Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Bartosz Bialek


hey yeah this looks great:D, maybe you tuned up the asteroides environment and this will be fine, but the vehicle and the buildings looks great so far.


:bounce: Thanks :smiley:
You know I’t is very likely in this situation just connetc: entrance to the bore ,air presure from inside , dust, gravity and here you go :smiley:


YES YES YES - I finally made to render the rest of ships , now I’m only one day behind schedule :frowning:
Ships layer isn’t composed with background yet but it’s a work for future now I’ll render little astro - soldiers yay


HI - rendering in progress here you can see first soldiers layer. Now I will mix all layers and work on animation. This was another long day and night ;/ … and only few to go :wink:


Ok I mixed ship and docks layers and added some postfx…


it’s getting closer… last chance to crtique :wink:


last image is wrong this is the proper one :slight_smile: but description stays !


very cool, i like your lighning of the scene, but maybe you can make some destroyed crafts, some explosions to give the scene more dynamic, because now there are to much copied objects of soldiers and crafts.

maybe some devided bloody bodyparts from the russian soldiers:D


In this scene (according to the book) there is one wrackage and I want to show it in animation. But there are no bodies (at this stage of attack :wink: )

Now I’ll animate camera and show 3d nature of this scene.
From first test I assume I will not have such problems ( Original image is 4444x3000) like constantly occuring FE 0.2 errors . Lover resolution will “eat” some details and I have to make some trick to realy show off.

I “developed” realy nice and "low cost "method of producing volumetric lighting which was my main problem in this scene at the beginning - so the only problem now is meshcount 13 934 812 per scene …and this is FAT (for my pc :D:D:D )
MY animation’s resolution will be 640x480 and. I only have ONE QUESTION:
FRAMERATE - 24? 25? 30? WHICH?

Thank’s and cheers


Looks good. Needs some space effects. Something space related is missing. I think the less gravity is missing.


Can you be more precise??
Thank’s in advance!


My advice is try to do a close up like in post # 35 and work from there … theres 21 days left still :slight_smile:


… and I think this could be a brilliant idea
I’ll try!! and post some test soon!
THANKS for advice friend!


and here it is! Just a fast composition test - Now everything is much more dense .
Anyway I have to rerender a lot

I think it was something I was missing before.


Hi there!

Wow, so much detail in your models. One thing that sticks out to me is the guy near the center who has his arms up. He looks like a GI Joe doll or something, a bit too rigidly posed. Try giving him a more dynamic pose. It looks right now like his arms can only pivot up and down. Just a thought!

Cheers :smiley:


wow! :eek: amazing details mate! :applause: very colourful too! :bounce:

me waits to c the final composition! :eek: :scream:

good luck to u! :thumbsup:


Bartek, great work so far, the composition is dynamic and interesting :thumbsup:

I have just a crit about the “ground” texture. You can highely improve it by adding more bump and much more texture variations… both procedural and bitmap.

Here is an example of texture.

Keep that way :bounce:


@gringer - Thank’s I’ll fix that for sure!

@nwiz25 - u’ll c 4shr :wink:

@Nomad - Thank’s for pointing that out - Thit was one of the things I had to leave becouse of lack of time … but now when there are 20 days left - I’m working on it atm

Cheers and thank you for your support:thumbsup:


ok. The space ships have lights and they fly low but there is no shadow on the ground. You have people walking or flying low. Where are the shadows? Also little bit of fog on the search lights will give a space look. Definetly the space is colder and i had read in the book the first chamber also gets some snow.

Little details like that.

Probably one of the ships spot light should fall on the guy with gun below and you can cast a shadow of the guy on the rock. It will look better.


That can be done Thank’s!

I had to explain that in fact there ware no sharp or visible shadows on rocks becouse of it’s shader nature&setup but …shader has changed 20 minutes ago :wink: