Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Bartosz Bialek


HI - I remodeled entrance to the stone
and realised that I need to also repaint it:] Which will happen soon
-cheers ya’ll


The new entrance is lightyears better!!!


THANK’S and I’ll try to improve it even more !!


I remade shader and repainted textures


Hello it’s been a while but I’m still fighting.
I rerendered things to mach new composition. I made a lot of smaller tweeks and fixes and I think I’m done.
I’ll not postprocess this image more becouse if it’s about model not post fx why should i do that.
For sure it’s not perfect but I’d have to polish things and details in 2d soft - I’ll leave it as you can see it now.
So here it is (I guess :wink: )
I hope you like it.


Good job! :thumbsup:

Everything looks good in terms of the modeling. However, the composition looks very chaotic. My eye is all over the place when viewing it. I think that it may have to do with everything being in focus. Perhaps rendeing a z-depth pass and some post work could help. I know that we are not being judged on the post work, but I think it can still be a nice add-on to your final still image.

Another crit is that the lighting could probably be brought up a bit inside the asteroid. After all, there should be some lighting coming from within the asteroid due to the chambers and the dock. I think it could also help to bring out the details that you put into the asteroid. :slight_smile:

Ok, enough crits from me. I now eagerly await your animation. What do you have in mind?


Jedi-Juice - Ok thanks for support and critq .Maybe you are right - some z depth wouldn’t kill anybody so I’ll try. :wink: it isn’t a crime…
Animation: I want to make a short animation from one of the soldiers point of view ( almost the same as you can see on still) and a bit of action ( some fly , shakes and roll )


Ok z-depth added - I hope jury will not kill me for that… :wink:


Hi Bartek!

I have to agree with Jedi-Juice on the composition… I don’t really know what to look at, especially as an outsider who is not familiar with the book. I think bringing down the lights on some of the objects around the edge of your image might also help…


O…K… I counted 1…2…3 and that means I have to do something with composition. So will be done. I’ll try to make it less baroque and clean I’ll focus on rotating docs instead of docs& ships (i’ll show off them in animation). ehh … nature of this contest is very demands a lot of compromises… but thanks for reminding this to me.

Thank you Magda - I’ll spend this night rendering new composition so… I dedicate this night partialy to you :wink:


awwww - dzieki wielkie :scream: powodzenia!


Ok - I cut some ships soldiers etc and focused on entrance - last night was short but I like the outcome. And I hope you will like it also. Nature of this contest demands to focus on modeling so sometimes you forget about other stuff (at least you don’t want to resign from some things to make them better) So back to the basics of painting - composition fool! :wink:

  • cheers!!


It looks nice, however it seems kind of “unrealistic” that the astronauts are placed “exactly” in the empty regions of air, I mean there isn’t any partially-visible astronaut behind some machine or ship… kind of seems too regular =/



I have to explain that this is space no air or gravity and there are partially visible astronauts!! :thumbsup:you just have to look closer (I’ll post bigger image later) :wink:


looks way better already - the pink lights still detract from the centre IMO and hmmm there seems to be no depth to it - everything is equally saturated and equally bright, no matter how far away from the camera - I’d play around with that in post or with renders :slight_smile:

what kind of camera angle do you have on there? The top part of the main piece is really skewed in a strange way - doesn’t quite make sense compared to the rest of the image - did you render them out all separately and composited together or are they in 1 scene?

don’t give up - it still can be improved on!



Those pink lights are laser shields;) They have to have different saturation but you really pointed another problem with my scene. I wanted a kind of mysterious haze enviroment built by lights and laser shields. Controling saturation levels is a huge problem on this scene becouse there are almost only lights and… dark areas. I’m trying to simulate a kind of blue lens filter which changes a hue of all and make it more “equally collored” - without it, saturation is even more contrast. It is a common problem wiht space scenes i guess

Anyway it looks like I have to fix it :wink:
When it comes to camera
Yes it is one scene I used 35 mm camera and this strange skew is jus an optical issue. Top dock is over 300m length , ships are just closer to camera (each 40m long) and that do the trick. You will see more on animation.
Thank you very much for support and critq you’re very helpful.!


I play with some minor light and color changes.


I really like the final composition you chose for this work. The glows on all of the lights came out particularly nice, as did the thrusters on the backpacks.


@ Thanks Leving!

I’m rendering the animation now ( it looks like there’s still 32:12:58 h to so it’s a b@#$% lot of time to wait ;/ )
I’m preaty dissapointed by max resolution of 640. It is realy hard to show all details in it. What’s the worst Shaders & lighting behave different and i think in future contests this limit should be extended.


Since I misunderstood some challange reqs and made a hi - res illustration I’m going to share it with you - why not :wink:

Rendering in progress ;/