the first half of the book offers.

The glow effect here around the singularity is a series of cube poly-primitives with a “starry” shader applied to them.

Til next;



Being a massive lover of pFX I’m excited to see whats lurking in your mind especially with this beginning base you have started. I just hope you do better at finding time then I do (notice that Zando (my avatar) is still waiting for his Thanksgiving turkey)


Hey Black, welcome to the challenge… what an enigmatic way to start. Good luck.


This is my version of the many V/STOL’s interpreted out there. Well at least it is the symmetric pieces of it. It shall be much furthered to a detailed level depending on the Shot angle.

[color=silver]The whole model was based on the book stating it to be a modified “Boeing-Bell” aircraft
and also the fact that the story is not happening in a future far enough for the aircrafts to be too much more improved.
Though I have to personally insist that I find the craft being permitted only one tail rudder was not too well thought of. IT makes it not more insufficient for the air-drag that is to take place, but also obligates the Tube-Rider connections to have to REALLY hang it low in order to not intersect with the singularity or the Tube-Rider itself.

Additionally I have included particular “clinging” sections for the Tube-Rider to lock/unlock itself with.

—> Reference Text (From Page 89):

[color=white]Sitting next to it—brought up in three cocoons by a subsequent OTV—was a highly modified Boeing-Bell prop-driven vertical/short takeoff and landing aircraft

It was the most peculiar aircraft he had ever seen. Developed initially for the U.S. Air Force, designed for search and rescue missions, it could rotate its two wingtip-mounted engines through 120 degrees. The five broad blades of each prop could be folded back into the engine nacelles. And in the tail, aimed slightly above the centreline, was a kerosene-oxygen rocket engine, no doubt to provide extra thrust

Its wings were rakishly forward-swept and were mounted three-quarters back on the fuselage, almost touching the V-tail. It could carry eighteen people and a crew of two, fully loaded, or fewer passengers and a lot of equipment. It was at once airplane and helicopter and rocket.
[/color]NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering.

—> Reference Links;http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/images/v-22d.jpg (Dissection of a V-22)

http://www.air-and-space.com/20031024%20Edwards%20Statics%20Military.htm (Great Ref photo’s)
http://jpcolliat.free.fr/x18/x18-4.htm (Some alternatives)
http://www.vstol.org/ (The name says it all… but I used this link least)
http://www.engin.umich.edu/labs/cfd/users/charlton/Thesis/html/node22.html (For the non-Nerds, or those that are not too informed on the construction of the nacelles or similar)

Til Next;



Lol, it sure seems un-wise to be messing with Zando the way that he has been equipped! I’d get that Turkey on the table ASAP!
As for the effects… Well I too enjoy paint Effects as well
might even use them, but this time it was a series of distributed polygonal cubes and a shader with a glow value assigned to it.

Thank you very much
Guess it really was a bit to “misty”

I hope it was a good First-Step though.

I think I have already said most of the non-boring stuff about the model in the post above, and shall be posting a higher detailed version soon.
To just give you a better follow up on my steps in the making, I put together this *.gif:

For those that would want to have a higher resolution version of the *.gif you can click:
HERE color=silver

Til later;



The V/STOL had taken around 10-11 days to make so even though the Tube-Rider was a ittle less demanding (I took the atmosphere at the singularity as to be very thin, hence did not worry too much about aerodynamics or Drag-Factors as much)
I had to keep this guy at wait until I had the V/STOL completed so I could match the “mounting” positions.

I prepared three mounts one is a symmetric on for the front and the back. Since it would not be too possible to flip the Tube-Rider around, I found it only logical to have a “in the behind” position from both ends.
And I made a centre mount to connect to the aircraft from above, and included a widening in the middle permitting the aircraft to be able to mount onto this point from the nozzle as well.

—> Reference Text about the “Mounting” (From Page 89):

[color=silver]The V/STOL could be fitted to the tuberider in three positions: like an arrow sticking from the side of a log, nose and refueling nozzle inserted mid-cylinder; in the conjunction of its first mission, inserted “up the cylinder’s ass” as Heineman thought of it, as its rocket propelled the tuberider down the middle of the plasma tubes and bore holes to the seventh chamber; or clamped to the cylinder along its belly.

I had mentioned in my earlier post that I DID have some difficulties in mounting the V/STOL without having its rudder split into the singularity for the side
and even worse for the belly-mounting.
So I attempted to make the connectors collapsible depending on their usage. So in the end of the day, when all of it is folded down, the Tube-Rider fits the dimensions as mentioned in the book.

—> Reference Text about the “Dimensions” (From Page 89):

[color=silver]It was a beautiful piece of work: a hollow cylinder twenty meters long and six wide, resembling a giant jet engine with all its guts removed. He peered down the middle of the assembly at the sickle-shaped metal pieces that would clamp down on the mysterious something the cylinder would surround. The clamps now rested on plastic inserts, which would be removed when the device was in place.

In the post you can see them all in their stretched out form

Since I was originally intending on creating a movie and not a 3D scene I had shown great care in the functionality of these elements

In this latest development, it is more important to set things correctly according to the shot-angle. So I am leaving the cranes and shock absorbers for the centre.
Maybe will deal with them for a future project
but for now I am only going to have the V/STOL connect from the rear and push it as stated in most parts of the book.

—> Reference Text about the “Pushing” (From Page 154):

[color=silver]Heineman piloted the V/STOL alone, using the aircraft’s rocket to push the tuberider along the axis from the first chamber bore hole.

Last of all
I have set a tank in the centre of the Rider as best I can still economising the little space
presuming that there would be some sort of mechanism all throughout axis to lock on the singularity with.

I set it to be sort of like a hearts chambers with some of the piping embossed out of its chassis. The reason for this was mostly to ensure that hydrogen peroxide and oxygen stated can be kept safe and apart from interaction.

—> Reference Text about the “Fuel” (From Page 155):

[color=silver]The designers had estimated the aircraft’s fuel use. It could make twenty ascents and descents, and fly approximately four thousand kilometers at cruising speed in the air, before having to tap the tuberider fuel, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide tanks. Fully loaded, the tuberider could refuel the V/STOL five times. And when it was clamped to the singularity, the tuberider could travel indefinitely using the spacial transform effect.
NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering

That just about sums it all up for this Mile-Stone
Doubt many read through this

But I hope it helped some of you out

Feel free to ask anything about the techniques related to the making shall you need

Til Next;



Again there is not too much left to state after the above post (Which is a little bit TOO long:rolleyes:)

But once again for those interested I created a time-lapse *.gif image of the Tube-Rider as well:

Again for those that would be interested in a higher quality version you may check it out:
HERE (270K)

Will post the rest of the stuff as I have time;



great progress! Time is runnuing out, but I hope you will manage to finish on time.
This looks promising
good luck!


Now time for something I believe I am much better at in modelling to compare to other things:
A HUMANOID! (Preferably realistic)

This is the body of Karen Farley; a unique character that has English parents but is in the Chinese team due to her birth in China.

—> Reference Text about the “Parents” (From Page 74):

[color=silver][color=silver]Farley laughed. "Thank you. Everyone says my accent is good, but sometimes my words … Well. What you’re really saying, I think, is I don’t look Chinese. I’m a second-generation Caucasian immigrant. My parents were British expatriates in Czechoslovakia. They were agricultural specialists, and China welcomed them with open arms when they emigrated in 1978. I was born there."[/color]

The model itself took well over a week to achieve what you see here. And another extra week to tweak it to the latest stage (Shall be posted later on).
I am pretty proud of the model actually; it took a LOT of referencing from anatomical imagery to achieve the musculature as best as I can. But the REAL reason for this model to take so long was because I wanted to use it as a base mesh for the other figures as well.

So I had to include the topology that would be able to afford a male figure just as good.

The reason on WHY I chose to do Karen rather than the other lead characters was again because of my intensions to make a movie and not a 3D scene. I had hoped to be able to include a fragment of her scene when she unzips her jumpsuit when with Lanier in the V/STOL (She was going to be of the only characters that were going to be revealing a body underneath the jumpsuit). As well as it being far more complicated to mold out a taller and less “unique” character from the Patricia described.

—> Reference Text about the “Stripping” (From Page 278):

[color=silver]She tugged at her jumpsuit zipper and pulled it down, revealing a T-shirt with a Chinese character on the front, signifying “whale” the Chinese name for the Stone. She shimmied it off quickly and removed white cotton panties.

I was also additionally motivated through her attractiveness and honestly from the descriptions resemblance to my wife’s body (Yes I am a very lucky man)
so I had a good idea of what I was doing.
This is the time-lapse chart from the behind; a front view shall be posted right after.

—> Reference Text about the “Features” (From Page 66):

[color=silver]Behind him, a tall, even-featured blond woman and two Chinese, a man and a woman wearing green caps, removed their gear and shook water off onto the floor.
[/color]NOTE: the page number is given according to my book witch was printed in August 1986, yours MIGHT vary slightly in page numbering

Preparing the next image right away



This is the exact same series of model screen-grabs as above, but from the front for a change.

For those that have had followed up on my usual female models, I have gone for a much more “Fashion model” version for a change
I still tried to keep most of her “Possible” and natural.

I don’t know about you guys, but I always have a lot of trouble with the breasts, and most always have to put a modified sphere or something underneath so I can have a decently/evenly distributed topology.
(I actually had the advantage of having a breast-fed new born
I almost see my wife’s breasts as often as I see our son!

I have a screen-grab of a “Saving” mistake I did when I had finished the model the first time
which sort of led me to make a more complex mesh to follow

I’ll try to put that together and upload it later on.

Til next;



Thank you
majority of the models were already finished in order to make a movie as stated in the above posts. I hope the texturing won’t take TOO much.


Once again, for those interested I tried to put together an animated time-laps of this model.
Please do not see it as an attempt to create a tutorial, as it is not. It is only meant to present to you the steps I took in the making.
So if you have any need to ask on “How” things were done, please feel free to ask.

And as before I have a prepared higher resolution for those interested:
[size=2]HERE (518K)[/size]

Til Next;



This is the “Error” I was talking about in the earlier post

What happened was that the program had locked and shut down while I was working on the leg. And I had actually saved the file AFTER I had figured out the forearm.
So after I opened the file again I went on working with the leg
stupidly NOT checking the forearm.

And thinking all was good, I just went on with detailing/completing the hand with the amount of end vertices that came from the forearm. I had to stop(hence why there were still many tri’s) and literally redo the hand since I had already rotated the thumb into position.
This of course I realised AFTER I had already tried to make up to it by adding geometry to the forearm.

The resulting mesh ended up to be pretty dense actually. I’ll try to post that a few hours later.



This is the exact same set of meshes as the post above. All I did was to flip them in the X direction for you to be able to see the topology of the smoothed proxy as well.

Here you can also better see her feet. I hope you can understand that I just found “toes” to be too much work for feet that shall be covered with shoes/boots.

Going to be eating something
will post the last form of her after that.

Til Then;



When I had said a few hours later… I was referring more to a range of two or maybe three hours
but I literally had to spend the whole night/morning dealing with our son

Well none the less
Here it is… the model I had had mentioned to you guys of.

The clay render is the smoothed form of her. The wire you see here is the mesh as it was modelled out. (Painfully; each of the vertices seen there was moved around at least three or four times
it took VERY long to finish this mesh as it is

I am aware that I have not done a great job from the knees down in compare
But I thought I’d savour that for a “next time”, since I really liked this mesh a lot and DO intend on improving it further.

Only thing I have to particularly state about the topology used for her (fitting as much to the fibre directions of the muscle tissues) is that it would only deform decently with an aid of a volume preserving influence object to replicate the muscular movements, since I have not set any of the vertices vertical to her contours (I used a ready made plug-in called Muscle TK and am very satisfied).

Later today I hope to finish sculpting the morph targets for the other characters with the same mesh.

Til then;



Hey Black, what a great modeling work.


Nice modelling, and good luck to the challenge. Even your modelling work is very nice, at this stage of challenge it would be wise not spend too much time on details such as patricias boobs, if your not planning to show patricia topless :smiley: No offense don´t get me wrong, but theres not much days left on this challenge.
So far looks good, keep up the good work!