Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Bartosz Bialek


The space ship looks cool :thumbsup: I like the gold texture.

Good luck with your rendering finals.


New details are coming… and they still will next I’ll finish engine - I need to also add solar-batery shields, laser shield , ornaments and lights.
Hope you like it


Thank’s Maciej - This gold… I was inspired by apollo’s landing module
you cen see it HERE;)

and final renders… it’s gonning to be a race against time but wi will succed :wink:


great work on the spacecraft mate! Very authentic materials! Superb!:thumbsup: And good luck!


Engine is done!
now it’s time to party tommorow (I hope so) I’ll finish the ship


Hello I added next part of details
Next I’ll work on shaders


“twenty meters wide the Russian ships resembled christmas decoration”


Definitely captured the quote at the bottom of the image. Christmas decorations :slight_smile: It’s a very interesting drawing with a great use of color.


Thanks Leving!!:thumbsup:


I started modeling docks
Here you can see the main rotating dock
It’s still an early WIP


I like a lot what u did with the spacecraft the lightining is super movie like … :thumbsup: are u planning this in the borehole or a chamber ?

later and good luck man


@Leotril - Sure I do! I’m very happy to hear it . I want to construct all the mood on lighting and it’s games. Lighting is the most important part of every scene
I’ll also light borehole that’s for sure
(and I hope it’s going to be move like ) :wink:




I’m ading new parts and details
I will work on details ,shaders now and lighting now.
C&C are welcomed


ufff Last night and day was very long… i started to render my still of course 95% of time that time I spent mes@#g with everyones favorite MR fatal 0.2 memory error . But Finally I made it. I fixed some shaders and added some light /FX . It’s very close to what will be seen at final.
tonight is the night I’m gonna sleep … I hope… see ya!


This last update worth sleepless nights, man! Very nicely done :thumbsup:!



Thanks Alex! Now I’m having replay atm … only 2 FE 0,2 so far :wink:


looking good my friend!:slight_smile:



HI All - Another “render” night. Now I’m working on ships layers. I’m not happy with some ship shaders and how they affect light so I have to fix some and spend some extra hours rendering… cool but I’m used to it . This is what I’ve got so far.


@ ALVIN Thanks man!! hope to get only better !:bounce: